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  1. MTA LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD 2013 February Adopted Budget Revenue ( in millIons) Farebox Revenue: $631.476 Other Operating Revenue: $51.069 Total Revenue: $632.723 Expenses Labor: Payroll: $434.365 Overtime: $76.994 Health and Welfare: $102.993 OPEB Current Payment: $66.847 Pensions: $181.046 Other Fringe Benefits: $109.459 Reimbursable Overhead: $22.312 Total Labor Expenses: $949.392 Non-Labor: Electric Power: $103.895 Fuel: $31.171 Insurance: $17.661 Claims: $3.401 Materials & Supplies: $108.998 Other Business Expenses: $10.093 Maintenance and Other Operating Contracts: $59.446 Total Non-Labor Expenses: $369.732 Fares should pick up the bulk of the slack. They could stand to be a lot higher without significant impact.
  2. LMFAO! Astoria must wanna shoot you!

  3. Dude, stop the offensive shit

  4. Oh yeah 4 chan's your personal army. What kind of threat is that? You couldn't intimidate a 5 year old you middle aged loser. You're a waste of space. Enough of this. I no longer have the desire or time to indulge your conspiracies.
  5. So i don't know. If you like what he's talking about maybe you want to try sniffing glue? You and Realizm can probably have a real good time together with that. Have fun you two.
  6. From Realizm's anime background and referencing of anime porn; he must be quite the expert.
  7. You're the guy with an anime background on his profile not me. Once again I'm sensing that you're projecting your own vices on me.
  8. You're 35 years old and still working in the bottom of IT struggling with linux. That's mind bogglingly pathetic. Are you sure you aren't talking about yourself? I don't even think you can handle basic bash.
  9. Keep your microchip and CIA conspiracy fantasies to Alex Jones. Often professionals look at what their peers are doing in order to improve their own practices. This extends to regional planning. Mumbai is an example of over reliance as roads as a catch all solution. But it sounds like you wouldn't know about best practices. You're a more professional incompetence kind of guy.
  10. Nice try but you're the guy with a soulless dead end job. Have fun waking up in the morning with nothing to live for and no reason to live.
  11. Go back to your router box at your min wage IT job. When you're listing off performing menial lower high school math as a highlight and accomplishment of your professional career, you've got no room to talk.
  12. Yes. Speed is highly tied to capacity. Saturation at 6,000 vs 40,000 passengers makes a large difference. Queuing will begin much faster on a road. Queuing is not good for speed. That is why people are dependent in mumbai are dependent on the Bombay Railway. Its faster and more dependable than driving through their congested roads. "Further more, if you had the entire NYC take public transportation rather personal, you'd forever have delays, delays and delays." This. Right here. keyword "Rather" This implies you think all public transport would handle a higher load factor with inferior performance to all private transport. This suggests you think private transport can handle capacity and reliability better as well as the qualities you've indicated before in the thread: speed, monetary cost, and convenience. That sounds like every applicable consideration in transportation. Excluding those factors how is it possible to suggest that there would still be cases where a car is not the ideal "100 percent better" choice?
  13. Taking a flight is a choice. As is owning a gun. This is far from putting the japanese in internment camps. That is not a choice. The war on terror is very much current. There are 10,000 Al Nusra front fighters that would like very much to kill americans. How bout the Mali Islamists? Or the afghan friendly fire incidents.
  14. I did not say all arabs are terrorists. You keep insisting that and its difficult to see how you are drawing that conclusion. I tried to help you out simple possible analogy, but that went over your head so let me make it clear for you. Nearly all legal gun owners are law abiding citizens who do not kill people on whims. However because of a few bad apples everyone agrees that to some degree guns should be limited. Nearly all arab americans do not have a thing to do with jihads. However there are a few Arab american terrorists. The same logic should apply. Gun owners and arab americans are both inconvenienced to try keep the community safe.
  15. You are under the impression that racism is everywhere and its just not.
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