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  1. I like them actually. I want her to do the trains also, she is great.
  2. Thanks For The Add

    hey im guessing you live in teh bronx right?

  3. Finally the is getting R160s. It would be wonderful if the Broadway lines were 100% R160, with a few sets of R46/68. The will probably recieve around 5-10 Sets.
  4. Maybe the R142 mixed with the R62 could have the R62 propulsion, orange and red bucket seats. Then with all the cdigital LCD screens and recorded announcements. It could be the R63?
  5. I thought the being extended to 179 Street would be great. Then maybe the can run express in the Hillside Avenue area also.
  6. The Second Avenue El could have remained.
  7. Anythhings possible if you just believe!!lol. But serious it could happen, ya never know.
  8. During the rush hours the is really local from Metropolitan Avenue, Queens to Bay Parkway Brooklyn.. But I would say the and the are the most expresses.
  9. I wish the Bronx portion of the 3 Avenue (8) remained from 149 Street to Gun Hill Road.
  10. Great Photo Forest Glen, that area looks like a lotta rich people live there

  11. Hey ya'll. This greting from Suheidy A.K.A Nena FN Bayb. I'm random and I'm cool, ya'll gonna be like "dang! that gurl is out thar!!!" Anywayz hello everybody, Ilike ya'll all already lol!
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