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  1. Well arent they supposed to do some sort of mainteneance to ensure the train doesnt faulter on the track to begin with? so at some point they have to be there right? what kind of work are they doing besides laying track down? also someone said this to me: "How about a temporary block system to control an alarm. If a system could be developed which wouldn't interfere with the existing signal block, 2 wires could be connected to the rails, and if anything enters that block, it sounds an alarm. This would give better warning than the flagman standing there looking both ways with a horn."
  2. How do we make things less dangerous for track workers and detecting oncoming trains? do they need better warning equipment? bright full body reflective jumpsuits? is the current flag and lantern system enough? or is detecting trains not the main problem but does loud repeititve train noises become too common a sound? Can anyone give me some insight as to what it's like for a track worker down there?
  3. Hey there, My name's Mo, I'm from Brooklyn. I look forward to hearing all your thoughts on the system that makes us go!

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