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  1. Sounds to me like someone is an obnoxious ass and can't see that someone is just trying to help people.
  2. Well technically speaking, I "worked" there, but not currently, so you can trust me until the spring.
  3. Trust NO ONE. Lots of Tranist employees want to act as if they know something, so they make crap up to look smart. If you need information, try to find someone you know that has the correct information. That could still be hard as well. Your safest bet, is to read the contract. It may be a bit time consuming because its as think as a phone book. Anyone who doesn't know what a phone is, I will explain. A phone book is a thick book with phone numbers that strong men tear in half to show their strength. I believe it did have two other purposes. To elevate shorter people in chairs, and I believe you could find phone numbers in it, similar to whitepages.com.
  4. I don't know how T/O school car is, so I can't comment on that from experience. All I know is that it is 6 months, and obviously not as easy as conductor school car. As for conductor school car, there was this one guy there, that really was like a bimbo and he passed and is still working there. People that usually leave the conductor position of their own accord, usually do because they end up not liking the job, the schedule the first year is erratic and sucks, or they got another job they feel is better. As for the latenesses, don't do it. I got away with it A LOT. I was late about half the time during those 12 months. Roughly that was over 120 times. I even missed my first trip from the yard once. Most of the time I was only about 5 or 10 minutes late, and was able to act as if I was on time because I didn't say anything when they didn't say something, and just signed in, and ran to my train. Other times I called the dispatcher and told him or her that I was stuck in traffic or the train I was on was stuck in congestion, and they said thanks for letting me know and juggled a couple of trips. The time I missed my put in I spoke with the crew office (the place where they schedule you, also known as the screw office, or Satan's house, you will find out why) and the woman asked me what happened. I said I was very sorry, it was my fault and accept the consequences. All she did was cut my time, but didn't write me up. I never got in trouble for being late. The absenses screwed me over. I had 5 days out sick that I had no doctor's note and the idiot union rep screwed me over there talking about it in front of policy and compliance instead of going over it with me in private first. My advice is try not to be absent or late during your year of probabtion. If you are late, make sure to get all the dispathcer's numbers and call to let them know you are running late and always apologize, because now they have to go out of their way to accomodate you, and if you take a sick day on probabtion, only leave the house to get a doctor's note. Again though, take no sick days or go late if you can that first year. Absenses can also screw you over for a promotion whether you have a doctor's note or not. Also, trust no one that works down there. They talk a lot of crap. They will tell you, sure you can take sick days while on probabtion. Why do you think I did? It cost me the job. Remember, you may call your T/O partner, but in the end, it's just you down there. The control center won't help you, the union sure as hell won't help you, and your coworkers won't help you. It will be you that keeps your job and you that loses your job. I know I talk a lot, but if you take only one bit of information from me, make this it.
  5. High school diploma or GED, driver's license (for id purposes) all your arrest information if you have been arrested, DO NOT LIE! MTA has a ton of former cops working for them and all they have to do is make a simple phone call to verify you. Any tickets you've received with transit like fair hopping, etc. They want the information from the transit adjudication bureau that is near livingston street, Any traiffic tickets. Basically anything short of a felony conviction, and they will hire you still, so do not lie if you have a past. That's all I can remember right now. They finger print you, you have to pay for it. Urine drug test. You fill out paper work on your employment over the past 7 years. I think it's 7. I think thats about all the stuff they asked me for unless I forgot something. When all is said and done you get your picture taken for your metrocard and take an oath before you get ready for school car. Oh and for any arrests, they want the dispositions with the seal inbedded in from the courthouse.
  6. Not everyone passes school car? I was in school car, and you really don't have to be that much smarter than a mossy stone to pass it. The only way I could see someone failing school car is if you physically aren't strong enough to do the first test. One person in my school car class (she was a cleaner and it was promotional, but she screwed up her vacation schedule and had to be in my open cmpetative class) failed, but they let her take the test again a couple of days later and she passed. Trust me, you cannot fail it over lack of knowledge. The TSS's are good with making you do everything over and over until you get it. Now nervousness is another story. I could see that make you mess up, but these guys are understanding. The school car TSS's are not looking to screw you over. They are there to nurture you and get you ready for the job. True some promos go back. They sometimes do it for a break from the routine, and a little extra money. I have some potentially good news. A friend of mine that is still a conductor told me that a lot of promo t/o test takers told him if they get called up, they probably won't take the T/O promotion for the simple fact that they don't want to go extra extra again, and also because they almost have enough seniority to have saturdays and sundays off. Hopefully they bring some of that time over here. If they start calling up the o/c list by January that would be great, but very doubtful since they first promo conductor class is 10 to 20 people starting in October and the promo list is 475 people.
  7. I really hope they start calling more than 10 to 20 people, or else it's going to take a while.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. Normally they take about 12 months after the test. Maybe they know a lot of conductors are retiring or promoting, so they made it happen faster. The B/O test results I got 11 months later. The conductor was about 8 and 1/2.
  9. I feel bad telling you this, but you are not going to get called. Just try to get into another position. There is a bus operator test coming up. Before you take that, if you decide to, read up on safety driving and what to do in hazardous conditions. There will be questions like that on the B/O test.
  10. What happened was that on the question book, each of those 3 questions had one asterisk each on the correct answer for that question. How sad is it that they had to give each person a small sheet of paper telling them that those were the three correct answers to put on the answer booklet, instead of just omitting the questions, or just telling people before the test started, to just answer those three with the asterisk choice? I would guess that the answer key says ABCD so that anyone with not so superior intelligence that ventured out to answer those questions themselves, might put in the wrong answer in and then cry at the protest saying the asterisk confused them.
  11. It's probably harder than the other two since there is only one line. How many train operators and conductors would they really need?
  12. Yeah That's how I felt with the train operator test. I changed one answer which I initially had correct, so instead of getting them all right, I got 1 worng. That could mean months of extra waiting.
  13. Damn. I think you are the only one here that has me beat. The earliest I took the conductor test was 1993.
  14. There are just so many people that take these city tests, you have to have as close to a perfect score as possible to have a realistic chance of getting in. That's why I always laugh at the guys that finish the test really fast and leave without checking their answers. I'm sure they think because they finished first, they were the smartest ones in the room.
  15. And some will be crying that they did get in.:confused:

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