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  1. I'd second that. Just off the fact it's second steepest tunnel grade right behind the Steinway Tubes with no Steinway clearance issues. I'd say this is fast stretch of track in the system.
  2. I recorded speeds on several trains of different car classes between JFK and Broad channel. The Fastest run I clocked was 54MPH. SB train of R179's. The Avg speed was 47-50MPH for all car classes.
  3. Yeah I don't disagree absolutely need to hold the MTA accountable. I've been a little naïve in the past definitely seeing more and more questionable stuff.
  4. Listen Im with you. The point is accountability has to come in somewhere if I'm making a change and telling you why am making the change it's on you to make the counter argument and point out the flaws. On further inspection of the schedule and noticing that there are buses in both directions on the Weekend as opposed to weekdays tells me that the MTA based that off of some data. The question then is did the MTA provide Data to the elected officials to give them context to how and why they made the change or did the community officials know the correct questions to ask the MTA to the understand the reason of the cut. The answer I have no clue but the fact no one had any further understanding or a logical counter besides a emotional one was abit surprising. The data and numbers is the only thing you can measure 8/10 In any hierarchal structure the person at the top has no idea what to do with the numbers However it's someone's job to make those numbers into a story and to help those who don't know understand. So when you have elected officials that don't know the right questions to ask or planners and engineers who aren't that great talking to people or communicating you have a problem. Somebody has to bridge that gap.
  5. Indeed. I definitely get it objectively I think the hard balance is access to the holistic view for most people even for me as I become more of a civilian away from the day to day the planing and transportation industry sometimes I have to catch myself from thinking about it from my personal point of view that's naturally what we base our opinions off. I think the way forward is providing the data and information followed by context I had a quick chat yesterday with folks from the CB guess how many of them knew how subsidized express bus service is? When asked if the MTA provided ridership or headcount data to support the service cuts no response. So my question was if we don't know how many people are riding the 5:30 PM out of Co-Op how do you justify it? Too many people don't understand the process and too many people in the process aren't educating. We have to do better to take the mystery and superstition out of the process IMO Especially if in reality, it's data mixed with cause-and-effect
  6. Guess for me a have no luck on timing must be just missing every bus and train plus it's almost always midday. Definitely seems longer than that. When I do take the BMX7 I switch to the or at 42nd for Bklyn.
  7. Yep I see your point roughy 1hr 8 min with the BXM7. BX23 + depending your departure timing 1Hr 1 min to 1hr 20 mins. Definitely a few variables but from a timing standpoint all things considered they're definitely on par and for Lower Manhattan obviously the subway would be the way.
  8. Points taken. High hopes for the MNR prospects could be a major game changer for the area.
  9. I agree with you fully have a point everytime I see a BMX4 run empty that point is very valid. But I do think there's exceptions traveling to Co-Op over the last year I honestly dont think ive seen any bus at less than 60-70% capacity with some runs being standing room only. So when I see the BMX10 un touched I have to ask why Especially with a community of over 40K people using the BXM7. To my point with travel time from Co-Op Ive waited 20-25 mins for a local bus plus a 15 min ride to Pelham Bay then another 30 on the to 125th plus the time to Midtown or lower Manhattan. Every time I travel up there I reflect on my Measly 20-25 min ride to Eastern Parkway or Franklin. I dont know how people do that everyday. I'd go crazy or just find a office in White Plains and drive. lol.
  10. Not sure about that. Parts of the Bronx have 1Hour plus commutes especially to lower Manhattan. That's on par or longer then some parts of SI.
  11. So question how does the 7 ranked Express MTA Bus route (BXM10) Get all day service 5:30am-10:00pm and the 1&2 ranked dont? (BMX7/9) Just noticed that.
  12. For sure Co-Op isn't going to let this slide Especially being a top five express route.
  13. But there no Additional service in the Co-Op City Area? Your only running the Q50 at peak that savings from current ops and that extra bus or two is pushed to the Bx23 that's savings. What does that have to do with the slots for the BMX7 @ ECH I dont see how that's Cost neutral wouldn't cost you anything more to leave it as is.
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