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  1. RailRunRob

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I was just on the roads ive seen none all afternoon. I honestly didn't think it was going to be this bad. Until I had to go out. My Mom had to detour off the Bronx River Parkway near the Bronx Zoo she said there were (60ft) buses jackknifed everywhere. Madness.
  2. RailRunRob

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah it's bad out here. Just got in... I didn't see any salt trucks at all today they dropped the ball majorly!!
  3. You have a point with staggered commute times. Let's remember on the RFP from Amazon Transportation was a must. The Subway is what got LIC and New York picked. Hudson Yard, MurryHill, Greenpoint, Sunnyside, Astoria even Jackson Heights are going to be major points for Amazon Workers. There's going to be a good amount of reverse commutes from Manhattan on and from the South on the . Having worked for a major tech company in the valley You'd be shocked how many people don't have a license Nassau I don't see to much possibility for the upper rank and file older and with families. Coders/Engineers they want the nightlife and everything that comes with living in NYC trust me lol.
  4. RailRunRob

    Riders Alliance "Fix the Subway" Campaign

    Not saying we shouldn't. Just pointing out before we can burn the at the stake and get up and arms about fare hikes. We should at least understand how it all works and who's in control. Too often these conversations are had in echo chambers not saying this convo in particular. Folks are mad and don't even know the City doesn't have a say or that state voted for the hikes. That's awesome with the interview We that have a better understanding have an obligation to get the word out or were just as much a part of the problem if not bigger.
  5. RailRunRob

    Riders Alliance "Fix the Subway" Campaign

    Point is the City isn't broke anymore. With a GMP of 1.3 Trillion NYC is carrying the State and good amount of New Jersey as well. It needs to be run by people/Counties in the Metro Area period. Transport in the NYC area as more than paid NYS back and then some. Amazon point and case. How long are we going to hear the story of 1968? Time to write a new chapter.
  6. RailRunRob

    Riders Alliance "Fix the Subway" Campaign

    My point if that's not case why have it Legally structured that way? The current set up was put together by a Rockefeller of all people. To be fair the is borrowing because upstate is borrowing from them. Sking anyone?
  7. RailRunRob

    If Kawasaki is gone who will we go to?

    Not quite 600-800 cars Paris orders Are typically consortium based with Alstom/Bombardier as anchors .
  8. RailRunRob

    Riders Alliance "Fix the Subway" Campaign

    I don't think there's any confusion at all. Just the fact that the MTA is set up as a public benefit Corporation. Maximizing profits is still very much a part of the equation. Again im for accountability but the way the MTA currently set up along with America's capitalistic undertone it's not a easy fix. The regional needs to rethink how transportation is run and possibly bring it back downstate.
  9. RailRunRob

    Riders Alliance "Fix the Subway" Campaign

    I agree on making sure transportation money is spent solely on Transportation. I also agree on accountability and yes riders are paying there share. What I don't understand is why we think and expect Transportation to be profitable when the reason so many other aspects of NY are profitable and possible is because of Transportation itself. I never hear anyone ask about how much Water Tunnel number 3 is going to bring in ? Or how long it's taking? Why should we view Transportation any differently? Let's not be wasteful with money but let's also hold all of our foundational Infrastructure to the same standards. Electrical, Water , Waste , Transportation and so forth. 5 cent fare for 44 years? This was never meant to be a full cash cow!
  10. RailRunRob

    If Kawasaki is gone who will we go to?

    1000+ car MTA size orders not many.
  11. RailRunRob

    Riders Alliance "Fix the Subway" Campaign

    Do you know how long they were required to raise fares?
  12. RailRunRob

    Riders Alliance "Fix the Subway" Campaign

    I can never get a straight answer when it comes to this. Didn't the State Legislators vote the fare hikes Mandatory as a part of the bailouts? If so what Choice do they have?
  13. RailRunRob

    Bee Line Advocacy Group

    Definitely seems so. A lot of people are way to comfortable in these agencies. Time for shake ups.
  14. RailRunRob

    Bee Line Advocacy Group

    Got it.. That gives some reference to the context of previous comments. So yeah way more moving parts with the between the County local Townships and Cities (ie Yonkers/WhitePlains) plus State. Homework.. Homework..
  15. RailRunRob

    Bee Line Advocacy Group

    If that's the case I stand corrected.


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