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  1. Gotcha didn't anything on it which is why I asked here. Which thread?
  2. What's everyones thoughts on the new B99 service starting tonight?
  3. So they blamed the wrong train class and still found something wrong?
  4. I agree ☝️I guess the question is how do we debark the Titanic itself? Whenever diving into who's in charge and making the call's ultimately can never seem to get a direct answer but it seems all roads lead to Albany are we too focused on the Byford's and Di Basio's when our public officials in Albany are the ones need to get in the game?
  5. Good point. Considering how important these transit systems are to the Economics all over the country you'd think there be sometype of lower interest or even forgiveness.
  6. Here's the updated budget. So there saying $16.3B in and $16.6 out. Not saying there not padding some other books somewhere else. But just using this as the guide I take it the extra funding would come in Fiscal 2021 or 22 correct? @Via Garibaldi 8
  7. Gotcha I see so about $7Bn ear marked for Buses. Was this funding approved it seems like it's pending? There capital cost's definitely out-of-control I agree but also seems like a lot of their budget goes to Payroll,Pensions and health as well more then non labor looking at this chart. looking to see if I can find something more updated.
  8. Isn’t the MTA in the process of restructuring the entire organization?
  9. $52.5B for the MTA or NYCT? How much of that is earmarked for the Bus Network? Is there something I can take a look at? Is this broken down in like monthly a report?
  10. How do you feel about re-organization do you think that’s a move in the right direction?
  11. Indeed with that said. Should there be a major push for Public leaders to go above the MTA to the actual boss? If the MTA is crying broke Let's get a few extra dollars into their hands with No excuses now to get it done correctly.
  12. And im just asking what do we think the fix is this a Albany thing? More funding in so the MTA doesn't need penny pinch as much? Who sets the budget? Just wondering?
  13. I think some of it is perception as well. Of the local routes roughy, 82% are brand new or renumbered routes in my book that very much qualifies as shock and awe again that's from my POV. The comment that spawned that particular response was based around possibilities of leaving most of the route numbers the same or close to the same and they didn't understand why they needed to renumber. Thus my response "I can psychologically understand why someone would just create this shock and awe by renaming everything. This forces every rider from day one to forget everything thing they knew about the old network and start over." With 82% of your old world destroyed your essentially starting over even with the outliers from a design standpoint.100% vs 82% But I can also understand if you're looking at it from an absolute standpoint you could make the argument with 15 or so outlines. Won't play devil's advocate on that one tho lol.
  14. I'd second that. Just off the fact it's second steepest tunnel grade right behind the Steinway Tubes with no Steinway clearance issues. I'd say this is fast stretch of track in the system.
  15. I recorded speeds on several trains of different car classes between JFK and Broad channel. The Fastest run I clocked was 54MPH. SB train of R179's. The Avg speed was 47-50MPH for all car classes.
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