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  1. RailRunRob

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That and how would that work with the terminal setup? The Terminates at Brighton on the Local tracks? That's a lot of work to reverse. Your only saving 6-7 mins between local and express service from Prospect and BB. It would take longer to reverse the train plus the possible disruptions to the with switch operations.
  2. RailRunRob

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Yep 7 to 10 minutes. 5.3 miles
  3. RailRunRob

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Umm Port Chester, Green port, West Port I can think of a few areas that kicked there industrial past. But I understand that's kinda why I asked when I think of Port Richmond I think of Richmond Terrace didn't know the Neighboorhood went low-density residential.
  4. RailRunRob

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    GrubHub covers everything. Even 230 Broadway Staten Island, NY 10310. Man, it's that bad over there?
  5. RailRunRob

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Gotcha matter of fact I've traveled Victory which is north of the SIE have some friends near Willowbrook. Port Richmond isnt so far from there. Like Forest Ave right?
  6. RailRunRob

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    How's Port Richmond? I passed the area for the 1st time recently seems pretty industrial. Never really traveled to parts of Staten Island north of 278 until as of late.
  7. RailRunRob

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    Just adding my two cents to the convo no worries. No reputation loss at all.
  8. RailRunRob

    A Breakdown of How and Why Farebeating Is So Prevalent

    Right your 100% correct. It was mentioned a few times the cure is more costly than the ailment.
  9. RailRunRob

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    Feeling more and more like a three ring circus.
  10. RailRunRob

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

  11. RailRunRob

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    Your not Jinxing at all. We go from 40-50 years to upgrade signaling system-wide. Then comes the Genius challenge that 40-50 years is reduced to 10 years UWB etc. Now Cuomo feels that's not even good enough and in comes the calls to Telsa and Elon. It's looking like he might tamper with Byford's plan. This comes on the heels of Byford bring in a CTBC expert from London. One of the systems remind you that pioneered the rack system they were now using that both men worked for before coming to NY. (Shrugs) But what do I know?
  12. RailRunRob

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    The issue with this is you have Engineers with credentials on both sides supporting both views. How do you move forward and formulate an opinion? What do you base that on? Knowledge or experience? Both ?
  13. RailRunRob

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    Well, we need experts it's just the measurement of how we deem who gets the title. Raw knowledge vs application and experience is the real mark and there is a major difference.
  14. RailRunRob

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    So I'm not crazy. Even speaking with friends in the Civil Engineering field one for the MTA are saying they don't feel the plan is fully flushed. Seems like there just build a wall on top of a wall and filling in the cracks on a basic level. Just Incasing the issues for another 20 years just kicking the can down the road.
  15. RailRunRob

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    And I understand that. My point was the MTA has the same level of Talent Internal and within the consultant, already on the ground. Stanford, Columbia,GT, Cal these folks are in the file and rank at the MTA already. With talent all around how does one group get the answer in a month that the other group couldn't in 3-4 years? Who wants a full shutdown? None of this is based on feeling guy. For 3 years we've been told how bad of shape the tunnel was overall and now that changed overnight. Meetings public input, I'm sure the MTA might have been hiring on the bases of the shutdown. I'm just not sure how people also with credentials missed something that was already done in other major systems like London and Hong Kong? These folks communicate between Transit systems. And these new techniques where use several years ago. If it was just cable ducts I mean I'm sure somebody would have gotten wind of this process. The point here is sure some diligence was done im not questing that but the approach here could easily be what's the minimum we can get away with. Public pressure vs what's deemed acceptable to keep things moving. The question is this the best choose long-term? Or is this kicking the can down the road? Listen wait and see is announcing a evaluation period. They Announce the new plan period information is due now clarity of how the decision was made. Cuomo this same week reached out to Elon Musk as well for CTBC help. after the genius challenge and all, you can't say this doesn't fully pass the smell test.


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