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  1. RailRunRob

    Bx9 SBS Study

    That's why I asked Exact route I was thinking via Bailey. Local stops are well spaced north of 242nd so I see your point there so Local north of 242 isnt out of the realm of possibility. I was thinking maybe 262nd Mosholu 251st 242nd 238th/Bailey 231th Bailey 225th/Bailey Been quite a while since I've used the 9 daily I remember those 4 stops being the major ones in Riverdale. 259th may be right after.
  2. RailRunRob

    Bx9 SBS Study

    Just wondering for a SBS BX9 to the Cityline would Bailey Ave maybe be a work around ? Or is that missing to many direct connections? Bx7 Bx20? 231street Station?
  3. I'm sure you meant your Truth™ (VG8's POV).. I also wanted to add that ™ in there for you you've been using that phrase so often over the past few years wanted to make sure you were covered. Working on that ® now i'll keep you posted.. Happy to be back from London so much back VG8 goodness to catch up on.
  4. RailRunRob

    Bx9 SBS Study

    Wait what? 262nd to 242nd? Mosholu or at the very least 25I st should be added.
  5. RailRunRob

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    True. I've used the Bx12 a few times. I've caught a few later runs 9:00- 9:30 pm out of PelhamBay W/B they were okay. This was over a year ago. Id place the Bx12 over the Brooklyn and other Bronx routes tho maybe even over the M15/60 as well.. Not S79 or Q52/53 level for sure.
  6. RailRunRob

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Yeah, I'd have to agree used the Q53 on Tuesday for the 1st time. Fairly quick was pleasantly surprised. S79 is a quick route as well. Never used the Q44.
  7. So is this still based on ISIM-B in some capacity? How much changed with this revision?
  8. RailRunRob

    BQX Disenfranchise Low Income Neighborhoods

    RX? You mean?
  9. RailRunRob

    BQX Disenfranchise Low Income Neighborhoods

    What your idea's for Routing? You'd be cutting some major Thoroughfares no? How do you navigate the Long Island Sound?
  10. It would have to be based on a schedule any type of CPM (Critical path method)system is for the most part. Wouldnt that be entered a terminal and updated along the line?
  11. RailRunRob

    MNRR & LIRR Planned/Unplanned Service Changes

    🤷‍♂️Had egg on my face owned it.. moved on... just I'm watching "Service changes thread" like everyone else. 🍿
  12. RailRunRob

    MNRR & LIRR Planned/Unplanned Service Changes

    Do what you need to I'm sure the Mods can see the thread. Apologies were in order and given. Snide umm don't think id go that far. But if I'm in Violation of TOS or rules i'll take full responsibility from Harry and the team. Only Fair to Fellow members and community.
  13. RailRunRob

    MNRR & LIRR Planned/Unplanned Service Changes

    Well then, 100% Egg on my face.. Well, this isn't exactly Slack /or hangout not as easy to follow for me at least. Sorry about that for a second time. Okay @Truckie have at it.. I'll just copy and paste my comments for a future thread I'm sure it'll apply somewhere.
  14. RailRunRob

    MNRR & LIRR Planned/Unplanned Service Changes

    The Hudson Line used to be one of the best lines out of the three and service during storms has continued to worsen. Every time I ask this you come back with a smart @ss answer. Listen guy, conditions in Riverdale are not perfect either. This wasn't for me?


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