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  1. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Which Clocks? LCD's or dot? Silent as far as messages?
  2. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The Bluetooth system is a stop gap. Being there not doing ISIM-B (ATS-B) the clocks could still be useful when CTBC start's coming online. The systems are incompatible the color displays would need to be switched over to the new system in segments. Queensborough Plaza would probably be a good place to see this. I would love to see if they could feed & countdown information on one display with two systems. Being the old count down clocks are well saturated in stations you might be able to feed the beacon information into them and just convert the data feeds. The new displays are LCD they would need a the very least an HDMI connection not sure if the cable length is an issue or if you'd just have a CPU in different sections of the stations feeding the displays. Maybe the reason there only in certain spots and not all over the station. May just be easier to add the old ones for now the ducts and everything needed is in place already. As long the data is there most people will be good.
  3. How? When we created the toxic environment of extreme capitalism? Isn't that based on maximizing profits? That's a deeply American cultural standard from the very beginning then you add Freedom, Liberty and Democracy or at least the façade But we all know capitalism is the nucleus. Invest is many things to many people my friend when tho I'm sure you see it as free money wasted. If you give a new Business owner or the opportunity to start his or her small enterprise do you think that comes with pride attached? Wouldn't that make that person more likely to give back and hire locally? "Must change the attitudes here" You can't change the fundamentals of business. You going change every Business Economics class.. every textbook? The concept of maximizing profits is way more American then you are my friend. I start my own business pay taxes and then you force me to hire from a certain talent pool? If the talent's here and it's competitive we pick it. Get one thing straight the person receiving the check doesn't get to the person giving how-to-write it. You just take it or leave it! Guy if you don't like it then you create some jobs. Again this is that 1975 i"m a janitor and I deserve to get paid more conversation. You invest in the youth first and foremost. The last administration did push free College even if just two years it's a start. VG8 If you're going to directly criticize me to ask yourself what are you doing To add to this economy into this country? Nothing stopping you from starting your own and running and the way you feel fit. After all Is that not the American dream?Anyone can sit back and criticize.
  4. The same Ingredients the Country was founded on!
  5. You'll see the fruits of Obama's invests 10 years from now. With the wave of younger people that were invested in. My daughter is one of them were school added coding classes in the 1st grade all under Early childhood development. At 8 she can Solder chips onto a logic board and code in 2 languages all Under the Obama ministration. We have a neighborhood hacker scout group with 7-12 year olds.. what do you think these kids are going to do in the world create the next Googles, Apple's Tesla's. Giving you the tech you'll be using. Long game my friend.
  6. Listen there moving ahead we haven't been investing in people.. So 20 years from now when we have a lack of people in the sciences and engineering what do you think is going happen? The issue with America is that it's really 4-5 Countries in one! It's way to big to manage effectively. That's been one of our greatest strength but now it's becoming a major apparent weakness we can't agree on anything our worlds are too different and regional .. I'm talking with Chinese Engineers and Academics im seeing the work and foundation. In about another 5 years at this pace, they'll be caught up for sure in the Math, Sciences and technologies. Then it's defensive game of catch-up which WE may never be able to recover from are at least not pull ahead again. Even maybe. Again American jobs are created by other Americans.. Invest in Americans man! I worked for Apple for over 6 years someone had to start the company for me to have an opportunity I took that and created more opportunities. Protect what? If you're creating more? It's almost like you think there's just one pie on the table and everyone trying to take your slice.. Relax and embrace buddy there's more coming out. Real worker mentality it's slowing us down.
  7. 1000% I'm not going to keep a gun factory going when the Chinese are manufacturing lasers.. just for people to feel safe and protected.. We need to take some time to invest in people they'll create the new industries and opportunities.
  8. The concepts of making a living is going to change. What I'm trying to tell you.
  9. I talk a good game because I created my lane.. I eat 100% of what I kill! And I give opportunities and employ others. So I do feel I'm allotted a little more. I took the risk I should get more of the gain. Im not doing anything more then what my other Country men couldn't do with the opportunity.
  10. Listen you really born to the wrong era.. The Chinese are going to win because they see the writing on the wall and there investing in educating in the new sciences and technology. There overtaking us we speak A.I, IoT Blockchain, CRISPR.. There investing in brains and innovations. "The King that lives behind the wall is often the first to fall" Im in the field man I'm not just speaking to hear myself. No one's going to be able to outrun whats coming. Losing their jobs doing what obsolescence? Create new ones.. Education, Healthcare and opportunity. No difference then what was given to our boys that came home after war, That created the middle class and period that your clammering to return to. Create a new one.
  11. Put it like this no ones going to be able to protect some type of jobs. Not even the Chinese are getting the jobs.. Chinese machines and robots maybe. Want to protect Americans? Invest in education and healthcare.. and get some small business loans and opportunities to people and see what happens.
  12. So says the man that lives in the bubble. The rest of the world is catching up. Hyperboles arent going to be enough to get US through over the next 40 years. Mediocre and average arent going to cut it in the 21st. There was so much to go around In the second half of the 20th Century that blue Collar workers and the middle class got some of the action.Hell, it was built on that fact. Now In the age of intellectual wealth, that Equation isn't going to work. Every brain counts moving forward We're actually going to have to do some work for a change.
  13. You're not lying we're losing our edge. I've known this for sometime but it's never been as apparent as now at least from my perspective. I got a chance to attend a new tech conference around Blockchain so much of the talent and newer innovation is coming from outside the States. AI,Blockchain, Automation, Biotech. I got to speak with engineers planning fully automated Cities. All with or without the US being in the room it's not a game.. People are viewing us as cancer as well.. I can't count the amount of times people are shocked I can have an objective conversation as an American when I'm traveling.. I Literally had someone shocked I was American when last in London.. Automatically assumed Canadian.. I have to be honest were looking crazy out here. SMH. There just to many people talking here and not performing and doing too much overvaluation and overindulgence, this isn't sustainable.
  14. So true!!! And a lot of the Boomers success was earned by there Parents (The Greatest Generation) and their contribution. After the War there kids Received the fruit of their labor and sacrifice expanded middle-class stable economic growth. They didn't earn it they ran the Country into the ground during the 70's and 80's derivative's, greed, trickery...you name it And now everyone else is lazy.... selfish indeed!!
  15. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Relax bud not talking down to you just adding to the flavor. I saw what you wrote just adding to your point. Maybe I shouldn't have replied directly figured I would add my two cents. No ones attacking don't over think it.. A lot can be misinterpreted though posts as opposed to a conversation.


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