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  1. Wow. Kinda figured that was somewhat the case! Plus the hiring freeze double whammy.
  2. So who's been running these trains? With the gap left by retirees? They've been canceling trains?
  3. How does that work? On a basic level, Jim retires Friday the 3rd who runs the 6:30 am out of Trenton come Monday? Are they not filling the spots or is NJT bleeding Talent to neighboring Railroads due to better pay and perks?
  4. How do we know it's recruiting? What's NJT requirements? I don't think it's big of a circle that Recruiters aren't hitting the right talent pools. It's a regional thing there are other Railroads in the region so there bound to be a bit of competition for talent. They should open it up. I believe maybe the talent isn't there in NJ. But at this point it doesn't matter trains need to keep moving get the talent.
  5. RailRunRob

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    I could see that... Remember talking about that last year on the forum.
  6. RailRunRob

    Commute From Hell

    That's a boneheaded move for sure.. How is this going on for?
  7. RailRunRob

    Commute From Hell

    Wow that's crazy!!
  8. My hood!😁 Fieldston and 256th. Riverdale Neighborhood house in the summer and PS81!!
  9. Well that puts it into prospective. Gotcha
  10. The M8 units have Amtrak ACSES hardware built in already for operations on SLE. I take it south of New Rochelle everything switches from Pulse Code to ACSES? Or is it just standard Pulse code being it merges with LIRR and NJT coming into and leaving Penn. So, in essence, Amtrak engineers have to certify on multiple operations at any given time?
  11. Is it really that difficult to train crews on the additional 15 miles? That's really all that's new here. And the M8's can handle both over and under riding 3rd rail. The hardest thing here is adding a substation and extending the 3rd rail territory to the Hell Gate a bit beyond the 25Hz Phase break.
  12. RailRunRob

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Right they had a loop on the Manhattan side didn't even think about that. Was that underground like the Willy B?
  13. RailRunRob

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Indeed point taken. 25-60% lighter depending on Motor vs Trailer cars. I'm almost 20 years out of school so I might be a little foggy and out of practice by all mean correct me if wrong I'm coachable. I know bridges are base on weight per linear foot and axle load. So A bridge like the Manhattan might have a maximum axle load of 26,000 lbs. A full train might be around 1500 pound per linear foot x 4. I believe the QBB was intended to carry a max of 20,000 lbs PLF but scaled back not to push it after the incident in Québec. IIRC the Manhattan Bridge is the neighborhood of 12-16,000 lbs PLF so there probably on par with each other. Looking at the bridges compared I think @RR503 point on space is also a fair assessment The QBB is definitely more cramped with all the inner truss work. Fair point on the Manhattan connection problem as well.
  14. RailRunRob

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    It could handle it. http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/infrastructure/queensboro-bridge.shtml The bridge was constructed between 1901 and 1909 and was opened to the traffic on June 18, 1909. A collaboration between the bridge engineer Gustav Lindenthal (1850-1935) and architect Henry Hornbostel, the main bridge is 3,725 feet long, the longest of the East River Bridges. The overall length of the bridge including the Manhattan and Queens approaches is 7,449 feet. The site is an ideal location for a bridge as Roosevelt Island provides a convenient footing for the piers. Seventy-five thousand tons of steel went into the original bridge and its approaches. Its original cost was about $18 million, including $4.6 million for land. At the time of completion, it was not only the longest cantilever bridge in the United States, but also was designed for heavier loads than any other bridges. I had a comparison chart of all the Bridges from some years back can't find it for the life of me. Still looking But IIRC of the East River crossings on total loads. (Top 5) 1. Hell Gate 2. Queensboro 3. Manhattan 4. Willy B 5. Whitestone There was a large build gap between the Hell Gate and Queensboro as well the Queensboro and Manhattan. I believe the QBB was designed with Rail in mind from the beginning as well with a LIRR link. But I know they changed and scaled the design a bit after a bridge of the same type in Quebec had some major issues in 1906/07
  15. RailRunRob

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Wasnt there a major flaw also found in the New 7000 series cars something with the wiring? WAMTA can't catch a break.. Kawasaki.. 😩🤭Got some explaining to do!


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