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  1. How does this affect the LAMTA and CTA with there CRRC rolling stock?
  2. Bat signal received I have the direct ear of 3 State senators and a personal connect to Carl Hastings. @Union Tpke Let me know what your plan forward is. DM me!
  3. I was up there as well got a chance to speak to Andy King and a few other officials before they sat with the MTA people came out!!! Byford stayed around for quite sometime after the event even ABC 7 came up.
  4. The key was shortage. Forgot about that point.
  5. So with the shutdown not happening. Are these new cars coming retiring any cars? Or is it just additional service ? Like the R46's moving from the to the ?
  6. I know a few of the folks at the Community board on that side of town. Going to reach out make sure they understand what's going on. Might even to sit with them and help them go thru this if need be.
  7. The MTA Bus/NYCT thing didn't cross my mind you're probably onto something there as well.
  8. You know what your right! I'm sitting here trying to process this. When plain and simple it's fewer options and less service overall.
  9. I'm still processing these proposed changes. I kinda get what they're trying to do create a circular feeder route that ties into routes exiting Co-Op City. Id love to see what the full justification is for this design. Time savings, Capacity, etc. I just don't see how it can fully work at the very least the Bx28/38 could be remerged maybe to/from Bay Plaza but covering Section's 1-4. The 26 should stay as is covering 4 & 5. Not sure about the 30. The 29 I could see maybe being cut back. The Q50 should maybe go to Bay Plaza ? Interesting move by the MTA.
  10. Good question. If you don't do 1st Ave all the way up. You have the 59th Street Bridge and Queens Blvd to 278 as well as the QMT to 278 onto the RFK.
  11. I got you and I agree on the DOT issues. I guess the point I'm trying to make with the BXM17 it's a very unique route in the fact unlike most QM,X and SIM routes that have 2 ways into there native boroughs. The 17 has at least 4-5 points of entry to the Bronx with this new data expansion I wouldn't be surprised if some northbound trips took Manhattan or maybe the BQE or the Triboro. A route like that could be more fluid than a SIM route that just has the Verrazano or Goethals in. By the time the Bus gets to 20th street depending on traffic, it could be routed accordingly. I don't feel the route will be locked. There's not much the MTA can do about the DOT but at least you can calculate the best option.
  12. Indeed I see your point the MTA and DOT need better integration and inter-agency communication. HOV and transit priority lanes need to be better planned and expanded. I guess just playing devil's advocate for a second from a transit planner POV. What are we saying don't try this BXM17 service at all? There no Ideal route for the service there's going to the possibility traffic in pretty much every scenario. Westside, Second Ave Via Queens. The bright spot is the Technology is there for Real-time traffic flow and reroutes. The word is the MTA is pooling there bus time data with Uber and few other sources for quicker reroutes options on the fly I'm sure the Planners had this in mind as well. How is this different from a SIM26 or BXM18 what's the travel time on those routes? FYI https://eng.uber.com/category/articles/uberdata/
  13. The point of this is it shows the fastest routes from A to B. The only one of the 3 options that a bus could use is the BXM17 routing FDR, LIE,Van Wyke via Whitestone. So it's one of the fastest routes from Lower Manhattan and Co-Op period car or bus. I'm familiar with the all the parkway, Drive restrictions.

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