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  1. Nice!! Great work @Via Garibaldi 8!
  2. Possibly might be in activating the Local and Express blocks independently.
  3. Yep the Cabling on the Willy B wasn't Galvanized so no corrosion protection in a nutshell.
  4. For the Bronx to JFK Route Maybe a route that mirrors the SBS12 from Inwood or University Hts to Pelham Bay then Express via the Bruckner, Whitestone, and Van Wyck to all JFK terminals. Another option could be Fordham to the Bronx River Parkway and via the CBE via Parkchester then Express to Qns.
  5. It's not so crazy an idea. It would have to a centralized route that connects with feeder routes. Think the 42nd street LGA,JFK and EWR buses. Maybe from Fordham Plz or Fordham Road and hit every Rail and major bus connects.. No way every major neighborhood can have JFK access.
  6. I remember they had a plan for the Bx34 to be extended to Downtown Mount Vernon via S 5th Ave. Are you thinking a similar route?. Im trying to understand were in Yonkers wouldn't this already be covered by the Beeline 1,2 and 3? Are we talking more Central Yonkers? Central Ave? Wasnt thinking that far down in Harlem. Wondering what actually qualifies as a cross-town route the Bx12,40 & 42 are the only routes that I can think of that covers full east to west. Any route would have to travel south to connect 125th.. the most southerly route for this type of service would be a Bx5/6 combo anything south of that get's cut by the Bronx River. Or even a Bx19/5 combo might work.
  7. Some of these are bringing back old routes. Bx24 Riverdale to Fieldston Bx14 233rd Baychester Bx21 Astoria to the Bronx. Others seem like extensions Bx34 extended (Woodlawn/South Bronx) Bx40/42 SBS to Harlem or Washington Hts Bx41 SBS to LGA (Fordham Short turn) Bx36/40/42 Crosstown isnt that covered? 262nd to Yonkers? Bx9 Extend? From the border into Westchester with one stop in the City seems like a beeline route would have be extended. 233rd to Co-Op makes sense.
  8. The Bx1used to run to W 246th when I was a kid I remember this setup on select peak Bx1/2 trip into the 1990s.
  9. That and how would that work with the terminal setup? The Terminates at Brighton on the Local tracks? That's a lot of work to reverse. Your only saving 6-7 mins between local and express service from Prospect and BB. It would take longer to reverse the train plus the possible disruptions to the with switch operations.
  10. Umm Port Chester, Green port, West Port I can think of a few areas that kicked there industrial past. But I understand that's kinda why I asked when I think of Port Richmond I think of Richmond Terrace didn't know the Neighboorhood went low-density residential.
  11. GrubHub covers everything. Even 230 Broadway Staten Island, NY 10310. Man, it's that bad over there?
  12. Gotcha matter of fact I've traveled Victory which is north of the SIE have some friends near Willowbrook. Port Richmond isnt so far from there. Like Forest Ave right?
  13. How's Port Richmond? I passed the area for the 1st time recently seems pretty industrial. Never really traveled to parts of Staten Island north of 278 until as of late.

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