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  1. Welcome to the Grantville State Authority homepage! Today's Grantville News: Construction is nearly complete on the GRS

  2. rr4567

    happy birthday to you too

  3. watch all you want :P

  4. Was that you on that train at Stapleton? :P

  5. Where did you see me? :P

  6. You'll have to give me time. It's lost on one of these hard drives :P

  7. Oops, forgot all about it :P


    I'll send it when I get home.

  8. Well, that message was completely random. And may I ask, why?

  9. rr4567

    Message received and responding with a full thread save :P

  10. NEIN :P


    Send me your email address in a Private Message and I will email you the file.

  11. You will not find it easily on Google :P

  12. You don't see "thanks to you :p"?


    I'm saying thank you, but I'm also acknowledging that it's a late thank you.

  13. a late thanks to you :P

  14. a late thanks for you too :P

  15. Thanks :P


    Am I really that old where I've had one gazillion service packs? :P

  16. rr4567

    Now I can't call you old :P


    Hah, you're still old :P


    And I guess I have to say happy birthday to you too :P

  17. rr4567


  18. rr4567

    "Wow you're something else...."


    Well, you know, before you make assumptions, assess the situation first.

    It would have taken 20 times longer if I helped because they would have had to wait for me to pack up everything I had set up.


    "AMERICAN-MADE cooler that is ;)"






    The wireless network :P

  19. rr4567

    I didn't see you helping either.....

  20. rr4567

    I wasn't moving from my spot. I ain't gonna leave my laptop unattended :P

  21. rr4567

    About what?

  22. rr4567

    Ha. Steven was so pissed :P

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