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  1. Thank you N-Trizzy. I'm going to take a look now. Thank you again

  2. Chris Henderson, R32 3838 on the forums. If you look at his profile picture he's wearing the same yellow striped shirt.

  3. Hi N-Trizzy. You said that was chris in the yellow top in the video. Where the TA worker was getting on them about taking pic's in the train cab. if so witch chris are you talking about if you don't mind me asking. Thank you

  4. Now thats what you call a hot pic. B):tup:
  5. HI Strain. I just saw u in my pending friend inbox.

  6. By the way gachi0909 thanks for checking in on me. I hope it will all work out. I'm really looking forward to training. I here thats not going to be easy either. But it's a good job you know. Its worth it. I hope I have what it takes to see it through. I'll give it my best pending they clear me.

  7. O hey B/O 3319 Good to here from you. Cool you just took the Boss. They seem to need a lot of B/O's. From what I've been hering. O BTW no my list # isn't 1500. I said that I was with in the first 1500 that they called from Exam 5025. Last week I went down for my drug test. Now I'm waiting to be called for my Med. I'm not sure when that will be.

  8. Im sorry It took me so long to answer you. but I took the BOSS for 2801 List #18*1 so hopefully they will get around to calling me

  9. Hi B/O 3319. Did you say that your list # was 1500. if so was it from Exam 5025

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