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  1. Thank you N-Trizzy. I'm going to take a look now. Thank you again

  2. Chris Henderson, R32 3838 on the forums. If you look at his profile picture he's wearing the same yellow striped shirt.

  3. Hi N-Trizzy. You said that was chris in the yellow top in the video. Where the TA worker was getting on them about taking pic's in the train cab. if so witch chris are you talking about if you don't mind me asking. Thank you

  4. Yes your right TransitMan23 wait with along everyone ealse isn't bed in it's self. That cool. But it's the reason that I have to wait this time around is very sad. So waiting now is bitter sweet.... I say bitter, because by the time they call me back I should have been halfway though my Probation. or working some where else. $'s & %'s wise thats about 18Gs. that being the least amount. The sweet part is I still have it to look forward to. And I know I'll be coming in with some pretty cool people from here, As well as those from here that are already B/Os.
  5. Yes. thats what the lady at 180 told me. She said they just sent the list back. She said for me to go back and put my name back on the list. when they start calling again I'll be in that first class. (after all this time) I've only herd of MTA MDs putting people through that. Sadly I now know it first handed. Now I have to wait till the end of the year. when I should have been six months in to my probation. not to mention the pay from then till now. be it with TA or else where. If I was working. I would not have been able to take days off at MTA MDs every whim.
  6. All right congrats. ./// I see it was bit rough for you. But you made it. So for now & until??? keep going over what problms you and work it out. As I'm sure you will. Again Igor Congrats!!!!
  7. Hi everyone. I have a bit of sad news. Today I was told that there wont be any classes until the end of the year. I was a bit upset seeing how they had me on hold all this time. Just for them to tell me I have one more appt. to go to. for me to be cleared. I have done every thing they asked of me. Every doc I've been to sense June have all cleared me for MTA as a B/O in passenger service. Until now four months later. Or so they said. Like they have done before. They told me that I will be in the first class. So again I have to wait it out till they began calling for B/Os again by the end of this year. Thank you locomotion. I'm trying to be. I have to go back on the 15th. To get more info about it. But thats all the info I was given today.
  8. Now thats what you call a hot pic. B):tup:
  9. I'm so happy for you out there doing your thing. I hope to see some of you'll on the road one day. :tup:
  10. gabchi0909 do you know when the next training class will start. (Thank you)
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