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  1. Great Shots! Jay Street-Metrotech looks so nice and bright, but those painted R68's are another story.
  2. Throughout the past year at various times, I had use Sharpie markers and used colors to make them look different, and kind of cool, so I just thought I'd share. Thanks for Looking.
  3. My favorite are the R143's, for being exclusive to the , being NTT like R160's, but not dominating half the B div., and lastly, for their CBTC capabilities.
  4. I am personally in favor of this upgrade, to a certain extent. I don't want front roll signs replaced, but would enjoy side screens, and automated announcements.
  5. I was wondering (and there may not be an answer) why the NYC subway trains all seem to have a differently sounding door chime?
  6. I was reading the 1980 to today article on NYC Subway.org and found these retirement dates that the TA released in 1981 and they are way off. The planned retirement dates for some BMT-IND equipment is even more interesting: * R-27: 1995 * R-30: 1997 * R-32: 2000 * R-38: 2002 * R-40: 2003 * R-42: 2004 * R-44: 2007 * R-46: 2011 Link: http://www.nycsubway.org/articles/history-nycta1980s.html It's close to the bottom.
  7. Following an earlier incident ,,, and train service has resumed with residual delays.
  8. Due to switch problems at the Eastchester-Dyre Avenue-Station, train service is suspended in both directions from the E 180th Street Station to the Eastchester-Dyre Avenue Station. As an alternative, customers are advised take(2) train, Bx28 or Bx30 bus making nearby station stops. Please expect delays in service on the trains at this time.
  9. They could do this on the R173/211 The w bullet being a screen about the size of ipod touch....
  10. I'm 12 and I like the digital displays...
  11. This app called Train Conductor 2 has 5 places you can play at. Las Vegas Nashville Miama Grand Canyon AND New York So I thought I would highlight the NY one. Here are some Photo(s).] So basically trains will come in on other lines tracks ( the lines used are , , , , and ) and obviously A Div. trains can't come in on B Div. tracks, but then you must divert them onto their marked track without them crashing into other trains. They can exit on the wrong track but you will lose points. Anyways go ahead and pick it up for $0.99 if ya like it;)
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