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  1. When I was there two years ago, once all of my paperwork was finalized and drug test was done. I was in the room, and the guy said can you make this class in two weeks. I said, sure can. He advised me not to quit my current job until I passed my seven day training. I said, alright. Was sworn in the very next min. And was given a packet of books. Rules and Regulations and some other material. Good Luck and welcome to the family.
  2. As an employee I do have a serious problem with the fact that we don't get literature or any type of flyers that specifically tells us in detail on how this new MetroCard system works. If I didn't frequent the MTA website or if I wasn't a member of this community. I myself would have a hard time understanding the new questions that would arise from passengers. Now I know most of you would probably say, well its really not that complicated to understand the new changes in the refilling of the cards. In fact, it really isn't. But if you are not properly informed of the changes, you are left in the dark. Granted, posters were posted on the bus. The posters that was put up on the buses only go as far as to say, that starting on February 20th, you are now able to add more time onto your current unlimited metrocard. It does not go into details to say that you could have a monetary value and unlimited rides at the same time that could be intertwined between different agencies, such as Path and Airtrain. An example of a question that I could get from a passenger while on the bus. ( Let's say I am completely unaware of the changes ) Driver I just had five dollars on my MetroCard. Now it's telling me that is going to expire within seven days. What happened to my five dollars. I just lost five dollars, are you for real. ( I kid you not, this is the attitude we get from the passengers ) My answer would have been, you can't have a metrocard with money on it and still have unlimited rides it's just not possible. You must have a different metro card with the five dollars on it. As you could see this could only go down a wrong path. Am I wrong for being ignorant of the changes. Yes. It is my job to be up to date with whats going on at my job. The fact of the matter is, I shouldn't have to go looking around for information that should be given to me from the get go.
  3. Thanks Dan05979 for the pics. It is hard to believe it has been 21 years since there making. Time really does fly.
  4. wow even caught a farebeater on the M42. Im shocked at that.
  5. Now if only they could move a little quicker when dealing with sick passengers.
  6. I hate to say it, but my fellow co-workers should have known better. And I'm agreeing with the MTA on this one. Oh boy, am I gonna get it from the Union.
  7. It actually looks nice. A lot better than that concept photo. I hope Designline does well with this model.
  8. I've seen a lot of advertisements for it inside of our buses. Last night coming home from work, I even saw it on the outside of a bus from West Farms. I would say the local buses are covered pretty well with informing people about it.
  9. Funny how clicking on his name in your post actually takes you to a beauty site. In other news. Well to back up your story about bus time running. I took a few photos of the advertisements they started placing in some of our buses. These are 3 of 6 that I saw.
  10. You are not going to know in advance. I copied this straight from the message above. Because of the high level of security, NICE bus will not know specifics about closures until just prior to the shut down, but will make every effort to keep passengers apprised of changes to the schedule and when and where buses are running.
  11. I was actually going to start a whole new topic just for these pics and came across this post.Here is the two pictures I took when I had the bus yesterday. The old bus number was 5296
  12. The Bx3 running times are still the same. You have to really push the bus in order to stay in schedule. The Bx9 had unrealistic schedule time back then and senior drivers till this day still stay away from it with the perception that the scheduling is still the same. Which is a good thing. I personally enjoy the route. During the day I find myself having to sit at bus stops waiting for my time. And I'm not the one to be rushing. And while waiting if I look in the mirror I could see my follower approaching most of the time. It's laid back up until 8pm. Then the running times are reduced. Even then you could stay on schedule if nothing is going on. The concourse I stay away from unless it is an RDO or a Change of Assignment. For some reason I think I am cursed from working on that line. YoungBlaze could vouch on that.
  13. It has been awhile since I actually seen a good question posted on here. Unfortunately, all of your questions have been answered in detailed elsewhere. Below I posted a link that would take you directly to the page that you are interested in.http://www.nycsubway...isused_Stations
  14. I love the fine print all the way at the bottom. lol
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