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  1. Great, I was worried I'd need my passport. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Thanks everyone for the input, it is very helpful. I will be continuing with my classes at college in January, and I will work on getting my CDL permit now in the window between semesters. As far as getting the actual CDL while the snows are out, I may wait till the roads clear up a bit. However, I would like to get my CDL before I get called to the Bronx as I read in the forum that those who already have the CDL have a much higher pass rate at Zaranga, than does who don't. If I already have the CDL I can focus on learning the MTA way, and not divide my attention between the MTA way and the DMV way. Thank you all for your helpful input. Marry Christmas, Happy New Year, and happy holidays to all.
  3. Hi Forum Members, I am on 8006, and my list # is in the 24X range. I am currently enrolled in college, and am registered for the Spring, 2010 semester (starting 28 JAN 2010.) I have 40 days between semesters and am planning on getting my commercial licenses in that time. I am a bit vexed as to what I should do if I am called during the semester. Can I delay my entry without penalty, to complete the semester? From when is seniority calculated, the date you are called or the date training is completed, or the date training starts? As lay-offs may be a concern for some time to come, I am deliberating whether it would be better to drop out if called rather than finish the semester. If I am called before the start of classes, I can cancel the semester without penalty. A factor of great concern to me is how quickly the process moves once one is called (from the first call down to 180 Livingston for a drug test or personal appearance to actually starting the training.) Another item of import I would like to determine is when I am likely to be called. I have a relatively low number, so I think sooner than later. If I am called by 27 January (last day to withdraw with a 100% refund), I can drop college (temporarily) until I complete my probation. I think I could finish part-time after that. If I am called between 28 January and 19 February, I can drop my classes (but no refund) without academic penalty. If I withdraw after that but by April 13th, I will have a W (Withdrawal) grade, which isn't so bad and does not affect my GPA. However, if I drop the class after that, I will get a WU grade, an Unofficial Withdrawal, which is the same as an F. That would hurt me academically, as WU grades do reflect in the GPA. Classes would end no later than 25 May 2010. So, if I am called after April 13th, but before 25 May, I will likely have to stay in college and finish the term. Does anyone have an idea how quickly the list will be called, or how I can pursue finding such out? Responses are welcome. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently in college (sophmore) and am planning what to do for next year. A big factor in my planning is whether or not I will get called for the 8006 exam. In my current situation, I will be taking the bus driver job if offered. I need the steady pay and benefits. I intend to take a year off from college during the probationary period and return to college, perhaps part time, to complete my degree after my probation at the MTA concludes. Does anyone have any idea, or suggestions for me regarding the discovery of, when the 8006 test list will be called for employment? I have a list number in the 24X range. Being withing the first 250 list numbers, when can I expect to be called once the list is active? How large is each class? Are they a standard number, or do they fluctuate in size? Also, is there a physical that requires performance of certain acts? I remember taking other city tests years ago, and for the PD they had us jumping walls and running obstacle courses for example. I also recall that during the medical for the PD we had to hop on each leg 5 times. Is there anything like that with the bus drivers? Particularly, is there a hopping on one leg requirement in either the medical or physical? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post and address my concerns.
  5. Anyone have tips on getting the CDL permit? Did anyone use a website as a teaching aid? Has anyone tried testquestionsandanswers.com ?
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome; happy my forum handle brought some smiles.
  7. Hello transit folk, I have recently joined this forum. I am in the 24X list number range on test 8006. I hope to learn what I can do to better my odds at getting the Bus Operator job. Have a great day all. :cool::cool:
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