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  1. i saw 1303 on the B60 going to Williamsburg at around 9:40ish my mouth dropped when i saw it, lol
  2. Lol, since I live there, I can escort you. I promise i'm not crazy Good Luck!
  3. great pictures! the 6th picture down, does the E train say 8 AVE EXPRESS?
  4. Speaking as someone who lives in the heart of Brownsville, my lone piece of advice is just to stay aware and dont linger in one place for too long. You'll be fine, I can vouch for 1991's description. It's not the "best" place, but do what you have to do and dont linger.
  5. WOW Thank you very much!!!!! I love rollsigns, I actually wanted to do a project on rollsigns. Like, I would take a picture of each sign of the LCD and use photoshop to manipulate the letters and make it into some of the lesser seen rollsigns. an example would be: 2: Wakefield - 241st 4: Bronx Exp 4: Lexington Ave Exp 4: Woodlawn i could take out letters from each 4: Bedford Pk Blvd but everytime i tried to take a picture, the glare would be so wide i could never actually use them :cry: anyway, do you know anything about the 4 via pelham line? i dont even know what thats a sign on the computer. and in a random thought, i was saw a to Gun Hill Rd. gotta love rollsigns:cool:
  6. ...ok before you move this over to IRT, i ask a question about R160's at the end so please dont alright so as many of you already know there are storage tracks where they hold the between Utica and Sutter Avenues. so one day i was on my way to Utica, and as im passing those storage tracks on the i see one of the R142 layed up saying Broadway Local thats all i can see as my train roared on ahead, but naturally i was excited because i love rollsigns and seeing a new one on the train makes me so now yesterday im going to utica again, and i see another R142 (i dont know if it was the same one, too dark to see car number) and i see Willets Pt- Shea Flushing EXP and i was like :cool: especially since i saw the diamond in red. So my questions are: 1) Does anyone know all of the LCD notations for each line? Like I was surprised when the said Broadway Local instead of 7 Ave Local....but then again my train moving too fast.... 2) Anyone know of any special notations that we wouldnt see otherwise? I've only made one other thread, and i talked abt how saw the VIA PELHAM LINE 3) Does the R142 carry IND/BMT signs? Does the R46/R160 carry IRT signs? I know for a fact the R46 can at least display numbers in the biggest square where the route letter should be because on day at W4th street a messed up sign that pushed everything to the left. It was like (J)amiaca- 179th st ave/ 63st lcl (Q)ueens Blvd Exp Any answers would be very much appreciated!! Thank you!:cool:
  7. I really like your shuttle bus video. Good skills holding on to the camera thru all the rain
  8. excellent pictures. i wish i went
  9. Speaking as a Brownsville resident, I'd be pissed as hell as if this were to happen and that is me speaking as a railbuff knowing the positive long-term outcome. I say this because, as is, it takes me an hour to get to Manhattan and longer during non-rush hours. If this ever goes down, I better go get my license, lol. But if it HAD to happen, here is what i'd do: - Implement the shuttle between New Lots and Utica Avenue -Implement the shuttle between Flatbush and President Street To my knowledge there arent any switches at President Street so what i would do is just have two trains running back and forth, one on each side :confused:) - I would end the at Atlantic and the at Franklin and I'd split service, majority going to any other local line (Lex?) and some of the extra trains acting as (2)'s because i'm not sure how many trains Franklin can turn back and the congestion would be chaos? If that wasnt clear It would be Woodlawn Atlantic Ave Wakefield- 241 st Franklin Avenue Wakefield- 241 st Pelham Bay Park Eastchester- Dyre Franklin Avenue or Brooklyn Bridge or Bowling Green And any other combination of the 1,2,4,5,6 lines but splitting the 3 service and using their cars to provide extra service else where to compensate for the disruption. Shuttle bus service would be provided for Franklin, Kingston, Nostrand, and Utica Avenue. Hell, perhaps extend the B71 down Eastern Parkway?! Where to store the cars? Ummm the express tracks btwn Franklin and Atlantic? The shuttle has Livonia Yard and under my plan the train only needs two train sets. Please dont flame. This required some creative thinking...and errr, um...it sure was creative. :cool:
  10. A couple of questions along the 3 line. Has any one seen the "improvements" made? I hope it just wont be a new coat of paint. At Sutter-Rutland, there was full red paint...but now its white again. Anyone have any idea? :cool:
  11. Crisp and clear pictures! Well done :cool:
  12. Question-- How about running every other train to 149st? That way the Jerome line will have extended headways but Manhattan service wont suffer?
  13. I laugh at them too...except when they run so fast and ended up flying into me...then not so much. :tdown: That reminds me of a story I had once along the line. I was in a car that was absolutely crowded at the 59th- Lex Av station (Ditmars-bound) and there was really no room on the train but this guy kept shoving his way on. I mean actually putting his hand on my head and trying to shove me out the way. So I turn around and shove him so hard off the train he ended up hitting the floor. Am I proud? Nope. Do I regret it? Nope :cool: I'm not too confident, but i'll try if there ever is a next time Could you elaborate more on the bold? What's TOD? I'm clueless here. I REALLY regret not getting a picture of it. Via the PELHAM LINE....i still dont get why that specfic notation...
  14. Everyone here is so nice. Thanks to all :cool:
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