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  1. Stengel will have training on the LF Artics to start in service for sometime in the late spring...go check it in the yard for yourself!
  2. Too bad I saw them in Queens in under 2 years while working the list
  3. We have the best lines at CS thats why it went fast. We got about 35 new Operators in last 2 months! Wait till you get bounced all around during system pick...Queens will look real good then!
  4. You work at Casey Stengel?


  5. Thats ok about the contract TA is just stalling they know just have no shot. Come to Queens esp CS our lines are the best and you dont have to worry about a system pick of being bumped around the system. We are The Country Club of Queens!
  6. Do yourself a favor...if you can come to Queens CS QV or JA do it! You wont ever deal with a system pick... you can go to UP but I guarantee you you'll be bumped right out of there as soon as system pick comes around.Youll be in any of the 3 Queens garages for your career not being throw around the system. CS is only a 10 min drive from Grand Ave and youll love our lines. Dont let yourself wind up being bounced around garages till you get seniority. Just cause Ciboii hangs out there doesnt mean he knows that much. Every Buff usually winds up getting fired for something stupid on probation.
  7. Obviously you have no idea what your talking about! Same bus does more then 1 trip and you cannot fig that out but counting the scheduled trips online.
  8. You better clear up ANYTHING PENDING!
  9. Your the ass that will buy it to run around NYC stalking buses FOAMER!
  10. My bad Im sorry.......but your sister says she got your Christmas Present.....but make sure you activate it by the 2nd week of January so it will be good for 30 days!
  11. Ill be with your Mom FF foamer!
  12. Come see me at Main and 39th 2pm!
  13. Yeah too bad I dont........I wont drive them for the lousy 25 cents more and they wont come to CS AHAHAHAHAHA Bus Buff!
  14. And your the WANNA BE MTA just like your name says BUS BUFF! Ill get up off my ass anytime any place for you:cry:
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