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  1. I really don't understand this... One second people want more interlining, more services going more places. and then suddenly they want less. Make up your minds. That being said, a lot of these ideas still don't take capacity, storage, or dead miles into account. What use is having the M and F share the same tracks from Broadway-Layfette all the way to Briarwood? you're removing 6th avenue service west of Roosevelt Avenue, the very reason the V was created. Passengers will ether need to backtrack to Roosevelt or transfer at 7th onto already crowded B and D trains. then again, I'm still opposed to the existence of the Orange M because of it's capacity loss on Queens Blvd and 6th (shorter trains) and 4th avenue (only the R running local) and the fact, regardless of what people who can't do math say, it harmed more than it helped. (22,000 riders were using it for midtown vs 27,000 for Nassau from both ends of Brooklyn.
  2. The thing about the A vs the E is that the A has lower frequency to Howard Beach, the line splits closer to Manhattan with half the service going to Lefferts Blvd instead of the Rockaways and only Rockaway trains stop at Howard beach. All but a few Rush hour E's stop at Jamaica Station. Also, Fulton Street is a touch of a hike (all indoors) but it's still several blocks, where as the E is right there. Under normal circumstances, passengers getting off the A wanting PATH would not use Fulton Street, they'd use the much closer Chambers Street-World Trade Center station (the A and C platform is called "Chambers Street". the E platform is called "World Trade Center" But Chambers doesn't have an elevator. The E platform doesn't need one as it's a stub end terminal and you'd exit right out into the mall, much closer to the PATH station entrance. As for the Newark option, The transfer is extremely easily, provided your train arrives on the correct platform (IE, you're not caught in construction or something). City bound PATH trains operate from the main level of Newark Penn station, between two NJT/Amtrak tracks, as a cross platform transfer. it's coming back where you have to do some zigzagging through the station to get to the right platform, as arriving PATH trains have their own, upper level platform.
  3. technically, Jamaica Station is one large, interconnected structure. After exiting the Airtrain's fare control, You would simply be making a left turn and walking across the LIRR upper level concourse to get to the elevators down to the Subway station, no need to be out on the street. One elevator down to the subway fare control and a second down to the E platform, the first one of the two. As for getting to New Jersey when World Trade Center is closed for construction. Getting off the subway at World Trade Center you would just need to continue through the mall, and it will lead out to the waterfront near the dock. The thing about the replacement ferry is you both have to swipe into the PATH fare control and get a ticket from a path employee for the boat, then exit back out again to head for the boat dock, or else you have to pay the three times more expensive ferry fare. (Path is pegged to the subway fare at $2.75. The boat is about $6.50. And you need to do this at Exchange Place going back into the City. A second option, should you so choose if you or the Misses don't feel like taking a boat ride or dealing with the hassle, would be to switch from the E to an F train (same track transfer at ether Union Turnpike, 71St-Continetal or Roosevelt Avenue) to 34th Street-Herald Square and get PATH at connected 33rd Street station (again, one connected structure, you don't need to go outside). There, you can take the "Journal Square-33rd Street Via Hoboken" (AKA "JSQ-33rd Via HOB" for short) train to Grove street and walk across to catch what would normally be the Newark-World Trade Center line the one stop to Exchange Place. As the name suggests, the Via Hoboken operates via Hoboken Station, changing direction mid trip in both directions so it does sit there for a minute while the crew changes ends. This line is a combination of two lines (JSQ-33rd and HOB-33rd) and only runs at nights at weekends. the JSQ-33rd via Hoboken is also your only option between 11:30PM and 7AM as the ferry does not operate during those hours.
  4. at first, the platforms were physically separated in half, with each company having their own fare control. This worked until the IRT decided it wanted to run longer trains, so the companies simply agreed to split the collected fares
  5. …. Yeah I haven't been around here much recently…. So I'd figured I'd share a little something I've been working on the past year or so. My fan novel for "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." "Operation EXILES" https://archiveofourown.org/works/14842328/chapters/34355336 this is volume 1 of 5, all five together they're about 350 pages in MS word on the default settings. I started writing this when all signs showed the show would get canceled during season five, so it takes a new path from there. (quick word of warning; contains profanity and does involve multiple copies of the same people interacting, which can be confusing sometimes.)
  6. being able to check a bag is dependent on the ability to load and unload said bag, something Deerfield Beach doesn't have. The nearest station that does is Fort Lauderdale.
  7. If I didn't have my DS and Pokémon SoulSilver (this was way back in 2010) to keep me occupied I would have lost my mind.
  8. BIE in the Canarsie tubes on the way to my own college graduation.
  9. I don't know, being told you're exempt is a pretty good justification if you ask me... Delaying the station for over a year is a bit more than just "something of a bad experience" PS, that installation at Greenford on the Central Line, broke down while the dignitaries were still there, talking about it.
  10. Yeah, this sounds like something you're gonna need a lawyer for,
  11. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the negatives. In this day and age, that's quite literal. Possible answer would be this train was trailing an OSS deadheading back to Jamaica Yard and the TO didn't know to request the switch be set back to normal.
  12. Looking at my hard copy of "Tracks" Heading Manhattan bound they just ended up on the D9 yard lead between Briarwood and Union Turnpike. They were not paying attention to their lineup.
  13. "RETROFIT" verb "To add or substitute new parts or components to some device, structure etc., that were not previously available; to modernize" The R42s were the first full class to feature AC as a factory standard part. Everything that came before had to have it added in later.
  14. I got my letter 3xxx so i'm guessing about a couple years.
  15. If Bombardier had it's @#$%^ act together, this wouldn't be much of an issue. the whole 300 car order should have been in revenue service over a year ago.
  16. This sort of beats around the fact the R32s are married pairs and the 160s are 4 or 5 car linked sets. So you by default would be stuck with a train of awkward size and shape. There would have to be more of one than the other unless you're content with an 8 car train. The only way to make a 10 car train is 6 R32s and a 160A-1 set.
  17. Kinda hard to give an honest answer to a question that's based on something that's not possible.
  18. Sally, you're barking up the wrong tree.
  19. great, So V train will now stop asking about it every five minutes...
  20. when I worked there at least, the tour guides were the only ones not given transit ID cards, but even then everyone wore the old reflector vests when on tours and trips outside the museum.
  21. Nice personal attack. Where'd you get it? Copied what people have said about you..?

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