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  1. august list is out. Rest of Manhattan Rest of the Queens Blvd IND L train to Bedford Ave. Officially add: Woodhaven Blvd Grand Ave Elmhurst Ave 65th street Northern 46th street still no movement on Brooklyn Museum
  2. Well, it is now Saturday, August 1st... and I can officially mark the July list as... FAILURE! Brooklyn Museum is not complete, along with several stations on the Queens Blvd line.
  3. ADD Steinway Street. Still no movement on Brooklyn Museum. Is this a thing? where one station sit's left out?
  4. ADD 53rd/5th. 57th/6th is the only midtown station without OMNY
  5. OMNY Active list All Stations 241st Street to Grand Army Plaza, Franklin Ave to Flatbush Ave (1 Station) 148th Street to Grand Army Plaza, Franklin Ave New Lots Ave (1 Stations) All Stations All Stations All Stations All Stations 42nd St All Stations (line not in service) 207th Street to Euclid Ave, Howard Beach-JFK (20 Stations) All Stations Sutphin Blvd-JFK, Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue to Lexington Ave/53rd Street, 7th ave to World Trade Center (7 Stations) Bedford Park Blvd to Broadway-Lafayette Street, Atlantic Ave, Prospect Park (8 Stations) Norwood-205th St to Broadway-Lafayette Street, Atlantic Ave (15 stations) Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, Lexington Ave-63rd St, 47-50th streets to Broadway-Lafayette Street, York St to Jay Street-Metro Tech (34 Stations) Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, 36th Street to Lexington Ave/53rd Street, 47-50th streets to Broadway-Lafayette Street (24 Stations) Court Square, Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets, (19 Stations) 8th Ave to Union Square, Broadway Junction (20 stations) Astoria-Ditmars Blvd to Atlantic Ave (11 Stations) 96th Street-2nd Ave to Canal street, Atlantic Ave, Prospect Park (18 Stations) Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, 36th street to Jay St-Metro Tech, Atlantic ave, 86th Street, (22 Stations) All Stations / Fulton St to Canal St, Broadway Junction, Sutphin Blvd-JFK (25 stations) Franklin All stations. Rockaway none (5 Stations)
  6. A 57th-7th is finally online. The N is online north of Atlantic. The Q is online north of Canal The R is online between 36th street on the QBL and Jay-Metro tech And the W is COMPLETE
  7. those weren't left over from last month's list. The Broadway Line station under 7th was supposed to be a June activation, but it's just sat there line.
  8. ADD Utica Ave New Lots Ave. The 4 is complete. the East Side IRT is complete. The IRT is one station away from being completely online... And still nothing on 57th/7th...
  9. ADD: Sutter Ave-Rutland Road Saratoga Ave Rockaway Ave Junius St. Three stations remain before the IRT is complete. Brooklyn Museum (would complete the 2 Utica Ave (would complete the 4) New Lots Ave So far no additions to the B division... and 57th Street on the Broadway line is still shown as offline.
  10. They kept misspelling the abbreviation for Knox Locomotive Works...
  11. Yes, hacked. During the the whole “occupy Wall Street”, someone hacked the site and replaced several people’s posts with that bull about bankers.
  12. Do you have a problem with my gender newbie?
  13. I read the OMNY site every few hours, checking for updates.
  14. Okay, site is back up... no change on the IRT...but.... ADD Queens Plaza 36th St (QBL)
  15. Website has been offline since last night for maintenance. Was supposed to be back a few hours ago but these things happen.
  16. This is just another fantasy thread, plain and simple. We don’t need another one.
  17. You think that’s bad? Have you heard Elon Musk speak? Dude trips over his words left and right. public speaking skills don’t automatically translate into wether or not you know what you’re doing.
  18. ADD Grand Army Plaza Van Siclen Ave 7 stations you go for the IRT. the 2 is only missing Brooklyn Museum the 4 is only missing Utica. (still no change on 57-7th)
  19. ADD Nostrand Ave Kingston Ave Pennsylvania Ave 9 stations left on the IRT.
  20. You fool... she is a devout acolyte of the God Emperor. She can do almost anything and not be held accountable!
  21. Honestly... this isn’t exactly the crowd you want to be talking to. On average, 90% of this sites membership are young adult or teenage train and/or bus nerds who are somewhere on the Autism spectrum who are less likely to pay attention to these details. this is basically what you’re going to find on subway fan sites. if you were doing a documentary on the history of the system... this would be the kind of place you want to talk to. We could give you enough details from memory that you could make Ken Burns’ “Baseball” look like a filmstrip short.
  22. ... I think you might need to reconsider your priorities, there. I think you will agree a whole lot has changed since then
  23. I mean, they have mostly skipped over Brooklyn to begin with, which is wher the majority of ex-BMT tracks are...
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