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  1. welp, I just got my phone call... I need to be down at Livingston at 7AM tomorrow.
  2. yes they did https://www.youtube.com/2KTDUJOHZJU
  3. I mean... you can control when a video goes live without it being a premier. You don't have to make us watch that same STUPID countdown clock and actually sit through the video to see everything.
  4. why is everyone debuting them at 10:30... some of us have things to do...
  5. Penn Station Access has been on the drawing board in one form or another for at least 20 years. We all know about it.
  6. Using the batteries out of a Telsa as an example, which are extremely powerful and still very flat, they could easily mount them as a module hung below the all the equipment under the car. If the project doesn't work out, unhook the module, remove the mount point and the connector cable and it's like it never happened.
  7. Also just noticed no one updated the copyright tag...
  8. I mean, I would assume OMNY will be able to offer PATH centric options. Metrocard already has a 30 day Airtrain JFK card.
  9. There is a photo here suggesting the move was done via car float. http://members.trainweb.com/bedt/indloco/nycta207.html
  10. I mean the BMT pioneered the very concept. This isn’t as “new and unknown” as some people think. My soon to be 63 year old mother was 7 when the D Types were retired. There’s an entire generation who grew up riding the rails of the old BMT Southern Division on those cars.
  11. Is this really necessary? why not discuss it in the existing threads on those orders?
  12. “It could still be canceled” hence the “or nothing” part. That was the point. It will not be going to Astoria any time soon... if at all... so my suggestion to you all on that subject is to “Build an Airtrain and get over it”.
  13. That’s the main issue, really; Runway 4. anything coming from the west has to ether go around it or under it. Which is why the FAA is onboard with Airtrain LGA, because it avoids the runways all together. Another factor is how far along the actual airport project is. At this point, all the designs have been signed off. They include provisions for Airtrain, and nothing else. There’s no spot set aside that would fit an extension of the BMT. Honestly, we are well and truly past the point of no return. when it comes to rail transit to the airport... it’s going to be Airtrain LaGuardia or nothing.
  14. Doing that is completely and totally dependent on the R262s coming in and not being a total disaster...
  15. The older, wooden ones are also an easy way to get bed bugs. given how bad things were going back last spring... truth be told I’m surprised they waited this long to take them out.
  16. I can only imagine the state of the articulation framework... I’d have to hazard a guess she’s getting cut in two.
  17. move out of the way, boys, let’s try giving this a woman’s touch... Look, the thing about message boards is they don’t work like Facebook or Reddit. You don’t just post whatever you want. You follow the rules of the community. yeah, you had a rather random thought, but I admit the title to this thread can be misleading. you asked about the B15 to Bensonhurst... you asked us what we thought about it, but didn’t provide sufficient details to allow those of us who are trying to understand you to figure out your question. why the B15? Why not another route? Why not a new route? why take bus service AWAY from a not only a major transportation hub, but a major source of jobs? who benefits from it? these are the questions we all ask each other all the time anyone comes up with an idea... unless that person is Wallyhorse, then we just yell at him and move on with our day. if the others seem a bit brash about it... it’s because you’re not the first person like you to pass this way... nor shall you be the last... it’s just... well... to paraphrase another, more well known quote “the day you joined this site and made you comments was an important day in your life... but to us... it was Tuesday.” We see this sort of behavior all the time. Hell, I dare say you’re at least civil, some people come in here reeking of attitude. so, do yourself a favor. Calm down, ask questions, interact, but don’t worry. They’re not picking a fight with you. This is just how we talk to each other.
  18. No, we still have the rollout of the physical OMNY cards and their associated vending machines.
  19. If you liked that... ADD: 121st Street The Z IS COMPLETE! Bedford Ave Livonia Ave THE L IS COMPLETE! Flushing Ave THE M IS COMPLETE! THE 6TH AVENUE LINE IS COMPLETE Rockaway Blvd 104th street THE A IS COMPLETE! THE 8TH AVENUE LINE IS COMPLETE! THE IND IS COMPLETE! Stations left... TWO!!! Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum holds out the IRT and Brooklyn 85th on the J holds out the BMT and Queens (the MTA gives the station a Queens address)
  20. ADD: Fort Hamilton Parkway Kings Highway THE N IS COMPLETE! THE BROADWAY LINE IS COMPLETE! also Hewes St. 8 left to go.

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