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  1. They will not fire you, they may extend you, but even that is probably not going to happen because of 1 write up.
  2. Does anyone have an updated link ? is no longer working
  3. NO as long as your BP is in check, and as long as you tell them during medical NO as long as your BP is in check, and as long as you tell them during medical
  4. uniform and depot differential pay ... ??? We do not get paid for Uniform and there is no such thing as Depot Differential Pay Also, there are very few runs that are 8 hours long, so over time is a regular occurrence. DJ does not count, You can always take your name off the list and call in to reinstate when you will have the necessary license requirement ( 2 or 3 years, i dont remember ) "You can get a Class B commercial license at 18 years old, but federal requirements dictate that you must be at least 21 years old to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines." Tyheem How old are you ?
  5. You are never safe at this job, there are too many things around you that are not under your control. ( people, cars, trucks, busses, idiots the list goes on and on ) Ones you will feel safe, that is the time you will f up
  6. Most likely this is what happened: Grand ma told the child to run and catch the bus, while she was slowly "running" from train station or from the rear( north side ) of the bus. Kid got on the bus with some other people who came from train station. Driver closed the doors and left. ( Maybe there was another 1 or 3 buses in the back of him, or maybe he had a green light and no other passengers were in the bus stop ( people running a block away do not count )). Kid started to scream and by that time the driver was crossing Fulton. He stopped on the other side, hoping grand ma will cross Fulton and get on the bus, but the kid jumped out to the sidewalk and run towards the north side of MalcomX with out looking and was hit by a car. Grand ma should have never let the child run off that far by him self, and she is the only responsible party in this case. I hope the judge will dismiss the case, and will let MTA as well as that other driver ( who is probably partially responsible for hitting someone on crosswalk ) sue that grand ma and collect for time wasted. And no, I was not there, but i am willing to bet that is how it happened. Parents tell kids run to catch the bus, while they are slowly walking down the steps from the train station ( by those stores on the right hand side of the bus). It is not my responsibility to ask a child who he is here with, and to make sure the parents are present. I am not a baby-sitter.
  7. MTA already took care of that, it is called BX12 It is above ground, and it goes from east to west
  8. Parking tickets do not matter, everything else is needed. Pay 10 $ to be sure that you will not be turned away and you will be losing your spot in the class.
  9. Are you sure it is a good idea to call your superior names in open public forum ? You do know that if this ends up on the desk of that supervisor you may have lots of trouble getting a job in this company in the future ... Their word is the last word and it is not something you can argue with ( it is sad, but it is truth ). Mr. Hernandez was my first instructor in MTA and even though he can be a pain in the butt, he is tough and fair. He did tough us a lot with in the first 3 days ( then they swapped him and the lessons became too simple and noneducational ) He did not wear seatbelt ? He run a red light? SO F-ing WHAT !!! He passed his probation, YOU DIDNT ! So in the future, worry about YOU until you pass your probation and stop telling on your co-workers. and regarding Day 9 ... That was whos mistake ? Supervisors ? or yours ? We deal with Idiots and dumb asses running across the street everyday , many times through out the day. We are tough to ignore them and let them pass. Sorry dude, i am no trying to bust your balls, but this is an open forum, and you must watch what you are saying, MTA does read this forum.
  10. I am not sure we got your question from only 3 copy and paste could you please rephrase it
  11. You can not get sick while on probation ! If you call in ones, they will slap you on the wrist, the second time will get you extended
  12. Having that pilar does not help at all, but having a 60 foot bus siting at the lay over spot on the Decalb will not help at all *2. There is no way a tail end of Artic will straighen its self out while making that tight turn into decalb and parking at that lay over spot. This means it will stick out to the left atleast few feet. and that will make it even more fun for the next bus at turning. In addition to that, even if the car on decab will move back to let Artic make that left turn, the back part of the bus will never be straight at the first stop, that means that decalb will be blocked and no truck or local coming from the bridge will make it past the artic on the decalb stop. It is going to be a fun day for sure ! My choice would be: Left Broadway, Left Myrtle Right Lewis Right Broadway OR Left Decalb ( the bus stop area will help to make that turn ) Right Lewis( the bus stop area will help to make that turn ) Right Broadway
  13. Heh , this is going to be interesting, Especially Right on Broadway , Right on Decalb and left on MalcomX, I drove SBS bus only few times, but i do think those three turns will not be fun. Also where will the turn around be at KP ? Regular stop can not handle any extra buses that are 60 feet long HEHEHE
  14. I have a friend who is on 4100 test, went through medical, was told Mid January he will have a class, Today he was told to call back in March or April. Anyone see any info on that test ?

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