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  1. They will not fire you, they may extend you, but even that is probably not going to happen because of 1 write up.
  2. NO as long as your BP is in check, and as long as you tell them during medical NO as long as your BP is in check, and as long as you tell them during medical
  3. uniform and depot differential pay ... ??? We do not get paid for Uniform and there is no such thing as Depot Differential Pay Also, there are very few runs that are 8 hours long, so over time is a regular occurrence. DJ does not count, You can always take your name off the list and call in to reinstate when you will have the necessary license requirement ( 2 or 3 years, i dont remember ) "You can get a Class B commercial license at 18 years old, but federal requirements dictate that you must be at least 21 years old to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines." Tyheem How old are you ?
  4. Parking tickets do not matter, everything else is needed. Pay 10 $ to be sure that you will not be turned away and you will be losing your spot in the class.
  5. Are you sure it is a good idea to call your superior names in open public forum ? You do know that if this ends up on the desk of that supervisor you may have lots of trouble getting a job in this company in the future ... Their word is the last word and it is not something you can argue with ( it is sad, but it is truth ). Mr. Hernandez was my first instructor in MTA and even though he can be a pain in the butt, he is tough and fair. He did tough us a lot with in the first 3 days ( then they swapped him and the lessons became too simple and noneducational ) He did not wear seatbelt ? He run a red light? SO F-ing WHAT !!! He passed his probation, YOU DIDNT ! So in the future, worry about YOU until you pass your probation and stop telling on your co-workers. and regarding Day 9 ... That was whos mistake ? Supervisors ? or yours ? We deal with Idiots and dumb asses running across the street everyday , many times through out the day. We are tough to ignore them and let them pass. Sorry dude, i am no trying to bust your balls, but this is an open forum, and you must watch what you are saying, MTA does read this forum.
  6. I am not sure we got your question from only 3 copy and paste could you please rephrase it
  7. You must have at least a CDL class B permit, and if you dont pass training you wasted 50 $ or so for nothing on the permit
  8. Your pass will get you a free ride in Bus and train. That is it. Dont expect any different treatment from cops
  9. I had NY CDL Class A license before I started working for MTA. I remember there was someone with me in the class, who was told to bring an abstract to the second day of class, or he will be turned away ( My gues that had something to do with his out of state license. MTA cant pull abstract from other states. ) The copy from PDF is very clear Any license that is VALID in NY. So that means CT or CA or FL would be accepted. Learn to trust the rules that writen , and follow them. Because your rules and contract are the only two things that will save your ass.
  10. DD, There will be lots of rules that people must read and adhere too in MTA, and reading VALID IN NY STATE as VALID NY STATE LICENSE will change the meaning of the statement.
  11. ARE YOU AN IDIOT ??????? LET ME COPY AND PASTE IT FOR YOU ONE MORE TIME. Driver License Requirement: At the time of appointment, you must possess either: 1. A Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL) valid in the State of New York, with a passenger endorsement and no restrictions that would disqualify you from performing the duties of this position; or 2. A motor vehicle driver license valid in the State of New York and a CDL Learner Permit with a passenger endorsement and no restrictions as referenced in #1 above. Your CDL or motor vehicle license, or any combination thereof, must have been valid in the State of New York for at least three years immediately prior to the date you are appointed to this position. any state LICENSE WILL BE OK. READ IT CAREFULLY. i even change the font size of the important part for you. No shit ! That dude is DUMB
  12. I bet some people here will still say that you are wrong, and you must have NY CDL in order to drive for MTA. Some of these people dont realy care for the answer, they just ask a question and start the flame war
  13. NO YOU DONT ! Mta has their own medical department, you do not need outisde medical to get that card.
  14. Do you know that for a fact ? There are many people who work for MTA and do not have NY license. So you are wrong.
  15. Here is the form that they are looking for in order to remove A3 http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/documents/safetyprograms/Medical-Examiners-Certificate.pdf If you only drive for MTA, you do not this form, and A3 restriction is OK
  16. MTA does not care where you live. BY DMV law, i think there is a specific time line, but as far as MTA does not care. You will have to get yearly abstract from a different state
  17. You have A3 because you did not submit medical form to the DMV, it does not matter, MTA has their own medical , you CAN have A3, dont wory about it.
  18. You have to get an abstract from your state DMV, or just change to NY and MTA will pull abstract them self
  19. Ok, i could be wrong, We did get our list numbers for two tests that i took (5025 and 8006 ? i think those were two tests), and as they needed people,they would call for BOSS ( and really, you have got to be a moron to fail BOSS ) Boss was given at 180 Livingston. I can admit if I am wrong ( very seldom )
  20. 100% wrong ! First you will get as score, and based on that you will be given a list number. As they will need people , they will offer BOSS based on the list number. I have not hear of anyone failing BOSS. There is no right or wrong answer, and there is no score.
  21. Why the hell did you post the same question in 3 different threads ???????? People will tend not to answer if you piss them off
  22. Well you can lie on BP test They will test you but if you are taking medications from BP and not tell them you maybe in trouble in the future. They will still hire you, but you will be going to medical every 6 month, and listen to the lecture from the doctor who will tell you to take care of the BP. As long as your BP is in check you should not have a problem
  23. BP under 141 over 91 will fly under the radar. Over that an you will have to show that your doctor is taking steps to lower it. How bad is your BP ? Dont lie to MTA, they will find out and you will be fired.
  24. What hapened on day 1-5 does not matter 6 and 7 9 and 10 Only these days matters If every one will get satisfactory on first 6 days, you will be too confident and will screw up on 6 and 7

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