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  1. Hey Daniel Welcome to the forums and great pictures you took like them all. hope to see more to come. A Friend from Liberty Lines;)
  2. thats just plain crazy how are you trying to read the news paper and drive a bus full of passengers.once again another idiot like this one makes a stupid move.i get the newspaper myself in the morining but i put it to the side and at the end of my route i take 5-10mins to read the paper.really reading the newspaper and driving at the same time is asking for an accident.:tdown:
  3. oh so you are the one articulated450 mentioned to me that was trying to get on the job.hey man as soon as you get you CDL let one of us know we will help you out a bit.just let us know. hope to see you behind the wheel one day Good Luck!:cool:
  4. thanks im enjoying it here theres alot of info ive been checking out its all very interesting.:cool:
  5. nice pictures hopefully i will get to be behind the wheel of that new bus.:cool:
  6. nice video articulated i remebered that you said you picked up that game it looks nice.good video.:cool:
  7. i sure will im so glad to be on these forums thank guys.:cool:
  8. thats so amazing once again you have people like this that shouldnt have a job come on now you are and trolly operator and its just like a bus operator. it is your job to ensure the safety of your passengers. not go texting when working its not the time for it. do it on your break.those twenty people got hurt because you were doing a small stupid act "texting"=wrong.
  9. thanks. yea when talking about buses the best person to talk to is aways the bus operater.hopefully one day you will be on my bus.then you will be on the job soon operating them.hope to see you soon.:cool:
  10. thanks articulated450 told me that you liked the video of me operating.im glad you did. yes indeed it is really i nice job i like it alot im staying for awhile. hopefully i will see you on the job one day soon.talk to you later.:cool:
  11. Man you hit the nail on the head.You took the words right out of my mouth what an idiot next time pay attention its your job.:cool:
  12. articulated im glad you posted this video i see you have one of yourself i watched it. to lol. Now we both have videos of ours selfs operating the articulated buses.:cool:
  13. maybe some day you will. And ill show you how great a ride on a articulated is.now if you want speed talk to articulated450 hes always flying down the street lol. hes a great driver hes always driving with one hand.lol:cool:
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