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  1. Hey -- great Video Op of NB #6 Expresses passing Soundview Avenue Station Face SB focusing on Elder Avenue Station from the NB Soundview platform at last car position. Great spot, man. Rush hour PM. When expresses round that curve due east of Elder Avenue headed NB at full throttle -- WHEW! THAT -- my friends -- is great video footage. The speed of the head motor rounding that curve -- at that particular angle is impressive. The "glide down the "ramp" towards Soundview Avenue Statioin -- is classic and archival footage. The R142s rock on this NB stretch towards Parkchester in the PM rush-- with good speed / good railroad, man! Best positions are -- again -- on Soundview Avenue Station. I'd try St. Lawrence Ave Station on the NB side @last car positon before they start decelerating for the Parkchester pull in. Good stuff. If and when any of you get good footage of this, please share. Fraternally IRT, TonyTrenUrbano
  2. Greetings, For much of my life, I've been fascinated by the "civil engineering" side of the #5 to #2 conex @149th St / GC. Questions: 1 - Was the construction of this connection done "cut and cover"? 2 - 149th Street traversing Grand Concourse for a stretch of a quarter of a mlel or so -- rising over a "hump". This "hump" covers the #4 station and the #5 tracks curving N and S making their approprate conex to #2 tracks below or #4 tracks above. As you visualize this, was this a "cut and cover" construction job? TOr did they construct this "underground"? Hmmm....Thinking about it, it seems that it would be easier to have all of the ROW exposed -- cut and cover -- , then cover it up and "build up the street" environment afterwards. I've thought about this for over four decades as NB #5 trains take perhaps one of tightest radius curves in the system -- pulling into 149th St. Hey, those engineers back then were creative. Any thoughts / historical "grit" on this? Thanks, TonyTrenUrbano
  3. Greetings, Questions: Atlantic Avenue ROW on elevated "Viaduct. 1 - Why was it built between Nostrand Avenue and Buffalo Avenue -- about one mile? 2 - Was original ROW between Flatbush Terminal - Bedford Avenue AND ENY and JAM "at grade" operations? 3 - If yes, how did they "build up" the surrounding street and building lines to "place tracks underground"? I've been fascinatied with the civil engineering side of this puzzle for years. Thanks, tonyTrenUrbano(NYCT)
  4. Greetings, Just a few words to introduce myself. Looks like a great site with superb forums. I'm a life long "rail tranist" man / native New Yorker -- former Transportation Planner and -- as a "maturing Baby Boomer -- still feel a charge watching new R160 "Q" Expresses roll by on the Brighton Line or an Acela whiz by New Brunswick Station on the NE corridor. Note "TrenUrbano" is San Juan's new system -- a gem of an operation -- the first of it's kind in the Caribbean. Looking forward to sharing, "rail fraternity" and friendship. Respectfully, TonyTrenUrbano<5>
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