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  1. It was reported the other day that it has been retired.
  2. Do you have the numbers of the 5 artics that are still active?
  3. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to ride the Culver Shuttle, but a few years ago, I purchased about 60 original slides of B types in service on that single-tracked shuttle from the man who took those slides. I just posted one of my Culver Shuttle photos to the Urban Transit Club Facebook page.
  4. I was born in 1958. We didn't have cell phones or digital cameras either! If we wanted to take photos, we'd have to buy slide film (Kodachrome 64 for me), and I'd print up my roster and I'd go to different boros and the depots and make corrections to my roster and update it when I got back home. The thing I miss the most is riding and watching the 3 Ave. El. I rode it with the WF Lo-Vs until they were retired in 1969 and replaced them with the GE R-12/14 (5753-5806). They should never have torn that structure down! I remember the buses that replaced the El were brand-new 1973 GM fishbowls (4800-4919) in two-tone blue. They were placed into service at 12:01 AM on Sunday, April 29, 1973.
  5. Thank you for clearing that up, as that was exactly what I thought he was saying. We're all buffs on this page as well as the other pages in this forum. everyone needs to think before they post things. I never post anything to offend anyone. I do have the list of all of the renumbered buses on the bus roster that I publish, so I did know the original number of that bus, and yes, I did think that he omitted that bus number because he may have thought it was scrapped, which is why I pointed out that it was still in service. Let's all get along. When I started my bus roster (around 1983), We didn't have forums like this. I had to go by sight and go from depot to depot to get my info. I even have a friend who has kept every single roster that I have published.
  6. My information is NOT wrong! 5572 (aka 118) is NOT listed as scrap, which means it's still in service. I will NOT let you insult me or my intelligence, PERIOD! All I had stated is that you had omitted 118 when you listed which renumbered NF high-floor artics were still in service. I didn't ask for your insults. I checked the "scrap list" before making my comment. You need to do the same. In the future, kindly have respect for others comments.
  7. My comment was not irrelevant. Your post omitted 118, which is still in service. I was just pointing that out. I've been keeping track of NYC buses before you were even born.
  8. I have only 16 RTS at ENY (not including the swing buses). 4924-4925, 4936-4937, 4943, 4986-4987, 5012-5013, 5016-5018, 5023-5024, 5040, 5065.
  9. That leaves 11 left: 145, 7785, 7788, 7792, 7794, 7809, 7811, 7815-7819.
  10. I spotted 7759 eastbound on I-80 in central Ohio enroute to NYC this afternoon.
  11. FYI, 1201 was NOT the first RTS delivered. 1201 was delivered in September 1981, while 2201 was delivered in August 1981. Also, 2201 was the only RTS delivered with 4 roof hatches instead of the normal 2 roof hatches. They really should have saved 2201 instead of 1201.

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