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  1. Was GH Nova artic #5477 repaired and returned to service yet?
  2. I believe that you are correct about 117 (ex-5534) being a museum bus.
  3. The same was true when FLA would send buses to KB for repainting. I took a shot of RTS #5093, with it's FLA decal parked next to KB Depot, waiting to be repainted. Once that bus was repainted, it was driven back to FLA Depot. It never ran out of KB. Depot.
  4. Which order are these buses & what type are they? Also, what depots are getting them?
  5. 4171 has been a Quill bus for a while already. 4170 is assigned to ENY & 4172 is assigned to QV.
  6. 3086 was last listed as "stripped for scrap" inside ECH Scrap Lot.
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