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  1. Stengel probably deadheaded a driver via the Q-44 which passes right in front of West Farms (formerly Coliseum) Depot to bring it to CS. But that is quite an odd way to bring it from Flatbush to Stengel!
  2. 5343 is still at FLA. It's never been at KB. It's one of only 6 of their original Nova artic order that still remain at FLA.
  3. They did just that with RTS #9656 (destroyed by fire). It became the only 9600-series RTS with padded seats.
  4. 1276 & 1278 were reported already. 1266 is at KB. 1200's @ GH: 1203, 1217-1247, 1257, 1262, 1272-1276, 1278-1286. 1200's @ KB: 1200, 1202, 1204, 1206-1216, 1248-1256, 1258-1261, 1263-1271, 1277. 1287-1289. 1201-fire (scrap pending) 1205-scrapped
  5. Didn't they scrap 1201 after it had the engine fire on 8/17/19?
  6. 1225 (GH) is O/S pending scrap (tree came through the roof).
  7. 4254 was reported @ MHV the other day. It may be on loan to OFS (Hale)
  8. These discussions need to be moved to the "Random Thoughts" thread. It makes it difficult to weed out the actual bus moves. Thank you.
  9. I had 7813 @ FP & 7849-50 @ WF. Wasn't the order supposed to go to 7875 with 7851-75 going to MTA Bus?
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