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  1. Nice pics. Somehow seeing these make me think of normalcy.
  2. IMHO, to me the solution is for trains to simply go OOS at certain terminals so as to make it legal to remove individuals from the trains themselves. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a train pulls into Coney Island, 71st, Euclid or anywhere else there is a yard I believe the NYPD would have every right to say "nap time over" if the train is going to be going into a non-revenue area. There they can be cleaned, UV'd, scrubbed and sent back on it's way. No need for shutdowns. The issue is for years trains simply went back and forth without going into the yards so that gave the homeless hours upon end to set up shop and get some Zzzzs on board. If trains went OOS after a round trip that'd break up some of that.
  3. Nice convo going about the digital map, I didn't know so much would go into it. Anyway, if we installed switches on both sides of Woodside-61st and Junction Blvd, could we have bi-directional service on weekends?
  4. I think the plan might be to disable emergency exits that are not near the main token booth. Both the entrance at Jamaica Center and the one at Woodhaven Blvd I used were far away from the main token booth. I wonder if these kinds of entrances will eventually see the return of HEETs
  5. Is the MTA bolting emergency exits? Yesterday I went to grab the at Jamaica Center and this couple tried to open the emergency exit to leave and couldn't. Then today I entered Woodhaven Blvd via the stairs at 92nd Ave and 2 MTA workers looked like they were working on the emergency door with a drill, like they were bolting it.
  6. Customer service idea: In stations, have a digital map that shows the layout of the system in real time, thus reflecting G.Os, closures, reroutes and other obstacles. Would make life a lot easier.
  7. Compared to the rollout of Metrocard in 1994-1996 how much better or worse do you think the MTA is doing with OMNY?
  8. To start, I just want to reiterate a thought I've expressed before: Phase 3 & 4 of the current SAS plan is useless. 2nd Ave is not part of the core Midtown CBD nor is it likely to become an office avenue like 3rd. If we are going to extend SAS south, we should consider routing it either onto 3rd or even Madison after 63rd street. Here's my thoughts: SAS continues down 2nd Ave to 57th St, turns down 57th with a stop @ Lexington Ave for the Trains. The line then turns down Madison with stops @ 50th, 42nd (Transfer to GCT), 34th, 23rd (Transfer ), then turns down 23rd, then continues back down 2nd Ave with stops @ 14th St, Houston St and Grand St before taking over the services over the Manhattan Bridge. The is sent over the Jamaica Line. So for Queens Blvd, most people here seem to want to send a 2nd Ave service thru 63st. Here's how my plan makes that happen: Gun Hill Rd Via Third Ave, Bx and Lower Level SAS express tracks -> Broadway Express No Changes Becomes full time Astoria route QB Express-> 63rd St -> Madison Ave Subway -> Brighton Express (cut back to Prospect Park Weekends/Nights) (U) 125th/Lex (Via SAS) -> Madison Ave Subway -> West End QB Local -> 53rd St -> 8th Ave Local QB Express -> 63rd St -> 6th Ave Local QB Local -> 53rd St -> 6th Ave Local No merges on Broadway. No merges on Queens Blvd. Just one merge added at junction of SAS and 63rd St. Broadway looks like this: express local and Queens Blvd looks like this: express local
  9. The problem lies with the dominio effect. Of the 5 top employers you listed 4 of them (City, DOE, MTA and HHC) are wholly dependent on NYC/NYS taxpayers. Any large scale exodus from NYC would put those jobs in major jeopardy, along with putting the kabosh on any large scale recovery of the service industry locally. If Wall St were to go totally remote, the loss of tax revenue from commerical real estate plus their employees pulling up stakes for other locales would be catastrophic. Do I think this will happen? No, for a few reasons. However, there's a certain arrogance in NYC that somehow people will put up with anything because "It's New York". The 1960s thru early 1980s dispelled that thoroughly.
  10. Lemme ask the billion dollar question: Now that we've had a couple nights of this shutdown, are you noticing less homeless on the trains?
  11. I like the idea of the Q32 running overnight, if it runs decent headways it really does serve as a good fill in for the
  12. Hey Via, what are your thoughts on having all of the various BM, QM and BxM routes run overnight? I think it would make a great substitute for the subway for many coming from far out places?
  13. First, upon further review, I am going to have the continue to 96st-2nd Ave and the run to Jamaica Center. Right now I'm thinking this would be the breakdown: 12tph Coney Island to Parsons Archer (Bway Exp, 63rd, QB Exp) 18tph Coney Island to 96th st-2nd Ave (Bway Exp) 20tph (Bway Local Astoria-Bay Ridge) 18tph (Route Unchanged) 12tph (Route Unchanged) 18tph (QB Local to Forest Hills) BTW, this allows for the possibility of maybe ~6tph Cluver Express on the in Brooklyn
  14. Here's another Queens Blvd plus Broadway De-interlining idea coming at ya: 96st-2nd Ave to Coney Island via Broadway Express Parsons-Archer to Coney Island via QB Express, 63rd St, Broadway Express Astoria-Ditmars to Bay Ridge via Broadway Local Unchanged QB Local to Forest Hills via 53rd St, 8th Ave Local Unchanged So you have zero merges on Broadway, No merge at 36th st, and No merge at Queens Plaza. You do however add a merge at 63rd-Lex.
  15. *Starts jumping giddly* Does this mean we could have the back!? YAY!!
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