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  1. Other than the I don't see any CI lines needing them like the or do.
  2. Not a very informative post but: I saw the pictures from Kawasaki. These are hands down going to become among my favorite railcars. I've never been exicted for any of the NTTs but this looks awesome. Looking forward to the open gangways. Is there any chance that Jamaica will be the first in line to get them?
  3. While all three exist in abundance to be sure, no, that's actually not the reason the subway is not free. I believe NYCT's operating budget is 8-9 Billion dollars with a little over half of it covered by fares. Now, I do believe the city could conceivably carve out a 4-5 billion dollar slice to make the subways free but we need to consider what cuts would need to be made to make that work.
  4. Those studies were done in the Mid 80s right before Archer was due to open. Nowadays I'd think it'd be smart to have the go to 179th and the to JC and make the 12tph and 18tph. Remember pre 2001 both and trains went down 53rd St. With the 63rd st routing, I think those studies are off.
  5. There's a very simple question burning in my mind: Why didn't the MTA decide to go with HEETs as the default turnstile of choice? To me, it seems like the perfect solution: On the one hand, this reduces the need for more police/citizen interaction and on the other is nearly un-defeatable as a fare control mechanism. It's clear that the old broken windows model of policing is socially untenable...however the MTA cannot simply let the subway "be free" as it's not financially sustainable.
  6. Let me throw the gas can into the fire.... How useful is the Concourse Exp as it is? Personally, I feel just having the run local along the Concourse 24/7 would encourage more use in the South Bronx section and siphon riders away from the . The should be the 24/7 CPW express to 207th-Inwood (cut back to Prospect Park weekends/late nights). Let the and run local to 168th St. Not only do you achieve full deinterlining, but undoubtedly improve CPW and Inwood service.
  7. The question is can we get passengers to accept that reality (Deinterlining)? It'd be easy enough to build tail tracks at Parsons/Archer and send 30tph local and 30tph express with another 20-30 tph to Astoria and call it a day, but without that magical passageway at 63/Lex to the one wonders if you can get buy-in politically.
  8. Speaking of Queens Blvd, let's talk about that bypass.... I've been thinking about it, and my idea is for the 63rd st line to run under the LIRR all the way to Archer Ave, where it would take over the Archer Ave Subway. There would be stops at 61st-Woodside (Transfer to ), Forest Hills-71st Ave (Passageway to 71st-Continential station), then a new stop at Van Wyck-Archer (To replace Jamaica-Van Wyck, which would close), and then on to the existing Sutphin Blvd/JFK and Parsons-Archer stations. The service pattern would look like this: Broadway Express to 96st/2nd Ave Broadway Express -> 63rd Street -> QB Bypass to Parsons-Archer No change Astoria-Whitehall 6th Ave Local -> 63rd Street -> QB Bypass to Parsons-Archer 6th Ave Local -> 53rd Street -> QB Express to 179th St (evenings/weekends cut back to Essex St) 8th Ave Local -> 53rd Street -> QB Express to 179th St Possible reinstatement to 71st-Continental This gives 30tph through the 63rd st tunnel, finally living up to it's potential, plus the bonus of maybe being able to bring the back.
  9. I'd like to see the turn towards Manhattan as a 34th St Crosstown after Manhattan Ave. There would be stops at 3rd-Park Aves (Transfer to ), 5-6 Aves (Transfer to ), 7-8th Aves/Penn Sta (Transfer to ), and Hudson Yards (Transfer to ). I'd run the trains with T/Os at both ends, so at Hudson Yards, the train simply backs out and then runs down the QB Local to Forest Hills. The are placed in a new bypass QB Express line and the 's service is bumped to 30tph. The QB Local will be the with the now offering Manhattan service via 34th st. This will help the tremendously, with 15tph on the being able to carry North Brooklyn riders to 34th St. This also gives QB an extra Manhattan option as well. Until the QB Bypass is built we can send the up Second Ave and just have the setup as: Express 8th ave/53rd st 6th ave/63rd st Local 34st Crosstown Broadway/59st
  10. The ultimate of course would be to send it down QB when there's no GOs going on. Either that or bring back the weekend . Plenty of people looking to go to Brooklyn on weekends.
  11. There may be less ridership overall but demand is still there. I disagree that people traveling locally will totally avoid the subway. People in places like ENY, Canarsie, Bensonhurst use the subway to get to DTBK all the time (Bus would be too long). Here in Queens tons of people hop the from Jamaica to Forest Hills or Queens Center Mall.
  12. Here's some food for thought regarding service cuts: 241st-Wakefield to South Ferry via 7th Ave Express. Current Service Sent down Nostrand. Runs local in Brooklyn, Express Manhattan. To make things easier from a customer standpoint, from this point forward the would become the primary Nostrand Line with the as it's rush hour supplement. and the will remain as is with the terminating at Utica during rush hours. This plan means the can be shuttle-ized outside peak periods while both the and are kept to medium distance w/ access to their home yards. Off peak, this will reduce delays and maybe even save on maintenance on the fleet.
  13. Great map. The easiest fixes would be to have Astoria Blvd serve as a short turn terminal for the during peak periods as well as making more s turn either at 111st or Willets. I can't understand how 71st or Euclid can have such crappy terminal ops other than the MTA's refusal to properly fumigate. The ACLU can't force the MTA to ride homeless into the yard no matter how much they scream, so start putting transit cops down there and get those trains moving.
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