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  1. I for one will look forward to being able to grab the to Bryant Park-42nd and being able to walk weather-free to the to Penn when the proves too crowded for my taste.
  2. I've always been of the mind that one of the drivers behind the borough bus redesigns was this very thing (Cost Savings). At some point, the MTA is going to need to do with way way less managers, less internal staff and the such. One thing that'd help is to get back to expanding SBS. Faster buses means carrying more people with less buses.
  3. Any idea on when Platform F at Jamaica will see any usage, or is that part n' parcel of when ESA opens? As for Cuomo, the problem is once you get past him and perhaps Letita James, the state level Democratic Party is quickly being taken over by the DSA crowd. Centrist/Moderate Dems are just about gone outside of some of the working class sections of the city like SE Queens or Staten Island. What's being brought forth nowadays is this: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-democratic-socialists-abolish-private-property-albany-primaries-20191007-gtpqefrosrfybpdul4dbvaf6ym-story.html Hopefully the NYS Republican Party gets a clue and dumps Trump and embraces the Bloombergs and Herman Badillos of the world who were centrist in their world view.
  4. My fear is that Woodside service will be seriously cut now that there will be little to zero LIRR to traffic. Taking the Q53 to catch the train to Penn is a favorite mode of getting to the city when the QM15 isn't an option.
  5. What is everyone's thoughts on having the Q52 turn up Yellowstone Blvd and terminate at 71st-Continential? I think that would definitely balance out the ridership between the Q53 and Q52 since riders looking for an express subway can get the Q52 to 71st for the while those still heading for the mall/Jackson Hts/ train/Woodside can grab a Q53.
  6. I just have to say that since moving to Middle Village the QM15 is heaven-sent. It runs like water during the rush but the fact is has reverse-commute service and Saturday service is amazing. Is there any chance the MTA will consider running the Saturday schedule on Sundays as well? Should I write to the MTA directly or to my local council member?
  7. I'd be fine with that, provided the TA built a passageway between 63rd/Lex and 59th/Lex. Otherwise, the screams from riders would be deafening. It seems the two "untouchables" about QB is 1) There must be a Broadway line and 2) Something must go to the East Side on the Express. The MTA screwed up not building a Queens Plaza stop along the 63rd St line around 41st Ave/28th st in LIC, and connecting it to the current Queens Plaza. Otherwise people to this day would just take to trips rather than wait for the . Truthfully, the "63rd st" line should have been built at 61st St with a connection at Lex/59th but obviously that ship has more than sailed.
  8. Do you think once the CBTC work is done on Queens Blvd the MTA will consider adding a second weekend local like the or even
  9. Thank you for your response! I'm glad you like the majority of it, and let me answer your points: to Bay Parkway: I don't mind this at all. If the cars are there for it then I say why not. I just thought there wouldn't be much interest from West End riders due to the already providing express service. to 57th St-6th Ave: I'm totally good with having the run to 57th-6th Av full time instead of the . I just wanted riders from Cypress Hill/Eastern Bushwick to have better Manhattan options. / Express/Local swap on Queens Blvd: I do understand your points about merges, but one thing to consider is that the current makes the same three merges as my proposed between 47-50 Rock Ctr and Queens Plaza. The does have the to contend with but then again the has a flat junction @ Myrtle Ave so all in all it's a wash. Yes, this does create another "Mega Local" line ala / / but if run properly it might not be such a poop show. The bigger issue is that the mixture preserves the same balance on the QB Express the current does today. My fear is doing a through 53rd St will undo all the efforts made at easing congestion at Lex/53rd + 5th/53rd. Alot of folks might take the first that slides in at Roosevelt rather than grab the right behind it due to it getting them to 6th Ave. Unless a QB Local is willing to be cut to say 10 TPH so the 53rd St can go 20 TPH I think it's a precarious situation. All in all, I like my setup for Queens Blvd, but thank you for your feedback
  10. My thoughts on untangling Broadway while helping improve Queens Blvd Local service (Which I admittedly have a personal stake in): 96st-2nd Ave to Coney Island via the Broadway Exp + Manhattan Bridge -> 4th Ave Express -> Sea Beach 179st-Hillside to Coney Island via Queens Blvd Exp -> 63rd St -> Broadway Exp + Manhattan Bridge -> Brighton Same route, no late night service Astoria-Ditmars to 9th Ave, Brooklyn via Broadway Local + Lower Manhattan, late nights runs to 95th-Bay Ridge to replace 71st-Continential to Coney Island via Queens Blvd Local -> 53rd Street -> 6th Ave Local -> Culver No changes Extended to 57st/6th Ave all times via 6th Ave Local To Broad St, Manhattan All times So Broadway looks like this: Express Local with zero merges Queens Blvd looks like this: Express Local This will give the Queens Blvd local two major trunk lines at all times (late nights run local) which IMHO is needed. An additional benefit is the is extended up 6th Ave all times giving more of Brooklyn full time Manhattan access.
  11. We don't know Gates, Musk or Bezos personally but I do know their billions in philaphropy will do far more good than I ever will. As far as slavery and a race to the bottom is concerned, that's the job of local and national governments to build social safety nets to ensure we have the infastructure and systems in place to make sure people don't fall through the cracks. I'm not a "Tea Party" type who thinks people should just sink or swim but we should have fully functioning healthcare, education, social services systems to help individuals. The difference is that I also know that Capitalism has built far more prosperity and personal freedom than any "planned" system ever will. All of those European welfare states everyone gushes about are Capitalist as well. Sweden has twice as many billionaires per capita as America. Despite what the DSA set will tell you, the means of production are either going to be in private hands or centrally controlled. Saying one is "Socialist" and singing the praises of France and Scandinavia is a cop out. They're both Capitalist countries that happen to have strong welfare nets. You either believe in private enterprise or you don't. You either believe in private property or you don't. I don't see the wisdom in signing over one's freedom to a central authority that will tell you were to live, what to own or what to do. It's never worked out well. The MTA is as centrally planned as an org can be with no profit motive, yet judging by the workers who post here it doesn't sound like the utopia of fairness one would expect.
  12. Violent crime has and sadly will always occur on NYCT, but this isn't just a robbery here or stabbing there. A violent crime increase of 25% against the backdrop of less than half the amount of regular ridership is going to make people genuinely feel that their odds of being victimized much greater. Second, at it's core it's like a kid coming home with a C versus getting an F. Sure, it's better and if I was a parent I would see it as such, but is it good? It's mediocre. Plus, as humans we compare things to what we know. I could use crime stats from the 1920s or 1940s but honestly they're of zero relevance. A good chuck of this message board was not born in 1985 which includes yours truly, so to us things are truly "worse".
  13. ....Which *is* the common good. The frank truth is that most people are trying to advance themselves and theirs, which I don't judge them for. Capitalism is a vehicle to channel our innate self interest into productive achievement. Capitalism, long story short, is individual people making individual choices regarding their economic future. If "Capitalism" is racist, greedy, oppressive, exclusionary or unfair that's because people are. The same people so many fundamentally believe are going to somehow create this perfectly planned system in which no one has to work hard, nothing is ever unfair and nothing bad happens.
  14. In all fairness, I can't tell you how many times I've seen 4-5 cops chatting away or on their phones in a big group in a mezzanine somewhere while the trains and platforms are easy pickings. There does need to be a serious discussion about professionalism when it comes to patrolling.
  15. The NYC Subway in the 1970s and 1980s should not be used as a benchmark to say "Things are not bad". That's like saying because less people die of TB or Cholera now than in 1900 we shouldn't take public health seriously. Another thing to consider is that the NYC subway was a perfectly clean, respectable means of mass transit from it's inception to about 1970 when the wheels came off. What people like VG8 are saying is that the conditions of the 70s and 80s didn't happen overnight. It was a year by year increase in disorder and violence thru the 1950s and 1960s that culminated in the "The Warriors" style system that it became by 75' or so. If we don't get a handle on things now, we can't be smugly assured things won't slide back down. Even during Guiliani I remember the windows being unusable due to scratchiti. It took the TA a long time and a lot of work to get the system back to what it has been during the late 90s thru mid 2010s.

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