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  1. Here's my brain fart for a Tuesday evening: After Manhattan Ave, have the cross into Manhattan and run down 34th st to Hudson Yards, w/ stops @ Park/Madison Avs (), Herald Sq(), Penn Station ( ) and then Hudson Yards. Not only is 34th primed for a crosstown subway, but the amount of pressure this will take off the is tremendous.
  2. My idea is for a Fifth Ave subway: The 2 tracks over the Willamsburg Bridge and the other 2 from Nassau St Line form a 4 track line going up First Ave starting at Delancey. There will be a stop at 8th St/1st Ave to serve the Tompkins Sq area. Then the line turns west down 15th st and has a stop at Union Sq for Connections to the . The line then continues down 15th St until turning up 5th Ave with these stops: 23rd St (connect to M23 SBS ) 34th St (Connect to M34 SBS) 42st (Connect to ) 50st (Connect to ) 58st (Connect to ) Lex/63rd (Connect to ) The line then splits: The 2 tracks from Nassau go into the 63rd St Tunnel and down the existing QB Express. The 2 Tracks from the Willy B go up 2nd Ave to 125th St/Lex. Service pattern becomes as follows: 125th/Lex to Jamaica Center all times via 2nd Ave, 5th Ave, Williamsburg Bridge, Broadway-Brooklyn, Jamaica Line. 179st-Hillside to Bay Ridge all times via QB Bypass, 63rd St, 5th Ave, Nassau St-Montague, 4th Ave Local. Half of all trains turn at Broad St Manhattan. Myrtle Ave to Metropolitan Ave all times. Upper level restored at Myrtle for shuttle operation. Also two more things: run under new tracks under 64th st with a new stop at 64th/2nd to connect to the . Then the run up express tracks under the SAS to 3rd Ave/138St in The Bronx where they run under 3rd Ave and Webster Ave to Gun Hill. The runs under a new line along 52nd St with stops at 5th and Lex Avs then into Queens under 45th rd and Jackson Ave with stops at Court Sq and Queens Plaza. The and trains run into the new Queens Bypass under the LIRR with stops at Woodside ( ), Grand Ave, 63rd Drive, 71st Ave, Union Turnpike and Hillside/Queens Blvd (Transfer to ) where it continues down Hillside Ave to 179th St. The existing QB line has the running express to Jamaica Center and the taking over local service from Forest Hills.
  3. In a world where the Utica Ave line exists, then yes I see the MTA running 3 services into Brooklyn overnight.
  4. The MTA will never do such a thing. It's a nice thought, but budget realities means that if the both go to the same places then only one will suffice overnights (and weekends for that matter, hence Lex's point). The MTA will continue to run only the and into Brooklyn overnight as long as there are only two branches to serve. As far was weekends are concerned, the current pattern is already the best and pretty generous to boot seeing as the MTA could try to get away w/ having the go local after Franklin and take over New Lots.
  5. I'm not sure how the would mess w/ the seeing as the doesn't. The both would clear Rogers w/o even touching the path of the
  6. Sending the 3 to Flatbush *would* kill the chance of off peak service, since now the pretty much run the same route. The best of both worlds is to leave both the and alone and run the to Utica. Some s will be extended to New Lots to balance the load.
  7. To be fair, this sounds like the issue is trusting the MTA to maintain proper IRT service into Brooklyn in off peak hours. From my vantage point, if the MTA was going to cut the to a peak only line it would have done so by now. If the MTA could be bowed to have the overnight what makes you think they can get away with cutting it from Brooklyn? I think wither the Utica Ave line gets built or not, the sweet spot for off-peak Brooklyn IRT service has been found in the current pattern. I'd love to see the run to BK full time but that probably won't happen.
  8. TBH, having Nostrand riders transfer @ Franklin isn't the end of the world. If the issue is Central Brooklyn riders wanting trains then shouldn't the name of the game be putting in operational patterns designed to make that happen?
  9. This might be the wrong place to post this but: Doesn't the B32 and B62 preform the same function as this "Williamsburg Link"?
  10. Knowing the MTA, they'd try to get away with having the be the sole Utica line with service staying the same. The probably would go 24/7 to Brooklyn.
  11. Maybe there is something I'm missing here, but in my mind the solution to Rogers has always been this: Local to Flatbush (18tph) Local to New Lots (12tph) Express to Utica (12tph), Express to New Lots (6tph) Express to Utica (12tph) In terms of terminal capacity, New Lots and Flatbush both turn out 18tph, while Utica turns out 24tph. I don't know if Utica can handle this amount, but in the end I think this represents a nice mix with none of the three Brooklyn terminals getting overloaded and both the Nostrand and New Lots branches getting 18tph. In terms of service across the IRT, this boosts service along WPR/South Bronx and gives a nice service boost to the Jerome Ave line to help a very densely populated section of the Bronx. The still serves it's purpose as a Harlem/UWS relief line and gives it a reason to exist 7 days a week as the main New Lots service. In the future, if the Utica Ave line gets built, I would send both the and there full time since one of the Lex trains would need to take the brunt of the transfers @ Utica/EP and Franklin Av. A 4-track 179st-style terminal can be built @ KP to allow for maximum turnaround throughput. Edit: I'll keep the express in The Bronx
  12. Speaking of a 50th St Crosstown: The should be relocated to a two-level two track/island platform tunnel under 50th st which would give it 4 tracks. The line would turn up 1st Ave then cross the river @ 59th st. The north side of QBP will be rebuilt and two express tracks will be build on top of the existing el. After 111st, the line will follow the current Corona Yard approaches and stop at a new Willets Pt station overtop the current Shea LIRR. The line then follows the LIRR into Flushing with a two level terminus overtop the Flushing LIRR stop. The current alignment through LIC and 42nd st will be given to the Astoria line to become it's own self contained line called the (8).
  13. The most immediate solutions would be a Q66 SBS that goes into Manhattan along 5th/Madison Aves along with making the PW branch cost the same as a subway ride w/ Metrocard access. Other solutions in the near term involve bus redesign such as combining the Q33 into the Q32 and making it SBS as well as extending the Q60 deeper into Manhattan to draw Sunnyside riders. What gets me is your quote: NOT more subway proposals To me, that sounds like we as a city have given up on the idea of ever expanding the subway system. If that's the case, then we're just putting band aids on bullet holes because NY will just keep growing and the subway will just keep breaking down.
  14. I think you can get away with having the be the QB Express if you build the connection between 63/Lex and 59/Lex. That allows the to be the QB Local and the to run 30tph to Astoria as the sole Broadway Local ( sent to SAS) should become full time CPW express to 207th with non-weekday service going to Prospect Park. are the CPW/8th locals from 168th.

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