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  1. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably black. you will be going to the shoe store during the first week. You will be doing a lot of walking before you get to the shoe store. When you go get your boots wear heavy socks. One of the many lessons I've learned in my time as a bus and train operator is wool socks are your best friend. Train cabs are cold in the winter and hot in the summer wool is the best thing for keeping your feet warm and dry in the winter and dry in the summer. Good luck to all the guys coming in. It's overwhelming at first; but you will fall in to the flow. There are all types of personalities and this is especially true with Schoolcar TSS's. You are now in a paramilitary organization respect the title and bear in mind you don't know anything. Be on time ( in transit on time is 20 minutes early) and study everyday.
  2. Does anybody have the B division IVR (automated) phone number? I'm an idiot and left my phone in Astoria.
  3. Thank you for for proving my point. In fact The AARP isn't that powerful in the realm of Public Transport at all. In fact the AARP loathes the idea of public transport. They much rathar Grandma and Grandpa ride around in their 1996 Grand Marquis at 22 mph in the 60 lane than take the b6 limited or local. So Keep Calm and Carry on your self my friend. I haven't denigrated anybody. So Keep calm and carry on yourself my friend. If the AARP disagrees i give Mods and The OP my full permission to aceess my email address.
  4. If there was B6 Limited service West of Coney Island Avenue It would make the geezers day. It would provide months of indignation and shakily written letters to editors and city councilman in at least 5 languages.
  5. Locals an limited always run nose to tail during rush hour. They should make limited service west of CIA you can short at Bath or Cropsey avenues. The Geezers in Bensonhurst will complain no matter what it's their favorite way to pass time. Adding west bound limited would give them something new and interesting to complain about.
  6. List #944 cleared medical yesterday I'll be in the June 24th Class hope to see you guys there.
  7. He should go, they'll drugtest him and give him his 21 page booklet and before he goes back for his medical and final processing he should go and get the rest of his documents.Tell him to get there super early, the sooner you get in the sooner you get in regards to the drug test. If he gets out early enough he can pop on down to Borough hall and get his Birth Certificate. They have my HS diploma on file from my bus operator application it didn't matter they still want it when I go down on the 14th.
  8. I had all of them except my HS diploma.When they called me yesterday for my medical they were pretty insistent on me bringing or I would be hung up until I brought it in. If he hasn't gone down for his drug test he should go and get his Diploma ASAP or at least raised seal letter or affidavit from the Board of Education stating that he graduated. He can get his birth certificate same day from his borough hall.
  9. List #944 I was callled For Medical and Final Processing on Tue May 14th. I'm sceduled for the June 24th Class.
  10. Tell them about it give estimates of the dates. It won't hold you back if you disclose it; it could get you fired if you don't disclose it.
  11. List 84x got the letter to report to 180 Livingston Street for pre interview and medical examination on April 18th.Having done this as a Bus Op. I'm asssuming it's the included paper work and a drug screen and not the full tilt medical and audiometric test that the letter natters on about. If anybody has any additional info please let me know.Thank all and good luck.
  12. m66 (manhattan 66th street crosstown) all rts busses the only bus that can fit under the Transom.
  13. Bicycle slower than a ca,r faster and less crowded than the subway.
  14. Ulmer Park Should be called The ICP depot and its sticker should be a dead Juggalo.
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