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  1. Someone got the font wrong. Taken at Trenton Transit Center 3/22/11
  2. Will be a odd day when I watch a Northeast Regional go by with no Amfleet on it, or not pulled by a HHP-8 or AEM-7. Would most consider the HHP-8's a complete bomb? They only have a few of them but they always seem to be asscioated with mechanical problems and only recently finally got them to be pretty reliable.
  3. When in gods name did they start wrapping Amfleet cars? Jesus that is ugly looking.
  4. Hey styckx, check out MTR Admiralty and SevenEleven's new Manhattan Express Forum: http://manhattanexpressforums.netii.net/forums.

  5. How (besides the tags) did the overall paint job on that hold up better then #603? It actually has some gloss to it still while #603 is faded to heck. Shame still. One of the worst designed engines is probably more popular in retirement then when it was active. I bet this thing would have killed if electric freight operations succeeded
  6. #860 never sported PRR keystones. (as far as I know, maybe in the late 60s, early 70s?). It's accurate as displayed I think, this thing is most known as an Amtrak EMU
  7. I've seen it a lot as I tend to visit there at least twice a summer. It never amazes me this thing was doing 80mph. The GG1 is bigger but, it at least seems designed for those speeds. I'd like to see to it at least cosmetically restored but I'm sure it will be awhile as there are more important things sitting in that yard that deserve it more. Side note and slightly off topic. For those who care, GG1 #4935 is back indoors and on display again. (Was in the shop in July)
  8. No, it's definitely electric. Close up of the pantos and resistors. The pantos seem like they're just sitting there on woodblocks though. I'm stumped.
  9. God only knows how long it's been there and I never saw it. Snapped this at the Pennsylvania RailRoad museum. Looked out the window of the employee doors along the back and saw this thing. I had to do a double take to see if they were really pantographs, but indeed they are. They must reach REALLY high. Anyway, anyone know any history behind this little electric?
  10. Took a trip to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum today, figured I'd share the pics of the Metroliner and GE-E60 I took while out. Old #603 is starting to show some serious signs of weathering Enjoy!
  11. It's time for the Arrow III's to go. Hellva design and build but sadly the ridership demands, and the comfort those riders are also demanding just don't match up to what they offer. I hope they find a secondary life as it's more then obvious they are built like a brick **** house. Even if scaled down to just a un-powered passenger car.
  12. On an unrelated note. The more and more I see and ride Alp-46 lead trains the bigger fan I become of them. I hope Amtrak is smart enough to replace the AEM-7's with them. They are fantastic and reliable engines.
  13. Got this shot today passing her while on riverLINE. Shooting from a moving train with bad windows doesn't make for good photos
  14. Good to know. That's why I post stuff on two sites. I'm bound to get to an answer as to what these moves are about. Wish I had more time to know and learn specifics but meh! That's what you guys are for.
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