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  1. Meatspin.com is much funnier.
  2. Everything is organic, it had to come from something. The organic vegetables are twice as much and last half as long. Usually trader joes and whole foods groups = smug yuppie douches
  3. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28332
  4. I prefer this version of the NWO. Lay off the crack, it kills brain cells.
  5. Aqueduct


    I got one better, go look at the BME Pain Olympics video. One man one jar if you want the same reaction with your ass.
  6. So, are you going to go around writing up summonses? http://queenscrap.blogspot.com/2011/02/bloomberg-forgets-he-pushed-for-smoking.html
  7. I have had enough of reading this nanny state bullsh*t. How about we start banning other vices and hobbies for the benefit of the public. I know let's go after photography in the subway system, I bet terrorists own cameras and know how to point and shoot. How about everyone mind their own f*cking business.
  8. There should a be a national holiday called "punch a weather forecaster in the face day". No set day either, have it random with a lottery-like drawing every January 1st.
  9. I just got a sneak peak at new MTA advertising posters, it seemed relevant to this subject:
  10. Every line has savages. What the hell do you expect on these lines? People passing grey poupon.
  11. A while back I saw some kids throw around the N-word very loosely. It was as if the were 19th century slaveholders. When I was growing up, if you threw that word around you would get your ass kicked pretty well.
  12. Not everything is epic: http://thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=epic
  13. If I have to fly and go through this I am going to sport wood going through the checkpoint to mess with the people doing it, they certainly will spend less time on me then. Also, making strange arousal sounds will ensure a speedy process too.
  14. And here I thought it would be Ftrain admitting he is a pathetic foamer troll or his passion for fudge packing.
  15. Bloomberg is a piece of shit, it is nice how he villanizes smokers yet the revenue from cigarette taxes help keep NYC afloat.
  16. I was working on sixth avenue on the same street as the SNY studio and not once did I see a bicyclist stop for a red traffic light. Also the pedocabs are retarded they cost four to five times what a cab would and slow down traffic and yes I know they are spelled pedicabs, some of those hipshits look like they fall under megan's law standards though. Thumbtacks even the score up nicely with the cyclists too.
  17. Automated trains never sounded like a good idea, also wouldn't homeless people who live in subway cars be considered foamers. They spend endless hours in subway cars and have about the same smell as an average foamer.
  18. Train 2 idiots 0, now only if trains and vampires had something in common to thin out the herd of twilight fans.
  19. Biff Tannen's casino with an accompanying hall of fame would be awesome to visit.
  20. Har har har, I love how people make a big deal out of the rats in the system. Most of the putzes who use those jokes live in Ohio, they should come up with new material anyway. The homeless turning stations and cars into theur personal condos makes for better jokes. Washington DC and Baltimore suck as well. Putting up a maximum security prison wall around that area would solve a lot of problems at once.
  21. Adding a surcharge in the name of curbing litter is bull, people pollute it's a fact of life. The NY subway stations will always look like crap, they are homeless condos for f***s sake. Why the hell shoud I have to shoulder the cost of a failing system everytime I change out my faded ass card for a fresh one? This is complete bulls***. The MTA should be happy I don't beat the fare and that should be the end of it.
  22. Darwinism at its finest, I guess this one didn't learn to look both ways before crossing.
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