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  1. Also an R32 at Coney and a R46 at 5 Av-53rd back in the 90s.
  2. R160 at Hoyt during testing in 2005 R42 Local in 2012 R40 Slants on the in 2009 R40 Slant via West End Express in 2005 R42 via Jamaica Express from Marcy-Broadway Jct in 2011 R32 with Pre-1988 rollsigns with twisting knobs in 2009 R62 via Express from 96 St to 145 St in 2016 TOMC on the in 2004 R62A in 2002 signed up as a Diamond express from 3 Av-149 St to 174 St in 2002 to 3 Av-149 St in 2016 R62A on the in 2000 via 7 Av in 2015 TOMC on the in 2016
  3. R32s

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Are you sure, because I was definitely informed that 6 car R32/42's were not allowed on the by a post that DJHammers (I think) posted sometime back.
  4. R32s

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I believe that R32's and R42's are banned from the because of OPTO.
  5. R32s

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I don't believe sending select trains to 96 St-2 Av is a good idea. I believe during Rush Hours in the peak direction when the is the only line serving busy Concourse line stations, removing trains from its 7-9 minute average headway would cause awkward 14-18 minute gaps in service and for the Concourse line, that is a no-no.
  6. NVM I guess it works on my phone and not my mac...
  7. Am I the only one who can't figure out how to make this work???
  8. There is still two (2)'s listed under B'way 7 Av Line >.< !
  9. R32s

    R68 Rollsign Question

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the help. I never knew existed before the updated R68A roll signs.
  10. Very nicely put together. Just very minor errors. When you list trunk lines, you listed 7th Av-Broadway as the and lines instead of and the Nassau St section, you listed as Nassau St Local & as Nassau St Express. Technically Nassau St has no Express service, but for a limited time during AM and PM rush hours and trains operate skip-stop express together in Brooklyn-Queens. P.S. Idk why the MTA refers to the (J)/(Z) lines as Nassau St Express when in reality they're Local. The only time where I can remember Nassau St having an express was when & trains bypassed Bowery for no real reason back in the day. Anyways, I enjoyed the page, very well put together except for the minor errors. Good Job!
  11. I specifically remember as a child when R68/A's ran on the the R68's always displayed and R68A's always displayed . So I stumbled upon an image where an R68 or R68A is displaying the with the correct trunk line color. Were R68/68A roll signs updated in the 1990's, because I can tell by the font that the rollsign was printed before the 2001 changes. Credit: nycsubway.org Odd (ironically) Rollsign Typical (ironically) Rollsign
  12. R32s

    10 years ago today 7/2

    Awesome, very nostalgic! I love videos like this.
  13. R32s

    Seven years ago today

    Growing up watching the Slants rule the and was pretty awesome back in the day. Fond memories.
  14. I wasn't referencing the Shuttle, I was referencing to Rockaway Park/Lefferts Proposals...


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