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  1. Maybe this was a mistake, but a day after this was announced, I was on an F train that skipped it toward Manhattan but when I was heading home in the evening it stopped there. There was an inaudible announcement and a 2 minute pause before opening the doors. If the stairs are closed off how did the people who got off there leave the station? :confused:
  2. Lately it has gotten better, they seemed to have added a few Ocean Parkway and 25 Ave trips . Maybe they still do return back to the depot or wherever they go, but they just decided to pick up passengers instead of letting a gigantic crowd build up. I hope it stays like this.
  3. I once on an F train yesterday that was in Carol Street for 30 minutes because of a track fire are Church Ave, then when things got moving again they announced 7th ave will be the last time. He didn't announce if another train will arrive afterward any time soon, and the train stood at 7th ave for 5 minutes before driving off. I was thinking how could it go forward if he just said there's a track fire :confused:. People had already left the station, including me, so I asked for a bus transfer and whether another train will come and the guy at the booth didn't know and was generally quite slow...He gave a few people some blue bus pass which the bus driver didn't even want to accept :confused:. As I left I heard a Coney Island bound F train show up. He wouldn't let me back in the station without paying another fare . I took the B61 to the B68 all the way to Neptune.
  4. They did not go constantly out of service 6 months ago, this started in the beginning of the year. Though it would make sense if they go out of service to start somewhere else along the street so people could get on without having to board an overcrowded bus, but I don't think this is what they do.
  5. It happens around 1:00. I know going on break or deadheading or whatever is common. But when a crowd spanning the entire street builds up, it would be nice if they could take us to at least 25 Avenue or Ocean Parkway, and then head to wherever they need to go. The B49 is there too, it doesn't go Out of Service as often.
  6. At the very last stop on the B1 at Manhattan Beach, there are literally hundreds of college students waiting for the bus to come, and it does! The problem is, every single bus goes out of service after dropping off passengers. I would understand if its 1 or 2 but sometimes it can reach up to 7 out of service B1s. I think its kind of stupid that they do this, because they really do send enough buses but they ALL just go out of service! Before they would at least terminate at Ocean Parkway or 25 AVE, but now its just nothing. Why did they start doing this?
  7. Can they do something about the drivers who read their Kindle/newspapers in between red lights.
  8. A little bit off topic but... I was waiting for the B4 to go and see Harry Potter, and I arrived to the bus stop at around 3:40. The schedule said one comes at 3:50, so I waited and it didn't come. The next one was supposed to come 4:05 and it still didn't come, the next one was the 4:20 one...and it didn't arrive. The one that finally arrived was around 4:35 and it was crowded. I missed half the movie B).
  9. Ok, yes, don't open the doors, I understand. I don't get why this thread got bumped though because I think everyone got their point across and I don't feel like arguing about anything.
  10. I cant get to the movies without the B4 unless I take the B36 to the B44 . The stops for the B4 don't make sense either, they labeled a lot of them wrong, and covered a few up with service announcements, it looks sloppy. B1 to 4th ave made my life easier actually, but now there are large crowds on Bay Ridge where the old B64 used to stop, and people constantly arguing about the new B1. The bus drivers also spend way more time idling then the B64 drivers do, they also go out of service A LOT and drive away. One driver was like "Why didn't you get on the one that just passed!?"...but it went out of service :confused:. Plus the driver always has to explain where the bus is going, it just wastes time. There is no schedule or map for the B1, it still says the B64 and bus drivers often still use the signage "B1 via 13 Ave", AND they mislabeled a bus stop, across the street where the SI buses stop and the B16, they put a stop for the B64...and it never even traveled there prior to all the cuts.
  11. What did they do to the b4 B). How is the B36 supposed to get me to the Sheepshead Bay movie theater on Knapp street?
  12. Well I don't know if this is the right bus, but it was nice while it lasted :confused:.
  13. We opened the doors by pulling them outward, it was cold and we wanted to sit down already and be on our way home and naturally we saw no problem in that if other passengers already took a seat. Yes, maybe it was not a good idea to open the doors ourselves. But I don't think it warranted kicking us out especially AFTER we put in our metro cards, and just us, not the other passengers that entered.
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