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  1. Once hired as train operator, am i eligible for health insurance immediately or is there a waiting period for new employees
  2. Thanks, Big Guy! Took the TO exam today as a Plan B...lot more GO's, situational scenarios and math than the last one, which was basically a glorified reading-comprehension test. Maybe 'cause they combined the OCs and promos in this one instead of separate exams. Looks like another 15,000 this time around. DCAS is buying Blackberries for all their managers on the money they made with this one....
  3. Hi! Currently in pre-emp for T/O. Will they start a class in June/ July? Is it twice a year or what?
  4. Hi! I'm a Postal clerk who plans to retire upon successful completion of pre-emp for TO. Once I start I'm leaving federal service for NYCRS service. Anyone gone down this road before? What are the guidelines for dual employment (PO and MTA). Retiring is a process that takes weeks and I can't tell Transit to "hold my job until the retirement papers are processed". Do I take annual leave or is there some other set procedure I'm not yet aware of? Please advise. And thanks!
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