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  1. Cool assortment and great Express action????
  2. Welcome to the Family when you come aboard ,Please remember folks this is a life changing career ,Your weekends -Holidays...well party days will be on hold for a minute ok . I'll be 1 to warn you all on this ,Drive slow ,Stay observant for everything around you and use EXTREME CAUTION. Godspeed and good luck.
  3. I'll take the pay cut...anything to have you stfu and be ungreatful.
  4. Why yes my Italian brotha....you want me to find another way for you hmmm jump off the God damn roof and do us all a favor. Your worse then a nagging wife I swear...nagg Wahh Wahh...youd sound like Charlie Brown's f n teacher on crack . Either appreciate your Travels Via Public transportation or stfu Via Jabroni(Drops Mic
  5. FINALLLYYYY....KR ....has come backk...To put jabroni in his place . It seems like your assets need some more nails pal ,Don't know about you but you really need to drop the Lifestyles of the BXM1 Beverly hills life already . Get a car and shut your hole already about the ride on public transportation. Why don't you put credit ,Where credit is due .If it wasn't for us your ass would be riding dollar vans ....lol I'm sure youd find something to complain about that too....but they'll set you straight to A Gwonn. Nice comment dude????
  6. Thats all i see by our CNG tanks ,Is a row of loaners(Bastads won't give any XD or RTS s but they seem to be roaming with us for awhile now . Also the Q25 still doesn't have any College point 5 ave service ...still ends at 14ave due to snow .
  7. When they pull up your record ,They'll see everything they need to know ...so just be honest with them IF ...they ask.Good luck
  8. Never gets boring seeing Vintage 68s on The Brighton line .Nice snow preview
  9. Its been awhile since I've seen the goods on the M60 . Great pic and the snow is a plus ,Brings me back when i used to take this everyday .
  10. Just saying wuzzupp and seeing how things are...Thanks peeps...Glad you like some of KR's Library ...CS...Headnod young man.....
  11. Vintage is always A Treat .....That first one made me remember my very young days going to my Aunts house 86 BK....Great choices
  12. Wooooooooooooooo

    1. 46Dover


      To be the man, you gotta beat The Man

  13. You need the Passenger endorsement too , You'll be fine just follow the steps and good luck ...p.s. ...Thank God you won't need a B.A. degree to become 1 of us lol
  14. .....I'd wish you'd ...SHUT ...THE HELL UPPPP. This isn't burger king jabroni, You can't have it YOUR WAY. If anything your way is mad ....The public would have such a shortage of Bus Ops that it'll be a total cluster f**k. You seem to have a Lotta pent up feelings bra. ..Go get laid or take you hand and relieve yourself ...please ...Your methods are ludicrous, Instead of being nice to the ones that get you home safely every night (From point A-B)You instead try to come up with ways to make a job that's ALREADY hard enough .What's in that Pierre water your drinking cause it ain't common sense , I think you've been told a thing or too from a bus op and you figure hmmmm ...If they we're more educated , I might get over on this , Well son sorry to report , We're of a breed that will be respected(NEW OR SENIOR)And if your dumb ignorant ass gets it ....you need us no matter what ,WHY. ...cause your to much of a broke ass wanna be to get your own vehicle , I have 3 ...you have zilch. ...Don't hate , WORK HARD AND YOU GET THINGS IN LIFE. ...But bashing us (New or Old )will not help your stupid little fan club .....which probably has like 1 or 2 members. ...you quarter pounder and checkmate champ ...bunch of Mary's ...Now our members already have made it clear ....GET OVER IT AND PEACE CC CC. ....I'm KR and I approve of this message and I also approve on how Our brotherhood of Bus ops that do an impossible job but still get pricks home like this douch. ...Since way back when .....(Glass shatters. ...STONE COLD
  15. I don't know jabroni, Seems like your No.1 Donkey in this ...To the members that understand, I thank you .Some good replies I'm reading so keep up the good work ....cuz you may need a Masters degree to Log in on here next time .
  16. FINALLYYYYY. ...KR ...has come back ...to shut that wanna be gambino crime family italian imposter. ....OKKKK first off you can take your thoughts on having a B.A. with you when you take a big hunk of BS in the toilet , God your annoying you know that .To obtain or aquire a job here you MUST have a high school Education ....I went to LaGuardia CC so (screeech tires)don't go there with me . Our job you couldn't do even if the Mayor of Riverdale begged you to do , It's stressful to the extreme with having the know how of Operating a Bus(which we have what is called a CDL)..A license that already is challenging to get .I seriously want you to become part of our team so I can see you go run home crying because of the knowledge and stress of being one of us .I'm seriously suspecting you was dropped at birth cuz your such a piece oof annoying wife shit that I just and need to layeth with a Chinese wok. ...Leave us Ops alone and stay to what you know best , That's being a AHole ..I quote that ok buddy. ...And since I'm Italian like you ....no I'm not being racist just real , There is a difference. Now go walk your poodles and shop at whole foods cuz all your doing is being a prick on assuming to be a Politician.......I'm KR and I approve of this message
  17. Ha haa haaa. ..Merry New year. ...CS ..show the one with my Sharkeisha hadooken
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