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  1. Dislike Obama how much you want, but calling him a socialist is nothing more than a pure ad hominem with no purpose but to instill pointless, irrational fear. Thank you.

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    2. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      * hispanics notion.... It's all bullshit...


      with that said, romney is no more of a so-called devil than obama is.... all politicians are god damn crooks one way or another & are only out for their self-image....


    3. MHV9218


      ^ Eh, I like to play the anti-establishment man myself, but sometimes it just becomes an issue of whether or not it hurts your country if you don't vote, and this an election where people really, really gotta vote. Romney/Ryan gets in office, that's gonna be a bad scene.

    4. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      except I'm not playing.

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