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  1. I'm for it citywide, not just the Staten Island express system. Adding a fare turns what should be a right to all New Yorkers into a privilege. Millions of people depend on the system to get to and fro work. Public transportation is a public good and should be treated as such.
  2. My reaction lines up with Konst, Esha, Lizanne Hinkle, and Rev. Schmitz. The MTA has some serious balls scapegoating the poor for rising its fare to $3 (which will only worsen the fare-beating). How about the MTA and Cuomo put some real introspection and blame their corrupt asses for not investing in their service and letting the transportation quality crumble. Oh, wait, if that happened, then that means Albany's committed to cleaning up their act. To counter @shiznit1987, a bigger fix would be for be this for the government: 1. quit blaming the poor and (wishful thinking, I know) fix Albany 2. eliminate the fares altogether 3. put congestion pricing into law 4. not view the MTA from a pro-profit, capitalist perspective 5. close corporate/real estate tax loopholes and use those taxes to invest in our transportation
  3. With Tish James successfully elected to become NY Attorney General, coming January, her former spot — NYC Public Advocate — will open up, resulting in a special election to take place at an unknown date. For those who don't know, this fairly-new position was created to advocate for the public, an outside check and balance on the Mayor in favor of the public, namely those underrepresented. Additionally, they're in charge of the NYC media division and are first-in-line to the Mayor. Several candidates will likely line up for this, and you can find many examples here. Two of them are: Jumaane Williams — who I voted for in the September primary — announced his intention to run for it on Twitter. Bet that much of his progressive policies will be among his platform. Another not seen on much news is Nomiki Konst, a fiery, card-carrying Democratic Socialist. In her interviews on The Intercept and The Jimmy Dore Show, she has two platform positions (aside from typical progressive ones): free subways and a $30/hour minimum wage. She's also very outspoken of the dilapidated public houses along with the corruption from within, so I expect it to be included, too. So, are you going to follow the race? If so, who'd you like to be NYC PA?
  4. I can't stand Cuomo, enthusiastically voted for Nixon in the primary, and would've voted for Hawkins if not for one poll I read yesterday. But the latest poll was too close (from +22 down to +13) and now trailing among independents. Cuomo is corrupt as hell, but at least can be baited to the left. Molinaro is even more to Cuomo's right, is a Trump puppet in a party full of them, and would be a bigger enemy to progress than he. Voted for Cuomo, Tish James, Gillibrand, the entire Democratic ticket, as well as the three questions.
  5. The fact that Jeff Bezos collects tens of billions of dollars for himself, yet has Amazon warehouses built on taxpayer money/tax breaks and forces his employees to live on food stamps is outright evil.


  6. I have to agree with him. @MysteriousBtrain, your fantasy map looks like it was compressed to either a JPG or PNG (a pixel file) before being saved as a PDF. I recommend saving your vector file as a PDF and not compress it.
  7. The responses in this thread (and the NYPost's blatant anti-LGBTQ+ slant to it) prove exactly why this change is needed. Nonbinary people exist, and they deserve recognition and respect. The MTA's action is small, but it makes sense and goes a long way, especially now that we live under Trump's bigoted, anti-LGBTQ+ administration.
  8. No shock to see De Blasio beat Malliotakis tonight.

    (I voted for BDB, too. :D)

  9. When the Chargers have to tarp part of a 27,000-seat soccer stadium, it's clear LA wants nothing to do w/ 'em!

  10. >tfw America actually needed to have a televised health care debate to determine whether 20+ million people should die or not. f**king hell…

  11. Bliss would be a fine addition to the Powerpuff Girl cast had the story and her not be clogged by AA stereotypes and be treated like a token.

  12. The Indians's 22-game winning streak (the longest in AL history) snaps tonight. What an incredible run. Three weeks without a loss, including an 11-0 road trip and two doubleheader sweeps. This streak was marked by dominant pitching and great hitting. Savor it, everyone; we're never gonna see this again.

    1. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      Yeah... now we'll watch them go one & done in the playoffs....

  13. "SJW" = lame political ad hominem to attack anything remotely related to social justice nowadays. *eyeroll*

  14. Protip: Use a source from Breitbart/Klan News to support your argument, your opinion's automatically invalid.

  15. The Unite the Right rally is a Neo-Nazi, KKK, white-supremacist rally to suppress everyone other than the racist, Christian-based cult-right. Heather Hayer and Harris are victims of terrorist attacks by this cult. These terrorists are at the same level as al-Qaida and ISIS. Anyone who claims this to be hyperbole is delusional.

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    2. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      That's what makes America great. We've become a country that focuses too much on attacking "the other" on both sides.

    3. RTS CNG Command

      RTS CNG Command

      There's absolutely a difference between the alt-right rallies and counter-protests. The Unite the Right and other white supremacist rallies are designed INTENTIONALLY to oppress minorities, people of color, the LGBT, religious minorities, and many others. The counter-protestors were victims of terrorist attacks; they were completely in the right.

    4. RTS CNG Command

      RTS CNG Command

      [ on that Trump is right. ]

      Trump is objectively wrong, and you, Via, are objectively wrong by sucking up to this racist. The "both sides" schlock is a major false equivalence that whitewashes the Charlottesville terror attacks and supports the neo-Nazis' causes. The Unite the Right rally was menacing, threatening, and called for the death of racial, sexual, and religious minorities.

  16. Obamacare lives another day. Repeal fails, 49-51. Now time to move forward to single-payer, Medicare-for-All system.

    1. BreeddekalbL


      i would do it if it were in the position to basically do what Israel did

  17. http://theweek.com/articles/712747/somebody-primary-andrew-cuomo <--- Hopefully, someone from the (progressive) left will primary Cuomo.
  18. So far, I feel like the only one who feels the transit fares should be lowered AND restructured across the board and that the fare-beating law should be greatly reduced, completely revamped so it doesn't penalize the working class and poor, or abolished.

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    2. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      ...won't get caught, and then it repeats itself. Old habits die hard. If you genuinely don't have enough, that's understandable.


      BTW, even people who are poor try to do this as well on the bus (just pay a few cents or even a dollar short of the fare, and then tell the B/O). Eventually, some B/O's catch on and warn the person. Sometimes they won't even let them on.


    3. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      People need to get their priorities in check. The problem is that people's priorities are with things they can hardly afford. And when it involves things they can afford(bus/train fare, food, ect), they wanna act broke.

    4. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      lol... There's a white guy that does this. Would try to get the express bus without paying. Even asked me for a dip. Looked at him like he was crazy. I now see him taking the local bus. Likely trying the same crap. The B/O's on the express don't allow it, so he has no choice but to try the local. Surely he has the money but why pay if you can get on for free? That's the way folks do things these days... Let someone else pay for your expenses.

  19. The more delays in the subway and more lip service, the more Cuomo exposes himself as a neoliberal, corporatist tool.

  20. Actually, no, he doesn't, and you linking a article by a global warming denier with a history of lying kills your point. His statement about China implicates that China will increase emissions. From the HuffPo I linked above:
  21. I said it many times in other places, and I'll say it here. Global warming is an international crisis factually bigger and more impactful than terrorism and may be directly tied to it due to the crisis drying up resources. Coal's dying. Several states banned fracking for causing earthquakes and polluting our drinking water. After all, how the hell can we actually create long-term, high-quality jobs if we don't have a healthy planet to live on? We don't have a Planet B. Anyone who thinks global warming is a hoax truly doesn't give a shit about our nation's security and should be DISQUALIFIED from ANY level of political office. Like his entire administration, Trump is completely afraid of the truth; he spewed a bunch of lies and used bullshit studies to back himself up. Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord despite over two dozen major corporations and many major cabinet members (e.g., Tillerson) urging Trump to stay in completely shows how he genuinely doesn't give a shit about our nation's and planet's survival.
  22. Fan banned from Fenway for life for hurling a racial slur at another fan yesterday. Good!

    1. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      Heard about that on the radio this morning... These racists have gotten bold/overt since the Trump regime....


      I used to abhor the red sux (Yankee rivalry)... Now I'm indifferent (the rivalry is more or less dead)... But what I will say is, that's a good look for the organization....

    2. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      ...although I do believe those recent incident(s) b/w the red sox & the orioles triggered that banning somewhat, but w/e....

  23. When you barely campaign in one battleground state and not campaign AT ALL in another following the primary, you deserve to lose the election. This was one of the Clinton campaign's biggest mistakes during the election battle against Trump.

  24. Really boneheaded decision by De Blasio. Woodhaven is a traffic nightmare. To have a Select will only make it worse. (And to implicate that SBS and Vision Zero are interconnected? Really?) And from the article itself: … … … Seriously? Bus stops in Woodhaven's median? That's a major accident waiting to happen!
  25. And today, Don T. Care is withdrawn. Good!

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