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  1. No, Far Rock, you're not alone. I saw 8611 on the M20 a few months ago at Penn Station and took shots of it. I think I still have the pictures. As for 8531, I was wondering were it was. The last time I saw it, it had a "126th Street Depot" sticker two months ago.
  2. I haven't been to one yet, but if my schedule doesn't conflict, I may go, too. It'd be nice to see some old buses again. :3
  3. Very nice shots! *thumbs up* Love the shots of the RTS, 1173, and the old Q65A sign. (I'm curious why there are still Q65A signs when it's relabeled to the Q64.)
  4. And it was unique. Very nice photos, Rider. Love the orange LED signs on the bus. ^^ Also, to the trainfan22, love the catch of the new MCI.
  5. I heard about this rule when I first joined, but the forum does allow photos at 1024x768 photos now. Here's the thread explaining the updated photography rule: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=121268#post121268 As for the "duplicates," it's just me and the angling of the camera that way, but all the photos are genuine. I like to try to take more than one photo from the same angle because my hands twitch a lot when I hold the camera, and the resulting shot can get out of focus sometimes. So I always take another one as a backup if I can. Thanks for the advice and warning, though, and I'm glad you like the photos. 8477 does look good. And it sounded good, too, if I remember correctly. As for the depot, I'd like to hear it.
  6. And here's the final batch of photos. None of them have the 8565, but there are some older RTSs in here. - And I'll give you some bonus pics, too. That's it! It's been a wonderful ride, but it must come to an end. I hope you enjoy viewing my pics as much as I did when I took the pictures. See you soon!
  7. Thanks for the compliments. Now we move on to the second-to-last batch of the 90-plus photos from yesterday. This concludes the photos of NYCT's 8565, but I have one last batch remaining.
  8. Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you like my photos. And, yeah, I remember the silver Alcoa wheels, too. I first saw them on the RTS 8600s, and they continued until 1999 when MTA returned to their usual wheels, whatever they're called. The 8600s and 8567 also introduced their new LED signs, which have an interesting and expanded font that was first seen in 1990 on the 8000s...one that I've been trying to identify for years. But as for photos, I'm not done yet! Here are more! Even more to come!
  9. To Kawasaki, I don't know the condition of this bus. The last time I saw it, the back didn't have any crack. It must've been recent. Anyway, here are more photos of the bus, this time from 41st street.
  10. I like 8565 for a lot of reasons, one of them being that this bus is the first one to have the tailpipe exiting the top of the roof. The 1990 8000-8398 RTSs and 1993 8401-8564 RTSs are repowers. I also like this bus for having characteristics of the former PBLs and CNGs, as this bus is the only one now on the NYCT roster to have the double-rear vents. The other NYCT RTSs have one rear vent. 8565's pair, 8566, has been retired. But I'm nowhere near done with the photos. There are many more to go. The next two photos are 1999 Novas on the M42. I'll be back with more 8565 photos very soon. ^^
  11. A while ago on the Straphangers Campaign forum, I located the elusive 8565 and took a picture of it. Yesterday, as I walked through Times Square to explore the new closed-down streets and the rerouted buses, I located the same bus! I took it to the last stop and took DOZENS of photos of the bus, the majority of them from different angles. Because I took so many and because they're quite large (1028 x 768), I'll upload anywhere between ten to fifteen pictures per post. Here they are: More to come very soon.
  12. Basically, the Orions, 1990-1999 RTS, and RTS CNGs with the 1994-2003 green LED signs; and the MCIs with their respective orange LED signs.
  13. Hello, everyone! My name is RTS CNG Command, a big bus fan. My most favorite buses are the TMC RTSs (particularly ones from the private lines), RTS CNGs (i.e, NYCT's 8567), and the Novas. I've also had an interest in the typography on the buses, too, primarily those from the 1994 RTSs and 1993 Orions onward. (What is that font, anyway? *scratches head*) I also LOVE trains and used to take pictures of the Metro North Railroad when I was younger. I'm not active in this department anymore, but I hope to catch up on that this summer. For nearly a year, after viewing pictures on this site and Straphangers, I've taken up bus photography and, much to the chagrin of the drivers, have actively taken pictures of them since. I hope to upload pictures of NYCT's 8565 and the QM23 soon. I hope I'll be welcomed here. Until then, see ya around!
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