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  1. hey (L) you know that guy i told you about via the PM and to GC/C79? I saw him today at 59th on the IRT WPR-Lexington line(Figure that out lol), i get off walk to the south end from the front and the doors clost.. He stares at me like an a$$ with the same cloth he weared last week..oI thought he was following me on the same train o_O.. Tho no.. Guy looked mad so i gave him a look to shut him up.. I rly dont care he aint gonna stop me from going to take pics future rapps over at GCT.. Most t/a workers need a chill pill i swear!


    Anyways i see your stuck with a Shuttle bus from Utica to Jay.. So if u headin to manhattan .. you going via (S) Bus or ENY trains?

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