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  1. Thanks man! And well said (y)
  2. One from Sunday 10/26/2014 for the NYC Subway's 110th Anniversary Commemoration.
  3. This kid was so annoying. He would always harass me and my aunt for money and he never paid his fare. Looks like the likes of him won't be seen for a very long time.
  4. So yesterday, I relived my childhood.
  5. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. They were egging him on in the videos but the minute he damaged a car or hit someone, then what? It's sad he had a cult following in the first place.... Damn that's crazy.
  6. I know !!! Don't worry, I'll try to contribute regularly from now on.
  7. The bus that he picked up at the ferry terminal was a spare bus that sit in the stands in case a run needs to be covered. Crazy.
  8. What a day! Started my birthday off (I turned 22!) with and Orion 5 on the S74 at 6:30 in the morning and then remained in Staten Island until 11:00. Took the M15 Select to 42nd Street and searched for a vintage bus on the M42. I caught GM Old Look 9098 and rode it for a trip and a half. Went to Queens to see if any Orion 5 CNGs were running, but unfortunately I did not see any. Went back to Staten Island via LIRR and the X17J, met up with some friends at the mall and caught my driver friend on the S61 (he had a hybrid, ugh! Totally killed the day lol). Then I finally ended the day with 6276 on the S53 and took the trains home. So yeah, today was a good day as well as a good birthday. (y) So am I ! Happy birthday man.
  9. If you're lucky, that happens in Staten Island from time to time. There was an MCI and a Prevost on the S89 Limited on Monday during the a.m. rush. I caught an MCI on the S78 two weeks ago doing a school tripper to Tottenville High School and over the summer I caught a Prevost on the S62 and an MCI on the S89.
  10. I would have to say most likely. If the mechanics don't put some things back correctly there is definitely room for mishap which could cause something like this to happen.
  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Poor 5...oh well, another one bites the dust.... So how many buses have we lost to fire damage this year? I know two RTS' went up in smoke earlier this year. And yeah this was an engine fire the funny thing is I saw this bus yesterday in the S57. Now it's gone. Damn.
  12. As you get older, you realize that popularity is no longer as important as you thought it would be. The smaller the circle of close friends you have that you know for certain will be there for you and can do the same in return (without even expecting it), the better. Less drama, less BS. Two of which I don't need. @Around the Horn, power to you for standing that girl up. Normally I would be like "wtf you choosing a train over a girl for?", but in that case, it's justified.
  13. So I had a score to settle on Facebook yesterday...I'll give a run-down of what happened: My Instagram consists mostly of transit-related pictures. However, I do upload other photos of stuff such as sunrises/sunsets, random things in the street, and so on. Plenty of my pictures are shared on Facebook. One of my friends has the nerve to ask me "If I'm in love with trains"...then she has the nerve to come out of her face when I address people's behavior towards me and my hobby in a status I made telling others if they have a problem with my pictures, then just delete me off Facebook and unfollow me on Instagram. I don't need the headache of people downing me and my work just because it's unusual to see photos of trains and buses. These people are acting like they've never seen or rode a bus or train in their life before. I don't look down on others' hobbies or interests, so why look down on mine? The way I see it, I consider my transit photography as an art form, and I take my work very seriously. People tell me every day my pictures are awesome, no matter what they are. So I think I do a damn good job when it comes to my work. My status got 50+ hits because I defended myself and my work. I'm not going to be put down by a whole bunch of ignorant f***tards who'd rather "turn up" or "get lit" every day in the week. Do something productive with your life. And before you criticize someone else, check yourself and see if what you are doing is any better than what anyone else is doing. Does anyone else think I was wrong to back myself up? It's one thing to be criticized, but if you're going to talk out of your ass and spew out a blatant disrespectful comment then I'm not just going to stand there with my tail in between my legs...I'm going to address it in the best way that I see fit!
  14. Then who's in charge then? I mean someone has to be responsible to make sure their buses make corresponding stops so no one is left without service. I wonder if this is a case of the MTA just pointing the finger at someone else. Your reason given leads me to that conclusion. It is impossible to not know about what's affecting your own agency's service.
  15. That's ridiculous...the one time I do remember the MTA keeping passengers posted about detours was during the various snowstorms we've had back in 2010 and 2011 that blocked off side streets that buses use...so basically when some bus routes couldn't run at all, so to speak. If it's something sudden that just happened and the MTA has to figure out what to do to get the buses around the mess the quickest way possible, that's understandable to an extent. But this even was planned well ahead of time, there should be no reason buses should be getting stuck because no precise information is being given. I'm going to put the blame on Department of Buses for this one. The drivers and dispatchers are not at fault. DOB should be in charge of being aware of street closures so buses don't get caught in a mess like what happened today. Hopefully it's the last time this happens.
  16. What a day. Because of the half-marathon along Bay Street, a lot of buses were detoured and all the buses that serve Saint George had their terminal changed to Saint Marks Place and Victory Boulevard. Around 11:00, I along with a friend of mine witnessed two buses trying to roll on to the temporary pick up stand along Victory Boulevard get stuck along a tiny street...the reason being was drivers thought they could roll on via Jersey Street > Crescent Street > Westervelt Avenue > Hamilton Avenue > Saint Marks Place > Victory Boulevard. Problem was Hamilton Avenue was closed and the drivers struggled to find a way to get to the temporary stand. The two buses ended up getting stuck along Carroll Place, a tiny two-way street which ended at Saint Marks Place. They couldn't turn left on Saint Marks Place to Richmond Terrace because Richmond Terrace was closed. They couldn't turn right because it was a one-way street. The only solution: go backwards. My friend and I ended up helping both the drivers back their buses up along the tiny street back to Westervelt and even helping them make reverse turns to go back the opposite direction along Westervelt. In a nutshell, my friend and I saved the say. If I'm not mistaken, Department of Buses is responsible for planning detours and communicating with the city in order to find out about street closures, correct? Is it safe to say that they failed this time around? This is the first time I've ever seen Staten Island service affected due to an event and I'm sure it's bound to happen again next month when the ING Marathon takes place.
  17. Rode 7063 on the S79 Select yesterday morning. Otherwise yesterday at Bus Fest was great. I left at 4:30, however...I didn't feel lol waiting around for the buses to leave. Fortunately, I heard that was a disaster, so I probably didn't miss much at all.
  18. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the new firmware update!
  19. Rode 9448 on the S59 today. Apparently there are holding some RTS' on the weekends and running them too, as this is the first weekend this has happened.
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