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  1. Due to multiple 6xxx's being removed from service from Staten Island as a result of deferred maintenance, RTS buses are making a return to Staten Island for the rest of the summer until they get their Orion 5s back. Five buses were sent from Ulmer Park to Yukon for p.m. service, and ran exclusively on the S89 Limited. After p.m. rush hour service was over, the buses went back to Ulmer Park. This pattern is likely to continue, as I don't know if they'll have the buses just stay at Yukon rather than send them back and forth. The buses that were sent yesterday were 5090, 5098, 9408, 9416, 9616 and 9614. The buses running today are 5077, 5101, 5110, 9400 and 9410. Shifting will not occur on weekends. Happy hunting.
  2. And another thing I've been noticing is the borrowing of Charleston buses for use on Yukon lines on weekends. I guess they don't want to run express buses on local routes anymore.
  3. Hybrid buses past 40 MPH are prone to kill the BAE system in the bus. Part of the reason why MTA Bus wants to convert their Orion 7s (both originals and Next Gens) to diesel. NYCT should follow suit to be honest.
  4. I see them at Utica Avenue from time to time. One walked up to me while I was making a transaction at the machine and I pretended like I didn't see or hear him because I had my headphones in my ears.
  5. Rode 9836 on the Q19 and 9889 on the Q65 and Q25 LTD yesterday, and rode 9836 again on the Q19 and 9905 on the Q100 LTD today. And I have some good news for the Orion 5 CNG fans on the site: I spoke to a College Point driver who said he spoke to a superintendent at the depot and they're going to try to keep the remaining 5s that they have for as long as they can. This means that they may hold onto them for the rest of the summer, maybe for the rest of the year. But they're only five left, so good luck if you go hunting for one! Hopefully Jackie Gleason will hold on to their seven 1999/2000 New Flyer C40LFs that they have for a little longer too.
  6. I rode the last northbound from Bay Ridge to Whitehall Street and the last southbound from Whitehall Street to Jay Street. At Jay Street I witnessed the last train leaving the station heading to Coney Island.
  7. Eh, I wouldn't go that far in saying this grievance should last any longer than it has to, but with the reopening of the tunnels next year, hopefully train service sees some improvement in terms of frequency somewhat.
  8. So I caught three Orion 5 CNGs in a row today: 9849 on the Q19, 9899 on the Q39 going to Ridgewood, and 9836 on the Q39 going back to Long Island City. (y) Looks like July ended well for me. I'll post a photo thread sometime before the week is over, I haven't posted photos in a long time. The RTS' wheelchair lift are the back steps collapsing and folding to form the lift. For the Orion 5s the lift forms the first step and goes under the bus. (Ex-Bee Line Orions are in the front, MTA and ex-PBL Orions are in the back). The New Flyer D60HF's wheelchair lift is in front of the bus as well, and goes under the bus too.
  9. So anyways, I spotted 983 on the B16 heading to Prospect Park yesterday morning around 7:30. I had to go to work so I took a quick photo before getting on the S93. I'm going to Queens later this afternoon for some Orion 5 CNG action. There's a handful left and I figured I'd close the month of July by letting my ears listen to some sound effects (lol). Anyone know where I can go? Are they still running on LaGuardia lines?
  10. 7007 was on the S44/94 yesterday. I caught it at Victory/Richmond going to the mall as an S94 Limited then rode it back from Yukon to Saint George as an S44 and it went OOS there. Good ride in my opinion, but my friend who was driving the bus wasn't a fan of them so much.
  11. 2404 and 2405 were on the S62 this past Saturday. An MCI was in the S79 Monday and another on the S57 on Tuesday. Yeah I'm a little late with this, but I haven't had the time on my hands to post as much as I used to.
  12. I honestly don't even believe all these conspiracy theories. Yes it's interesting but crazy a.f. as to how they even come up with the info.
  13. I probably just missed whatever happened because I was on the S79 this afternoon at 5:45 from Yukon/Richmond to Brooklyn. Looks like I dodged something huge then.
  14. 6300 was transferred to Queens this weekend :-( Such BS.
  15. Surprised no one posted this at all...the last set of R40 Slants made their run on the Line on Friday, June 12th, 2009 before being taken out of service at Far Rockaway - Mott Avenue at 9:30 in the evening.
  16. Guess who graduated from college today !!!
  17. Apparently 6298 got a rear-end paint job, but now it sports the impact-font numbers and a horrendous and rather huge MTA logo as well. If I see it again I'll take a picture. I think the rule is that no standees are allowed on express buses via New Jersey. I've seen people stand on express buses other than the NJ routes, but aren't too happy.
  18. I agree, it would minimize the flooding but not eliminate the fact the station is shoddily built in the first place.
  19. Thanks for sharing these. I'm always interested in seeing the old Staten Island. Keep posting more, please!
  20. Xcelsior Artics on the S79? EW EW EW EW EW !!!
  21. Well the only reason that stop is even there is because there's no X28. I don't think the MTA plans to add weekend service on the X28 anytime soon so it's an alternative for riders who want to go to Bensonhurst and they can just transfer to the B1 or walk to the B16. It may not be a one-seat ride but you can't always get everything you want.
  22. LMAO! That helps I guess. I don't mind the hills that meander (a lot of turns), but if a hill is way too steep, it'll take a while to get used to before I'm comfortable with it. Yesterday was my first time skating down the Williamsburg Bridge since last summer and I slowed myself down so many times. You should have seen me, dragging my foot constantly along the pavement so I wouldn't go too fast. Thankfully I never had to bail off my board, like jump and run off onto a patch of grass or dirt to soften the impact if I should fall. But I guess I should prepare myself in case that does happen. I also might go to Jersey and skateboard over the George Washington Bridge. If I have enough time, I may even skate from the GWB to the Bayonne Bridge. But that will be one hell of a trek though.
  23. Yeah, I was waiting for an train yesterday. The clock said the train was two minutes away, but 30 seconds later the train came.
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