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  1. Oh ok, sorry. This is my first time posting in this thread.
  2. Since no one posted in 3 hours can I go? If so here it is: I am a Brooklyn/Queens route, I used to run under an el until service cuts, and I still run above and near the LIRR. What route am I?
  3. 3624 is at FRD I think, saw it on the Q22 last thursday, still had LGA stickers on it.
  4. Sorry for the wait, your requests are done :cool:

  5. I apologize that I misread you post, I do hope you described what you described afterwards, I believe most of the posters on the thread get removed from conversation. But it does seem to be a valid point, so FRD does not take good care of the O7's is what you mean right? Well, if that's the case, the O5's should go there, FRD could ruin the already old busses that could be scrapped someday in the near future, :P. But FRD management should take care of the busses, and if they don't they need to get a shakeup from the (MTA), :P...

  6. To choose your avatar, click your screen name above in the right corner. This will take you to your profile. Click customize profile and choose edit avatar.

  7. oh whats up 2 av

  8. Hello RockPark(H). I am also from Far Rockaway.

  9. hey (2) where do u get your avatar, mine doesnt work

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