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  1. They made the right call. Coney island yard flooded. Weschester yard flooded. Lenox flooded. It made it easier to get things up and running with out having to do reroutes or deal with passengers. By the way employees still had to come to work sat, sun and mon.
  2. They might not hire you because they would not be able to use you for revenue service. They already have tons of high bp train ops and conductors on the platforms.
  3. i am just happy to say ive operated a train older than my parents!:cool:
  4. there are a few places where a bottom green is a diverge.
  5. that 42 was not in service. it was a school car doing road ops. they keep people in the middle and last car to make sure noone climbs on. i'm sure people also saw the 160 that has been going to bedford park on a weekly basis.
  6. i would like to know 1 have you ever been in a derailment? 2 if you have not then how do you know how it feels? i know you probably want to hype your thread but come on. i can see more threads popping up titled " alert my train went bie, it felt like a 12/9" meanwhile the train just dumped in a terminal.
  7. You are correct. I just finished reading the first draft of the report. I had a tss print it out.
  8. the only reason why the miles are high is because when a dispatcher is supposed to lay up a train 9 times out of 10 it would be a 46 or 68. leaving the 160s running day and night. so in order to not void the warrenty they are running the old shit and laying up the 160s after the rush hour. no conspiracies going on. it just boils down to money, low miles company fix it free. high miles mta pays to fix it. as far as i know rci's only clean the trains internals. they are not really allowed to do any repairs because that would also void the warrenty.
  9. Well keep a eye out because they have been sending a 160 test train from 207 to the rockaways on a weekly basis.
  10. what about the AK's, red circle K's, the yellow no key by or the red no key by? what happened to the train order signals. its not overly hard but if you dont understand what the signal does its going to get you in trouble.
  11. not really. a dead motor will roll and most of the time you wont know you have a dead motor. unless you see you are not getting enough propulsion ie the train maxes out at 25mph. or when you dont have any dynamic braking and its a long hard friction brake into the station.
  12. i heard today from a very good source that the 32s are going to replace the 42s on the after they get a overhaul. i think the 42s days are numbered. also the may be getting some 160s soon. they have been testing them on the line and there have been no problems so far.
  13. what the mta tells the public and what really happens are 2 very different storys. lately there have been a lot of problems getting 160s to add back up. when the weather gets hot and humid the computers on the tech trains crap out. now dont get it wrong i love the 160s. but they are not the perfect train the mta says they are.
  14. what proof do you have that they are falling apart? your opinion does not count as proof. i have drilled those trains at 207yd and the barn stays on top of them. i operate those trains at least twice a week and they handle fine. the tech trains break down more than the 32s. while they do need a new fleet the fact is they are going broke. if its cheaper to maintain the 32s and keep your fare the same rather than raise the fare and buy new trains what would most people prefer.
  15. what the hell are you talking about? that red light comes on when the friction brake is being applied. the train bucks when you take power and the brakes have not fully released.

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