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  1. i worked midnights on the 6 for 3 years and things like that happen all the time. it just does not make the news. also as a conductor on the 6 i can tell you the 142a does nothave a feature that remotely locks the stormdoors. i have seen people do the stupidest things on and around trains. for example leaning over the platform to see if the train is coming. first of all that does not make the train come faster, also trains run in both directions so you could get hit from behind. last year around christmas time a woman leaned over at 14st and got hit in the head by a 6 that pulled in. she got knocked back across the platform. blood every where and a train operator with nightmares. people need to use common sense. because it seems to be lacking with the majority of the riding public.
  2. its not about speed its just about moving more people. they could care less if its slow and you suffer.
  3. well if you think thats bad the new signals are being wired in on the dyre line during the past 2 weekend GO's. ATS will soon see the dark territory. its going to get to a point where you are going to have to operate according to rule no matter what. but F it let them pay late clears no lunch's every day.
  4. Here's a heads up to all the operators on the 4/5 lines. i am a flagger and have been flagging for contractors that are installing station timers on 2 and 3 track from 86 to 59 streets. this is a test program that in ta's view would have trains running closer together. IF it works they are going to wire up the express tracks with station timers from 86 to brooklyn bridge. which will make the lex the slowest express tracks in the system.
  5. i actually know and have worked with the train operator that was involved. and i can also say she is going to have a hard time at labor relations because she was arrested in uniform about 2 years ago for shoplifting at target. i think the lawyer just wanted his 15 mins. the child was the conductors son. and i know a lot of conductors that bring their children to work because they have no other choice. its either bring them or lose money.
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