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  1. lets see why the is so dirty lately, the mta decided to take the cleaners out of pelham bay on the midnight tour and send them to the yard. so the same dirty trains run all night into the am rush. when i worked midights at pelham i would see the cleaners sweep and mop at least 2-3 cars each before the train left again. also i saw on the news people complaining about all the garbage and food on the trains, but yet they are the same people putting the trash there.
  2. get ready for turnstyle cavity searchs and platform body scanners.
  3. i saw a lot of s/a's at 248 coming in as cleaners. they were happy to be off of unemployment. i talked to a lot of them and they said a lot of the people that were laid off wont get hired back because ta is using their sick and disciplinary records as reasons not to hire them back.
  4. there should be a class of 10 this month. i think they are starting next week or the week after. also that class is going to the irt. after that i think they are looking for 80 more and then they may slow down on hiring. i'm not a 100% sure on the future numbers but i am pretty sure about this months class of ten.
  5. That would only work in non safety sensitive positions.
  6. Well this isnt nypd now is it? There you go putting out false info again.
  7. hi harry, im the forum idiot and want you to protect my stupidity like the good liberal you are. go away donald.
  8. well i was a conductor in the irt, i flagged in the irt,ind and bmt. now that im a student train operator in the B div i am starting to enjoy it. today i took a R46-R train from jamaca yard to euclid on the C and back. then i got to relay it back for it to go in service at 71st. so while i miss the irt and the comfort of working close to home i am liking the bmt/ind.
  9. congrats. my buddy got called also. he is number 2 on the list. but he was not sure he wanted it.
  10. you will probably be the first part time conductor. that way people can laugh at you while you pay 2.25 to get into a terminal to sign in. mta will have you work 4 hours a day so you can make a rush hour trip, and you will be happy to take it so you can make your "conductor" father proud.
  11. i dont know what model they will be but ta is being "encouraged" to no longer order 75 foot cars. 1 reason is they cant go everywhere, there are many areas that a 75 footer will bang up the tunnel and itself. 2 they are being told from outside sources that in the event of a emergency the locked doors pose evacuation problems. (remember the D at rockerfeller).
  12. i hope this helps. but i heard today that the days of the 75footers are numbered. the reason being is the ind/bmt will eventually go all 60 foot cars for security reasons. this was told to me by several school car tss's today in class conversation.
  13. i just left the A div. i'm in B-div school car for train op. my buddy is number 2 on the tss list. ill find out if he was called.
  14. thanks for removing my post harry. top notch job.
  15. put them all on a island. they will survive its not like they are not used to living outside. the homeless are like roaches, the only things able to survive nuclear fallout.
  16. thats because you dont stand up for yourself rookie. just kidding. just tell the t/d you are taking a comfort. i never go in and out. i take at least a 20 min comfort.
  17. they should have them sweep up a little bit in between the times the cleaner comes through the station that way they can stay awake by moving around and the stations will stay clean.
  18. who cares if they put garbage on the train. if you could see the things i see on a nightly basis then the bags would not be a problem. i see people shooting up, jerking off, pissing, crapping, hurling, leaking from giant open sores and many other biohazards, all calling a subway car bed for the night.
  19. nope back to his regular picked job. i was flagging at a station one night and i woke up the sleeping agent and told him to be careful and he got mad that i woke him up. so i let it be and for the rest of the night he just slept in the booth with people walking by looking while complaining there is no service at the station.
  20. everyone slacks off no matter what job they have but its a horror to see a mta worker doing what they just finished doing. if i took a picture of everyone slacking off at their jobs and posted it on a site all hell would break loose. god forbid a retail worker get caught on the phone instead of helping a customer.
  21. donald aka the forum village idiot.
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