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  1. I did not ask because it does not affect me but at least it shows movement on the lists. I did see they are looking for lots of bus drivers. That room was full of people.
  2. Well i was at 180 livingston st today and i saw many off the street people getting hired for b/o. I believe they were from 2 tests. One was test 502 something and the other was 800 something. I also talked to a s/a coming to c/r on a promotion. Plus i saw bus drivers that were called back from layoff for nyct and mabstoa. I spoke to a guy on a medical for t/o promotion and his number is 157. Hope this is good news for anyone.
  3. the numbers are going up because the amount of ridership has grown a lot through out the years. now its always more around the holiday season or on the midnight tour on the weekends.
  4. i heard the way she was caught was because people that paid her got laid off and they wanted their money back. this is just rumor but it sounds possible.
  5. i know because i set up the flagging north of the station. since no one saw him on the platform, some are wondering if he wandered down the G O track from 23st.
  6. it was a 12/9. a 80 year old man with a walker wandered into a void area behind the platform, then stepped out in front of a train. he was clipped but was taken from the station alive. now if he made it to the hospital i dont know. if not for the flagging set up to slow trains for the G.O. he probably would have been in a million pieces.
  7. you got flagmen making over a 100k with overtime. i hit 70k working very little ot. my buddy who stays at all the jobs made 80k. so it does not matter what title you work in, its how strong your drive is to make money.
  8. that is wrong. the last person hired was 113. a few of them used to flag. this is a very slow moving list because a lot of people have been preparing for it. by saving sick time, getting a high test score and not getting into any labor relation issues.
  9. tell that to the people that were in tier 1. they sold out real quick. then the next group and so on. thats how it works. so when the time comes i will vote yes for 30/62 for new hires. i'm sure they will sweeten the deal so that we vote yes.
  10. strike for what? the unborn? we got f'ed for that before. you guys will have to fight that battle if and when you work here.
  11. if nyc split from ny state the state would go broke. but the city would do well since all the money generated would stay there. plus they can put a commuter tax on people living outside the city that work here.
  12. like i said before be careful who you vote for. remember his father was not transit friendly so why would he be.
  13. it can and may happen. with doors in place you can run opto and get rid of conductors. just think of all the pensions mta can get rid of.
  14. plus you have 415 construction flaggers which are also conductors.
  15. the reason behind that is to keep us from becoming a railroad and the protection federal railroad rules offer.
  16. the c/r is in charge of the train. the problem is a lot of t/o's like to bully the c/r and make them feel like they have no power. but let that t/o f up and all of a sudden he's your best friend and looking for you to back him up.
  17. very true. thats why if it were to be tried and found to work well enough to cause a massive die off then they can just keep rebaiting it at regular intervals. now we will never get rid of all of them but if we can bring the population of rats down by 25-50% that would be a major victory.
  18. i saw a show once on the history chanel about the rats in nyc and the show stated that the way new york was designed in the grid pattern is the perfect rat habitat because rats move in straight lines. i forget the name of the show but it was interesting. my solution is since the poison does not work feed them something that would make them sterile. that way they since they cant breed they just die out.
  19. traffic agents dont write tickets anymore. they have that scanner and printer straped to their legs. they got that to so people cant beat tickets that were not properly filled out. now they just scan your registration sticker. it sucks but its a job. and i'm sure the people that have that job are happy to have it instead of no job at all.
  20. whats happening is the rat population is exploding and they are looking for food everywhere. the worst is when i am on the tracks and i have to stop and hold the garbage train. stand too close and the rats might jump off the train on you.
  21. he is actually making decisions that many of the chiefs before him refused to make or just pushed aside. i think he's doing a good job. i got to meet him and speak with him and he is a nice guy. he is just dealing with the mess the state and past chiefs left him.
  22. all this just because you gave a list update.
  23. no problem. she will give her a call. as for messo he's angry because he wants to work here so bad and knows he'll never get hired. oh well. dont sweat the small fries.
  24. since you have nothing useful to say you figure you might as well **** ride.
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