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  1. Oh Matthew! Lol just saw your page. Message me on facebook

  2. Hey whats up. Sorry for the late reply

  3. It's perfectly fine. I'm patient with things like these as I know they take time and you guys have a life outside of doing this. What you guys do is great and I appreciate it. The buses look awesome and keep up the great work! :tup:

  4. Ok cool :) I can't wait to see the great piece of art you come out with this time!

  5. Oh ok take your time. I was just wondering if you got it that's all. Thanks again :tup:

  6. Hey whats up. Just wondering if that new R160 was released yet.

  7. Just wondering if you got that OpenBVE message I sent. For some reason it doesn't show in my sent box.

  8. Edit:Wrong Post

  9. Definitly going to Stamford tommorow at about 4 then going to GCT and back to White Plains.

  10. Yeah, I know buddy. My mom took my laptop away and said I needed a break :( So im stuck to using my phone, which gets annoying to use after a while. I should have my laptop soon though and I will most likely be going MNRR railfanning this weekend.

  11. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go railranning tomorrow because my mom just told me I have to stay home and watch my little brother for the day. I was dissapointed to hear this but I will definitly go next weekend, if I dont go sunday. I hope you can understand. P.S. I was very interested in meeting you and I hope I do so soon...

  12. Hey what's up St Louis Car. I was just letting you know that I will most likely be taking the I-Bus to Stamford tomorrow to takes some pics and vids with my phone. So if you wanted to stop by Ill probably be there like around 3 and stay a couple of hours.

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