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  1. And they don't actually care about bus riders because they aren't bus riders. Plus, actually "doing something" about bad service (i.e. solving a problem) would deprive them of a problem to complain about later.
  2. Paul Vallone has never seen the inside of a bus that wasn't owned by his family's school bus company (Vallo). The others probably haven't ridden buses in decades.
  3. Don't count on North Shore Towers management ever allowing local buses onto its property.
  4. Even with overlap, the resulting routes would be shorter and more reliable.
  5. Some north-south Manhattan routes have one-way running times of two hours or more (long enough to the MetroCard transfer). I imagine some of those will be split in two.
  6. Much of the response I'm seeing takes the form of... "This one idea is bad for me, therefore the whole plan is a complete failure and must be completely rejected without further consideration."
  7. The MTA is already the most audited agency in the whole state, so demanding another audit is a bit disingenuous. Plus, the politicians who loudly demand audits never discuss one key finding: how much the MTA has to spend on audits. State law actually requires fare and toll increases every two years. It was part of the 2010 "bailout" passed by the same state legislators who now complain that the MTA is actually complying with their law.
  8. The civil liberties people will argue that the MTA has no legal right to close off the back door because, even though the act of fare evasion is illegal, the physical ability to evade the fare is a Constitutionally protected right. (They argued the same thing when the MetroCard turnstiles were first installed.)
  9. I saw them, too. It would be nice if those brochures were also distributed on the buses.
  10. I just noticed a nice typo on the overall local map. Willets Point Blvd (QT48) is shown as "West Point"!
  11. My worry is that buses will get bogged down on Astoria Blvd and never get to Whitestone.
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