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  1. Q26: This actually replicates the original historic Q27 path (ended at Springfield/Horace Harding). Q27: This closely follows the original historic Q26 path along Hollis Court Blvd through to Jamaica Avenue and ending at Queens Village. (That was before the Clearview Expressway was built.) Q66: You're effectively going back to before 1989, when all Q66 service ended at 51st Street.
  2. How many politicians and "advocates" will oppose this plan (at least privately) on the grounds that it might deprive them of complaint/campaign material? (The advocacy groups actually opposed the first Capital Program in 1981-1982 because they feared it might put them out of business.)
  3. It could follow the Q27 to 48th/Bell, and then turn north on Bell. Or it could use Springfield, 56th, Cloverdale, 223rd, Northern, Bell. Rochdale is the major population center of southeast Queens. If you want people to ride this new route, bring the new route to the people.
  4. If the Q27 were to be split into two routes, I would want the "Springfield Crosstown" part to serve QCC, Bayside LIRR, and Bay Terrace at the north end, and Rochdale Village at the south end.
  5. How does this bode for the Manhattan redesign, especially the long north-south routes whose one-way running times are longer than the MetroCard transfer period?
  6. The last eastbound trip is due there at 7:40. Maybe it was running late. https://sct-bus.org/schedules/s66.pdf
  7. That was the old Q5AS Laurelton Shuttle. It ran from 229/Merrick and 147th Avenue/Huxley. They killed it in December 1988 when Archer Avenue opened.
  8. Because they're the only ones Cuomo cares about.
  9. Nobody has to pay 2 fares. Just stay on the Q36 directly to the subway. No. The third leg had to be the subway. I totally agree, which is why I take every opportunity to state my suggestion to scrap all transfers in favor of a time-based pass. Just dip/tap/swipe once and you have your run of the whole "base" system (local bus, subway, S.I. Railway) for the defined amount of time (e.g. Denver RTD allows 3 hours for its "cash pass"). The "risk" of round-tripping would be a very small price to pay for the public perception of enhancing mobility.
  10. Does Grand Avenue not have enough articulated buses? Or are some drivers simply refusing to drive them (while still getting the $2/hour premium to do so)?
  11. Do you suppose that riders are avoiding the Q36 just because it isn't a stand-alone route?
  12. The only way to do that would be to split everything 1-to-1. With higher ridership levels on D than on A, a 1-to-1 split means either over-serving the A branch or under-serving the D branch.
  13. That's because the Staten Island maintainers refused to touch buses on straight time. Management had to pay overtime to get any maintenance done.
  14. Each individual section (south and east of 14th & A) is actually longer than the common portion along 14th, so it might make sense to treat each as its own route.

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