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  1. Gotham Bus Co.

    staten island local bus study?

    The promise of "Fast Forward" is to redesign the whole bus network on borough at a time. That would have to include Staten Island local routes.
  2. Gotham Bus Co.

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    Individual bus operators don't make such decisions. If it's in the pick, then it's definite; otherwise, it's just speculation.
  3. Gotham Bus Co.

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    Was that superintendent the one who made or signed off on the schedule?
  4. "...leaves NYC...?" Staten Island has been part of New York City for the past 120 years (since 1898). It's time for people to finally accept that and get on with their lives.
  5. Gotham Bus Co.

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Here's a better idea... Wait for the bus network redesign to reach Queens, then go to the meetings and present your ideas there.
  6. Dedicated maintenance teams for the fare machines. That's because the City actually owns the MTA Bus Company as well as all of the subway infrastructure.
  7. Or maybe every bus route should operate 24/7.
  8. Gotham Bus Co.

    Bx40/Bx42 SBS

    Is it better to use a "wrong" bus type or to drop the trip?
  9. Gotham Bus Co.

    Breaking News: Will M'ville Depot be forced closed?

    The best drivers will remain the best drivers even if they change depots.
  10. What about using the SIM1c to either a local bus or the railway?
  11. Gotham Bus Co.

    Intermodel bus terminal for Main St/Roosevelt Av.

    Considering that the Casey Stengel Depot will be torn down to make room for the AirTrain, the odds of a bus terminal are approximately zero.
  12. Gotham Bus Co.

    S92 Service Changes Effect 3/26/18

    How much through riding is there between the north and south forks? Would it make sense to split the route in Riverhead or otherwise restructure it?
  13. Gotham Bus Co.

    Intermodel bus terminal for Main St/Roosevelt Av.

    The obvious solution would have been to keep the through routes (Q20A/B, Q25, Q34, Q44, Q65) on Main Street and have only the terminating routes use the terminal (since those buses are already making "time-consuming turns").
  14. Gotham Bus Co.

    Intermodel bus terminal for Main St/Roosevelt Av.

    The most recent concept came up in the mid 1990s, during the design phase of the Main Street Station rehab. The idea was to build an off-street terminal on the site of what was then Municipal Parking Field #1 on 39th Avenue. The terminal would have linked to an underground passageway under the Paul Lippmann Arcade and connected to the east end fare control area. Unfortunately, the local businesses ganged up on the Community Board and elected officials (especially John Liu) to oppose the concept. They wanted subway riders to be on the street to walk past their stores. As a result, there never will be (and never can be) an off-street terminal in Flushing.
  15. If you hate NYC so much, why do you bother to work here?


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