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  1. Why is it so important to require Section 5 riders heading westward to take the grand tour?
  2. Some folks are angry because they couldn't make it to the meetings and didn't feel like submitting comments online.
  3. Maybe it was to avoid having people pronounce it "S & M"?
  4. Gotham Bus Co.

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Because that is what was decided. Those buses won't be around much longer anyway, so the actual numbers don't really matter too much.
  5. Gotham Bus Co.

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    The budget-mongers would never allow that. ("We lose money on every passenger, so we must shrink ridership to lose less money.")
  6. Gotham Bus Co.

    Despite New LIRR President, Delays The Worse In Almost 20 Years

    An increase of zero would violate state law. At least 3% would be needed just to keep up with the unionized employees' annual raises.
  7. Gotham Bus Co.

    Despite New LIRR President, Delays The Worse In Almost 20 Years

    They keep raising fares because State Law requires the to raise fares and tolls every two years in perpetuity. (That was the 2010 "bailout" law.) The same elected officials who passed that law then like to complain now.
  8. I'm guessing that a more frequent L5 would require cutting even more service from other routes.
  9. Mention that at one of those "Fast Forward" meetings.
  10. The Riverdale meeting counts as "one of the meetings in the Bronx."
  11. This is buried in the press releases instead of being posted front and center on the home page. If you didn't already know that these meetings were happening, you would never know that they were happening. Now, who will be the first to ask which routes they have already decided to cut?
  12. Gotham Bus Co.

    Marcus molinaro transit platform

    That discussion should begin with outreach to everyone whose properties would have to be seized by eminent domain to build the proposed lines.
  13. Gotham Bus Co.

    Marcus molinaro transit platform

    Staten Island voted against subway access to Manhattan in the 1950s.
  14. What was the point of all those "community input" meetings if everything has to be changed again after the fact? Did MTA staffers ignore the community's wishes, or did the community lie about its wishes?
  15. Gotham Bus Co.

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Fresh Pond did not "give away" anything because individual depots don't make such decisions. Department of Buses upper management decides when and which buses should be reassigned from one depot to another.


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