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  1. A thought about announcements: NYCT should scrap the neighborhood-based announcements ("Forest Hills-bound R train") in favor of returning to "Uptown" and "Downtown."
  2. The Port Authority actually requested this arrangement when the AirTrain opened, to discourage people from using the Q10 at Lefferts.
  3. Technically, both the subway system and NYC in general are located within the 12-county MTA district, so they have always had jurisdiction. Maybe the MTA is planning to scrap its patrol contract with NYPD in favor of the in-house police force.
  4. As I have said before, faster speeds are meaning less when trains have to hold in every station to make up the time they saved.
  5. Today I saw 4 cops at Bowling Green. That wouldn't be unusual, except that they were MTAPD instead of NYPD. Is NYPD getting out of the subway patrol business?
  6. I'm assuming that the decision was "finalized" before the process began.
  7. They should just release the Final Report now, as long as they've already decided what they're going to do.
  8. Now it can be marketed as the "Hudson Yards and Wall Street" bus.
  9. Just describing the history of what happened. MTA (as contractor) asked to be paid, and Nassau County declined.
  10. Nassau County actually fired the MTA as its contract carrier and hired Transdev. The County is not likely to rehire MTA any time soon.
  11. Welcome to New York, where anything can happen, or not happen, or un-happen after it happens.
  12. This is New York, where anything can happen (or not happen). I believe nothing until it actually happens.
  13. Yes, but which alternative was designated as "preferred" before the study even began?
  14. Where does the fine revenue actually go? The City's general fund or the MTA?
  15. If a Bronx-LaGuardia route ever comes along, it will probably be a stand-alone called "Bx50" (in keeping with the M60/Q70 pattern).

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