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  1. That's a safety-related detour to avoid the U-turn at 145th Road.
  2. ...or have it included in the network redesign hearing.
  3. Until it isn't. If the swamp floods often enough, then the network redesign might make the detour permanent.
  4. Can't. The 12-county MTA District doesn't extend north of Dutchess County.
  5. Upstate politicians have said as much. ("The MTA is useless because my district has no subways." Meanwhile, that district has a bus factory.)
  6. Maybe that bus is intended to catch the 8:15 boat with an allowance for lateness (or coffee).
  7. They're still showing the old schedules from Summer 2018 (Q111) and Winter 2019 (Q114).
  8. Plus, those costs don't include finding a property to replace Casey Stengel Depot, or adding LIRR service.
  9. The contribution will consist of providing additional LIRR service, and finding and paying for a new home for Casey Stengel Depot.
  10. They're still there. I rode one yesterday and saw a few others. Heading westbound, the short trips turn left on 3rd Avenue, right on 13th Street, right on 4th Avenue and drop off in the M1/M2/M3 stop, then turn right on 14th to deadhead back.
  11. Especially when the actual timetables are available online.
  12. It always ran overnight, but the overnight trips followed the "D" branch to Chelsea Piers. Now they go to Abingdon Square along with the daytime "A" trips.
  13. Don't you mean, "A new 9:06 AM trip from Fresh Meadows to Flushing will be added"? That trip wasn't there before and it is now (just like the 5:10AM trip). https://new.mta.info/sites/default/files/2019-06/q026cur.pdf
  14. Every time they order a new bus, at least one seat disappears compared to the previous model. How few seats should there be??

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