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  1. During Giuliani's years, the Coalition for the Homeless demanded that the subways be closed overnight so that underground trains and stations could be used as shelters.
  2. Two of the trippers pull out to the school, do the M11 southbound to 9th Avenue & 34th, and then pull back in. They're covered by runs on the M9 (#101) and M42 (#005). The third tripper (run 014 on the M57) goes only to Columbus & 66th, then deadheads to 72nd & Broadway to become the M57.
  3. If the 10-minute "base" schedule rarely or never runs, them maybe it shouldn't exist.
  4. I would have it go up 162nd and left on Sanford to help out the QT73.
  5. Maybe at one point. Clearly not on the days when 0012 and 0013 were observed on the M11.
  6. They don't like to admit that Nassau County used to be the eastern two-thirds of Queens. (If it still were, then street numbers would be insanely high.)
  7. MTA is not returning to the bus business in Nassau County because the County doesn't like to pay its bills. (The contractor is expected to subsidize the client.)
  8. Or maybe use the same specs as the luggage buses at Quill for the M60.
  9. When I lived uptown, I would see people (typically tourists and transplants) standing on platforms, letting trains and trains go by because they were waiting for the /.
  10. The Q54 has been kept on Jamaica Avenue all these years specifically for the walkable bus connections to/from both Archer/Parsons and 165th Street Terminal.
  11. Maybe have one or both loop through Atlas Park? Bring QT54 eastern terminal closer to 165th Street Terminal for connections.
  12. NYCDOT usually likes far-side stops because fewer parking spaces are lost and buses have the full width of the intersection for maneuvering into the stop. (Of course, the primary exception is when elevated support columns are in the street and a far-side stop might force the bus to block the intersection.)
  13. Then maybe that part of the Q60 should be replaced with short trips on the Q6 or Q40.
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