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  1. A position like Deputy Secretary requires a transportation generalist. Byford would be ideal to head the Federal Transit Administration, but I'm not sure if his citizenship status would allow that.
  2. Actually, LGA and JFK are actually owned by the City and only managed by the Port Authority.
  3. MA has done that in the past and gotten cries of, "You have no right to take away our service just because we're not using it. That's illegal discrimination."
  4. That "blank check" probably won't last forever, and the City may well ask for service cuts just to reduce the reimbursement.
  5. The idea is to link two employment centers to the subway in Brooklyn. (It would probably have to serve both to be truly viable.) It can be a separate route (S99?) that stays on highways most of the way. Maybe the S.I. Expressway to 440 to South Avenue, then Teleport, then Amazon.
  6. If I were creating a new route serving Amazon, I would have it start in Brooklyn as an extension or a variant of the S93. After College of S.I., it would stay on Victory, right Travis to South Avenue, then through the Teleport and continuing to Amazon.
  7. If the City ends the MTA lease, then the City would become 100% legally, financially, and politically liable for the whole city transit system. Good luck getting the City Council to agree to that.
  8. I like the Los Angeles County MTA approach, with a board made up of elected officials. I would do something similar here and expand the MTA Board as follows... NYC (7 members): all five Borough Presidents + Public Advocate + Chair of City Council Transportation Committee Outside NYC (7 members): County Executives — not appointees but the County Executives themselves Co-Chairs: NY State Transportation Commissioner (representing the Governor) + NY City Transportation Commissioner (representing the Mayor)
  9. I'm surprised that Academy's contract with NJT actually allowed oversight and auditing. (The NYC "private lines" never allowed the City to review or audit anything. In fact, the only audit I'm aware of was by the Comptroller, looked only at DOT's oversight and not at the companies themselves.)
  10. For SIM23/24, is the contract with MTA or the city's Economic Development Corporation?
  11. Passengers will perceive it as two routes with the same number. If you want to fully interline them (arrive as B2, leave as B31), go ahead. Otherwise, it's a solution searching for a problem (and not finding one).
  12. Plus, a different NY State law (the 2010 "MTA bailout") mandates fare and toll increases every two years.
  13. If NJT takes over DeCamp's routes, maybe it should also take over DeCamp's garage.
  14. My $0.02... The train symbol should be more distinct from the route color on lines that use darker colors (), especially for visually impaired or colorblind customers. Or, instead of a grey rectangle to represent a train, maybe use a train-and-arrow (compare with BusTime's bus-and-arrow icon). The time-of-day background change is not necessary. The map is easier to see with a light background at all times. For time of day, they could just put a clock on the map.
  15. Wouldn't this question fall under "Transit Employment"?
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