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  1. This is based on my work route. It is essentially the route from my house to work, lol!!! The bullet would be orange instead of blue. Mix of 75% R160's and 25% R46's. Announcement voiced by Dianne Thompson and Catherine Cowdery. : p Overheard sign in Manhattan: To Boro Park-18th Av via 6 Av and Culver Local all times. Overhead sign in Brooklyn: To Union Sq-17th St/Broadway via Culver Local and 6 Av all times. Stops: Boro Park-18th Av / McDonald Av Ditmas Av / McDonald Av Church Av / McDonald Av - Ft. Hamilton Parkway / Ocean Parkway 15th St-Prospect Park / Prospect Pk W 7th Av / 9th St 4th Av-9th St - Smith-9th Sts Carroll St / Smith St Bergen St / Smith St Jay St-MetroTech / Fulton Mall - York St / Jay St East Broadway / Rutgers St Delancey St-Essex St - 2 Av / Houston St Broadway-Lafayette St / Houston St - ( Downtown W 4th St / 6 Av - 14th St / 6 Av - 5th Av / 16th St Union Square-17th St/Broadway -
  2. Beautiful. Thanks so much for this. I wish the R160's were still on the today
  3. Some people here can be so mean. If you care, than post, and if you don't, then don't post. It's really as simple as that.
  4. Yes. They were. (Mx) to Bay Parkway Fresh Pond Rd Forest Av Seneca Av Myrtle Av-Wyckoff Av Knickerbocker Av Knickerbocker Av Myrtle Av-Broadway Flushing Av Lorimer St Hewes St Marcy Av
  5. So here's my new installment of R160 Announcement recordings. I got all the (Mx) announcements. It will take some time to upload them all, but they're done. Just check back the page as I will be updating. (Mx) to Myrtle Av-Bway (Shuttle) http://www.4shared.com/dir/5-2NSqVk/Brown_M_Train_To_Myrle_Av.html -Myrtle Wyckoff Avs -Knickerbocker Av -Central Av -Myrtle Av-Bway (Mx) to Bay Parkway 4th Av-9th St 4th Av-9th St (old version) 9th Av Enjoy.
  6. lol. when this project gets done, they will have invented other forms of mass transport, and trains/subways will have become archaic.
  7. Yeah. We were at 77 St when it happened. We waited for like 5 mins til we all were told it would take 20mins (what the thing said at that point), we were like "hell no" and took the bus instead. When I got to Lex Av-53rd, they were advising people that there was no 6 trains running due to loss of power at 125th.
  8. Ditto... and I had to leave work early cuz Im sick (stomach flu/virus, food poisining or something) ... I ended up taking a taxi from Brighton Beach. It was bad enough the is running on the from 36th to CI, which is why I was on the to CI in the first place (faster... NOT!) I wasnt about to continue waiting for the B68 and then try to catch a to 20Av (that might've not been there) and then walk the 8 blocks to my house in my condition.
  9. It wouldnt be so complicated if the signs were right. But I guess its not as easy as it sounds. And people never read or listen anyway. Hot mess...as usual.
  10. Lexington Av-53rd St 47th-50th Sts-Rock Ctr.aif 47th-50th Sts-Rock Ctr [Eve].aif 42nd St-Bryant Pk [Eve].aif 42nd St-Bryant Pk.aif 34th St-Herald Sq [Eve].aif 34th St-Herald Sq.aif 23rd St [Eve] = Evening transfer version
  11. Those pictures are pretty good. Wow. I hope noone got hurt.
  12. lol, yeah, you either get it or you don't...
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