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  1. I have to agree with everything Home Ball said. Rutgers, speed within GCT is Restricted speed not exceeding 10mph, not 15. The cabs in CP-1, headed north, if no funny conditions ahead, goes to Medium at the first northbound signal, then Normal after the second. It does not go sequentially.
  2. I am guessing you are talking about on the Harlem Line just north of Mt Vernon West station. That is a customer of CSX. Those are refrigerated boxcars. The customer has a few names, Endico is one that comes to mind right now, and they get frozen goods like French Fries and stuff like that..
  3. Thanks for the answers!! As for the noise, I was referring to the elevated noise. They seem to make more noise in my house, more bass I guess you can say, then the R46's. Maybe it was because I was just so used to the R46's :cool:
  4. I am awful with the model designations on the subways, so bare with me here. Currently running on the F line are the R160's? What was the model before they showed up, the ones with the yellow neon route sign? My actual question though is, what are the weights on those cars. I have lived most of my life around the block from the elevated F line and noticed immediately by sound when the R160's showed up. They seem to be louder due to weight then the older models. Am I correct in that statement or are my ears deceiving me? Thank you!
  5. Did a little digging and from what I could gather, they have waivers from the FRA, and they do not pay into railroad retirement. The RRB does not consider them a common carrier railroad. Sort of loses some cool points to me...
  6. On another forum it was mentioned that Staten Island Railway is considered a railroad and subject to rules and regulations as the other big boys. Is this true? Are the motormen certfied engineers as per CFR 49? When these guys retire, do they collect from Railroad retirement? How about pay, how is it compared to other MTA properties, LIRR, MN, NYCTA? Thanks
  7. There is currently no hiring freeze, although the hiring of workers has slowed down alot....
  8. That is a good question. Some say for that service, some say for the Shore Line East, east of New Haven. Time will tell I guess...
  9. Guess I confused the question, I thought he was talking about the door seperating the passenger compartment with the cab.
  10. That is exactly why engineers put it up. It gets embarassing trying to run a train naked with some dude constantly peering thru the window :cool:
  11. The M7's also have the cup holder and clipboard thing, usually thats where the brake and cab signal slips are found. Not sure what CBTC is, but the 2nd set of cab signals is for Amtraks ACSES or whatever the initials are...
  12. On the branches, yes that is true. The orginal post though was speaking of routes used by Amtrak on the NEC, which does not include any of the branches...
  13. There are some pictures on pg 41of M8 thread in the Metro North section of http://www.railroad.net
  14. Greg is correct, the M8's have the same cab signals as the M7, but also are equipped with Amtraks ACSES or whatever the initials are. From the pictures I have seen of the cabs, they are identical to the M7's except for the headlight switch being lowered, the addition to the Amtrak cabs, and the changover switch for AC/DC. Also, all cars will have to run thru the test period.
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