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  1. the first time it happens to me im gonna deny ALL red passes. i have heard a guy at the depot say one agent alerted police after he went over turnstile in uniform and they asked the agent why the hell would he alert them for a stupid reason like that? citing its similar to a transit cop and nypd, different but very much the same.
  2. dont remind me (crying). but quick question, if a veteran operator from mta bus took the test and was called for ta/oa and went to zerega would they put him through the 7 day test? or once they see he can drive and has been operating in service for years would they just send him to line training?:confused:
  3. because then it goes from being assaulted by a passenger to having a fight with a passenger.
  4. wow thats sad, and to top it off this coward was with his gf/wife and child. There should have been an undercover on the bus and locked his behind up in front of his family. i bet that would have sent a message !
  5. i would love to see how they work out the general pick.
  6. i mean dam, do we need a cop on EVERY BUS????!!! maybe auxillary cops can ride with us or something? its getting a lil crazy for operators in the city!
  7. A 17-year-old girl pummeled a female city bus driver on a Bronx street Tuesday because she wasn't allowed to board with her dog, authorities said. Steangeli Medina was stopped from boarding the Bx9 on Fordham Road at Cambreleng Ave. in Belmont just before 6p.m., cops said. The driver, Marlene Bien-Aime, 48, spotted a pooch tucked in the teen's jacket and told her she couldn't ride unless the dog was in a crate, authorities said. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2011/06/22/2011-06-22_teen_faces_rap_in_bx_bus_beatdown.html#ixzz1Q0p5qTKl
  8. without being disrespectful to any particular group which line do you think has the most farebeaters, attempted farebeaters stories, shortdrops etc ? i had heard it was the b60 is that true?
  9. it very well could have been a garbage truck if in fact he was crushed by a large vehicle. they are faster and drive a whole lot more reckless than a mta driver imo. That being said im sad to hear the person died.
  10. regularly these same 4-5 school kids get on my bus with chinese food eat it and basically have a food fight in the back of the bus with chicken bones all in the back. so i asked them to cut it out and take the trays/ garbage with them. the response i got was your not my father and suck my @#$%. of course i got mad but kept it proffesional and didnt say another word. road ops is at the next stop so i told him and he said nothing he can do and for me to clean it at the end of the line, which i did. should i say something to them next time they get on with chinese food? They are not stupid they know they won the battle. i know there is no eating on our buses and no way i can enforce without getting in trouble and having to go see "THE MAN", so i guess im just venting.
  11. Y dont MTA just buy a bunch on vans, paint them white and blue, put a farebox on them employ these guys and send them to 19a training lmao! can you imagine a dollar van driver at 19a road test lol. that way all that money come home and maybe our next contract wont be so hard to get !
  12. cmon i mean running dollar cab- van with out of town plates?!! yet and still people get on and pay them with no problem or fuss(as if he gives breaks). us on the other hand we have to hear the story of how thier was suposed to be a transfer on the card or how the have no change and of course the drama.
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