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    The B33

    does anyone remember a B-33 that went towards hanson pl in down town brooklyn?
  2. so the B-57 comming from maspeth queens, replacing the B75. now i have to find an alternative route to get home from sunset park. yeah i could take the R to 9th st to get the F home but those steps at 4th ave are killers. so im going to take the B9 to mc donald ave to get the F. yeah the B-9 weekday service is being reduced. i could also take the B-63 and transfer to the B-61 to smith 9th st,but will have to pay another fare to get the B-57 to go down smith st. Way to go MTA.:mad:
  3. the B-37 is needed. the elderly really need this route. they need to get to doc appts or shopping. they need to reconsider eliminating this route.
  4. i agree. its just you dont hear anymore about whats going on. This tragedy shouldnt have happened. i hope he never see the light of day.
  5. is there any updates on the killer of busdriver edwin thomas? is his trial comming up?they should name the Flatbush Depot after him.
  6. does anyone here have photos of nyc trains from the 50s and 60s? my daughters want to see what i traveled to school on back then. i told them i remember the QB.QJ, THE K, THE AA, THE CC, THE GG, THE EE, THE H, THE LL,THE RR. THEY DONT BELIEVE THAT THESE EXISTED. CAN SOMEBODY HELP?
  7. although they are slow as hell, im gonna miss the B-75 AND B-37. i think they should not take these buses off the lines. especially with the elderly and handicap needing these lines.
  8. i just got a message about the bus routes being cut in brooklyn. i forgot that the smith 9th station is going to be closed for renovations. so how in the hell are we supposed to use the smith ninth station as an alternative transfer. since the B57 will take a long time comming. they are nuts at the MTA. now it will be harder for me to get home from work. unless there r going to be shuttle buses?
  9. im going to have trouble getting home from work, since the B-37 is getting cut and the B-75 is getting replaced. i'll have to take those dreaded steps at 4th ave and 9th street to get to the F train. they really need an escalator or elevator there. i had to help a woman who was having an asthma attack after climbing those steps. this is crazy.
  10. coney island-DFNQ smith -9th-F G the views are awesome
  11. i once had a b/o who went for coffee and donuts and asked if i wanted coffee. i accepted.it was very nice of him.
  12. every weekend when i go to work, i encounter an over flowed garbage can at the atlantic ave station on the Q line. when i always come down the stairs,to the platform there is garbage surrounding the can. and rats bigger than cats. MTA raising fares, and we straphangers,are faced with health hazzards.
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