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  1. Yesterday afternoon I rode the R32 Series trainset on the downtown bound C Train from 59 Street.
  2. On a very wet afternoon I saw 209 on Route #60 here in Downtown White Plains.
  3. late this afternoon I saw #234 from my apt window as Route #40 was headed to Mount Vernon and earlier this afternoon I saw 209 on Route 13B as it was headed to Port Chester at Westchester Ave here in White Plains. 254 I saw as well with a run on Route #5 to Harrison as it was on North Street and yesterday 248 and 263 were on Route 40, I rode 263 after Sunday Morning Mass. 248 was on Route 6 three days ago, I remember seeing 206, 236 and I forget what Bus Route it was running on, but I know 214 was on the White Plains High School Tripper.
  4. Yesterday 10/20/09 in Downtown White Plains I saw: 255- Route #14 209 - Route #13 250 - Route #6 (I rode this bus from Macys on Main Street to North Broadway and Lake street) 216 - Route #5 260 and saw it again on Route #1W 218 - 6 263 211 - 1W And this afternoon: 210 - As it was about to do a school tripper Route #5 run from White Plains High School to the Transit Center.
  5. 226 on Route 63C in White Plains on Friday 229 on Route 13 on Main Street in White Plains this afternoon.
  6. I saw you guys at New Rochelle the other day as you were going on Route #60 on Main Street.
  7. At the New Rochelle Transit Center late this morning I saw 237 on Route #42, I rode 257 on Route #45 to Eastchester, and when I was just coming off Route #40 on West Post Road #238 was heading south.
  8. This Afternoon I saw 224 on Route #13 on Main Street in Downtown White Plains.
  9. Last Night at the Transit Center here in White Plains I saw: 207 - Route #13 209 - Route #15 210 - Route #13 221 - Route # 5 This Afternoon I saw: 219 - Route #63C in the Downtown area of White Plains Tonight: I rode 249 on Route #40 At the Transit Center in White Plains I saw: 240 - Route #5 264 - Route # 6U and on my way back from Hartsdale I saw 215 on Route #3 Express as it was going westbound on Tarrytown Road in White Plains.
  10. This Afternoon here in White Plains Westchester County I saw a NYC Transit's Orion 1996 Bus Model at this year's Columbus Day Parade it was number #674. It was here in White Plains because the NYC Transit's Pipe band was matching in it.
  11. Last night I saw 208 and 211 on Route #15 both of these I saw at the White Plains Bus Station as I was on my way to a High School Field hockey game, this afternoon I saw 236 on Route #6 at the North White Plains/City of White Plains line heading southbound. And I saw #214 headed north on Ridgeway as it was going to White Plains High School to do its 2:55 PM Route #5 School Triper towards Downtown. Update: Tonight I saw 206 on Route #5 as it was leaving the White Plains Bus Station headed to Harrison RR Station, 211 on Route 27 Express Bus from skyline Drive saw it on Tarrytown Road as I was on board Route 13 westbound. And 242 on Route #1W to the 242 Street Subway Station on Tarrytown Road as I was on Route #14 headed eastbound.
  12. I was absent from White Plains high school on Wednesday because I had a Doctor's appointment, and as I was about to go out from my apt I saw 219 on Route #40 headed to the White Plains Bus Station.
  13. I saw this afternoon 220 on Route #60 as it was heading to Fordham in The Bronx, 251 on Route #6 from Yonkers and 221 on Route #40 on West Post Road. The buses which I saw this afternoon were here in White Plains.
  14. I went on board 251 on # Route 45 From New Rochelle to Eastchester and then as the 12:17 PM Route #40 arrived at White Plains Post Road and Mill Road I saw #248 heading south to Mount Vernon.
  15. This Afternoon I saw: 218 at the White Plains Bus Station 259 on Route 13B heading eastbound on Tarrytown Road at Central Ave 238 (saw it two times) 1. At the White Plains Bus Station 2. On Main Street on Route 12 and: 248 on Main Street as it was about to end a Route 1W run from the 242 Street Subway Station in The Bronx.
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