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  1. I moved to Fulton Street a bit ago, and see busses come and go all day long, here's one from yesterday:
  2. I ride alot alot alot of bikes in NYC. I also work at a bike shop. I stop at red lights, and I love stopping for pedestrians. I will go through a red lights (after checking to see if it's clear). I have also been ticketed for running a red light in Manhattan. I don't think it's right for bikers to disobey all rules of the road. However I feel that both pedestrians and car drivers don't respect bike lanes very much if at all. I frequently feel that my life is in danger, and that can emotionally pump me up when I constantly feel attacked. I don't take out this strong emotion out on others, but I am aware of it and I understand when cyclists flip their shit over a car cutting them off or a pedestrian stepping out into the street when they don't have the light.
  3. I really like the new decal design. I find it clean and classic looking.
  4. I just wanted to share a photograph of an older MCI often found parked on Clifton Pl at Nostrand Avenue
  5. They replaced all the tiles over the past few months as well. It now reads FULTON
  6. A downtown Brooklyn connection between the and would be great. I often transfer between Borough Hall/Jay Street or Hoyt and Hoyt-Schermerhorn when Fulton Street is closed to trains. It's no problem because I have an unlimited card, but I've had a pay per ride card before and had to pay double fare.
  7. I'm from St. Louis to begin with. Stats are often skewed against St. Louis because instead of taking stats from the entire metropolitan area (St. Louis County), they use the City of St. Louis which is poor and crime ridden. Very few people live in the City of St. Louis, most commute from suburbs or over the river.
  8. What would happen if someone tested positive for marijuana at the screening? Would they be disqualified for good, or be able to clean up and re-test?
  9. Now there's a rail condition at Hoyt-Schermerhorn and also W. 4th!
  10. I took my first SIR ride today- out to Dongan Hills and back, thanks for the inspiration!
  11. What about the kids smoking reefer in the park? Where else are they supposed to go??
  12. I also would like to note, this summer the R160 trains have run over the lines during G.O.'s
  13. Awesome shots, are you using a polarizer?
  14. Mine would be a repair yard with spare parts and repair equipment for only R32 brightliners. :tup:

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