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  1. You want the truth? I didn't finish college and I took both exams. Got a 96 on the C/R and 92 on the T/O and I took the exams on a whim just because I wanted to get out of retail. I did not even know there were study guides to them until well after I took the exams and had no clue what I was walking into when taking them. As for reading comprehension granted my reading levels hit college levels once I got to JHS so apparently that isn't typical. That being said there were many people who scored better than I did and got into transit well before me. Those grades will get you called for both titles btw. The hardest questions for me were what street is the empire state building? What borough are yankee stadium and citifield? I don't really get out much so had little exposure to the landmarks. The rest of the test... well can you read a subway map and be able to tell me the quickest way from point a to point b via transfers? How about some of that reading comprehension everyone talks about. Transit rules are conductors cannot wear shorts but bus operators can. So what if it's hot out it's ok to wear shorts as a conductor right? What about sunglasses? A trick too is look at these questions and think what would a manager look for in an employee. Granted not all questions are just cut and dry easy looking at it that way but for the most part it does help. Some questions I looked at and thought it was either a trick question or a joke. Really the test is pretty easy. You are working yourself up over nothing. Once you are in the promotion exams are another story you will need to study for them. I took the ATD exam as my first promotion exam and I have to say although it wasn't a hard test, you really need to know what the job basically entails or at least what it involves compared to other titles. That takes time and studying. Granted I passed but not nearly as high as an open competitive exam for the sake of comparison. I will say though the last batch of tests were handled by DCAS these new ones are handled by MTA and from what I am seeing so far from the NOE's the new tests are looking a little stricter in their requirements but still for an open competitive exam they do not expect you to know anything about transit and all the questions that ask you about any of that there will be the answer somewhere in the exam itself beforehand (like the rules on shorts). At least that is my honest opinion on a realistic view of the exams. Maybe someone here in transit can give you a better idea what to expect for the exams but that is what I remember from them. As for your first post example my guess is D. I dunno the answer and to be honest I don't remember much on sentence structure but A seems not quite right, B looks like a run on sentence and C has too many things capitalized (who capitalizes the word city anyway?) Thankfully that has nothing to do with the actual exam.
  2. I know someone who is going for station agent. He is HIV positive, it is under control with medication but he claims it is confidential information and therefore thinks he does not need to disclose it to the MTA. I know it isn't a criminal thing but it is something that fits along the lines of what does and does not need to be disclosed to get the job. How does that work?
  3. Won't know till the NOE comes out but I say $63 as a guess. That's what you are likely looking at
  4. Looking at the new contract by the time you will get to top pay it is $29.7750/hr
  5. Actually starting pay is $20.25/hr for conductor. The next exam will most likely cost $63 to file.
  6. Thanks for the response. That is good news it sounds like there's a chance that test will become available next year with the others to be open for filing at least (based on timing). I have a friend who really wants to get in at that position that's been asking me about this.
  7. So I get this letter in the mail from DCAS stating something about the deputy commissioner made a decision for the current position whether I qualify or not for the job. What is this exactly? First guess is maybe the result of the background investigation or is this something else?
  8. Put it in anyway, unless you are adamant about staying at this position and retiring which is also fine. If you don't need the credits for this position you will when trying to move up or sideways in the future and might as well let them have your schooling on record and up to date.
  9. That is most definitely the current starting salary for conductor so the error is either with you and the letter (maybe you also took the 8094 test and were looking at that letter?) or a clerical error on their end where they switched the salaries for positions or something.
  10. uhh...isn't everyone in RCC at management level? When I went through the schoolcar tour they told us that everyone in that room is at least a supervisor and everyone in that room makes 6 digits
  11. Where are you guys getting your information from? http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcas/downloads/pdf/noes/200808094000.pdf
  12. I was in the March 31st class. So out of schoolcar but still on probation.
  13. When you begin the job they deduct something like $90 from your first paycheck for fingerprinting fees and your background investigation. While on probation it seems they have not completed mine yet and are asking for an official HS transcript as proof I graduated HS. Although I did bring in my diploma and they made a copy during the hiring process if I remember correctly they are now asking for this. I know that as part of the education and experience requirements for the job you need at least a GED or diploma. Since I have my diploma I would have thought that was good enough. Now I am spending my RDO trying to contact that school. It has been broken up into several schools so I don't even know if I physically went down to the "campuses" they would even be able to help me. I have been calling and not able to get through (seriously a busy signal when pressing 0 for the operator?) and I cannot even get through to the school district when calling them for information.
  14. Not sure where to ask this but I just got a letter in the mail from my background investigator stating that they need an official copy of my HS transcript sent to them. Wish I would have known that sooner instead of feeling rushed on my RDO to attempt to take care of it. Well, since I went to Lane I hear they aren't really around anymore, even if they did retain the records department since I graduated in the 90's would they have retained those records? Basically I am sure others went through this so what I want to know is where do I look and how do I go about getting the records to my investigator. I would prefer to take care of it over the phone and have them send them directly to my investigator if possible.
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