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  1. The results were supposed to be out today but I don't see it on MTA.info. I hope they put it up. I hope I don't have to take a trip to Brooklyn.
  2. I contacted the Union and the will be having a class. You need to call the training and upgrading fund and ask to be put on the list. They will then contact you when it starts.
  3. I took the exam today. I must say that I underestimated it. Does anyone know if it is a pass or fail or does everyone get called as long as the list is active? Thank you
  4. The Union has a class beginning March 30.
  5. I am a conductor and XX. Thanks. Is anyone else taking this exam?
  6. This is a thread for the new Tower Operator Exam. Does anybody plan on taking it? Does anyone have any tips on how to prepare for it? Thanks
  7. I was in the last conductors class. Our induction date was June 30th. I'm in the A division. What I can say is that some people decide that they don't want the job after a few months. This might be because they did not prepare themselves. It's not going to be easy when you first start. If you get that straight in your head you will not be so disappointed when things get tough. I mean for example shift changes and changes regarding your days off. They are a little reasonable in the sense that they always give you two days off in a row. You won't know what those two days will be unless you are religious excuse or something. I have Thursdays and Fridays because Friday is my religious day and they keep me on PMs. I've had it easier than others. The shifts can change from AM, PM and midnight. You will also work on various lines. One day reporting here and the next there. This not to scare anyone but some of my classmates are talking about quitting because of the instability. What do you expect? You have to start somewhere. I used to do long distance trucking so I was ready for the bouncing around. Borough to borough is not like state to state. Everyone has a breaking point. Be prepared to be pushed to your breaking point. I see guys reporting to work in the middle of the night. That would push me to my breaking point. Just be prepared to stick it out that's all. We were also told that we would be the last class for a while. Thanks
  8. Hi, I need to know how to prepare for the upcoming ATD exam. Thanks
  9. Thanks I'll discuss it with them. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  10. Has anyone had to miss a day of training due to and emergency? How did it affect your training? I ask because I have a court date on 7/28 and I start training on 6/30. I'm afraid it my fall on an exam day or something. I will try to postpone it but I'm not sure if I can. I may also be able to come in late that day. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  11. If a trainee has a court date during the training will he/she miss out on alot by missing a day? Have any of you missed days during training due to an emergency?
  12. What's the difference between the two divisions? Are you allowed to choose? I am starting on June 30. What can I do to prepare in the mean time? I don't need to over think this but if there is something I can get a head start on I will. Thanks
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