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  1. Does anyone know anyone who fail the conductors multi choice final exam and had to re-take a written exam?
  2. Going in tomorrow for the third time, this one for medical and final processing. Question reguarding your life history booklet that has to be handled in, they want to know about motor vehicle tickets(moving violation, speeding)how far back do they want me to go? i had a speeding ticket about three years ago and another one about seven years ago.
  3. Just received my letter for medical and interview after taking my drug test back on the 27th of July! I was waiting for a phone call, but got a letter instead, still a happy camper. Any advice from the senior guys on this forum about the hearing test and interview process, any help would be appriciated.
  4. Just spoke to someone at the TA and found out that the last list number hired was 708. I was pleasently surprise to speak with someone and not a recording. She was very helpful and didn't try to rush me off the phone. I told her I took my drug test back on 6/27/12 and have not heard anything, she told me the TA is not hiring any conductors at this time and just because they have not called does not mean I failed. So I'm going to sit back and enjoy the summer and hope that they call before the year is up.
  5. What do you mean "he should def inquire then"? From reading some of the post on this forum, I see that it could take 2 days or it could take 5 months after taking the drug test to be called back. Should I be worried that a month has gone by without getting that call? I know I'm clean as far as the drug test goes. I would love to be pro-active and make some calls, but the questions is, can I?
  6. You are correct. The asterisk hides the third digit, sorry for the confusion!
  7. Ok, its been a whole month now since the drug test, no call, nothing! I know I pass the damn thing. i'm assuming I won't get a call until a new set of classes start up? Any update would be greatly appricated.
  8. Has anyone been called back from the June 27 sign up?
  9. #731 here, took the drug test on June 27th. I know I'm clean, but the waiting is killing me! Need the job.
  10. How long after passing the drug test do they call you back for the interview and medical?
  11. i'm sitting at home filling out the package that was given to us on Wednesday. I'm blown away at the info needed to get this job, places I worked at since high school?, really? I had two jobs in the last 30yrs, that not enough? Anyway about this residency thing..Bottom line, do I have to move to NYC from Jersey to be a Conductor? I'm a rather smart guy, but the applicant guideline booklet is somewhat confusing when it come to the residency requirements. Any help would be great.
  12. How long after the drug test does it take before they call you back? Do they call if you don't pass and let you know why? or do they just call those that pass?
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